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Lawful Disobedience: ARREST THAT JUDGE! Full Version HD (Uncensored)
secretgoverment.html Secret government promises big changes By Benjamin Fulford The secret government of the US and EU has promised a major overhaul in the wake of the warning it got from the Chinese secret society, according to a senior Japanese public security police officer and Freemason who has been acting as an intermediary with the Chinese secret society. “Expect big changes this autumn,” he said in comments confirmed by a member of the Japanese royal family. “What you will be seeing is the unwinding of George Bush senior’s 50-year campaign to turn the into a fascist regime,” the secret police agent says. “George Bush senior is now a broken man showing signs of senile dementia,” he adds. secretgoverment.html
Occupy Wall Street protest is an omen of future action against corporate greed Occupy Wall Street protest is an omen of future action against corporate greed The Occupy Wall Street protest is continuing today in New York. But according to the Bikya Masr indie news site, there are only about 1,000 people present. The demonstrators descended on the main artery of the U.S. capitalist system this weekend to try to replicate the citizens' protests in Tahrir Square, which brought down Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. The protest is being promoted on YouTube. The mainstream media mostly ignored the event, but if I were a Wall Street banker, I wouldn't be feeling too complacent. That's because there's growing awareness and outrage over corporate greed.

The Egypt Protests

The Egyptian protests against lack of work, rising food prices and the oppressive regime of President Hosni Mubarak seem to be moving towards a climax. Today the Egyptian government has shut down all internet access and text messaging service to try and prevent people from finding out about the protests. And to stop people from finding out about the police brutality which has been going on for decades, as can be read in the Wikileaks Egypt Cables released today. It takes brave, or desperate, people to stand up to people with guns so we wish the people of Egypt well. Warning: Some images are graphic.UPDATE: Live streams from Egypt. The Egypt Protests
It Cuts Both Ways: The Alternatives
Bristol & District Anti-Cuts Alliance Thanks to everyone who came down to College Green last Saturday 16th March for our Bedroom Tax protest. More about the protest, including photos & media coverage here . Click below for full size version of this window poster, then right-click to save the image. BADACA Scrap the Bedroom Tax petition available to download here. BADACA Bedroom Tax pamphlet available to download here. Bristol City Council have produced a pamphlet detailing the ConDems’ welfare attacks including the infamous ‘Bedroom Tax’ . Bristol & District Anti-Cuts Alliance
News and events George Osborne’s announcement of the ‘Help to Work’ scheme at Tory conference unveiled the latest brutal attack on the poor: long-term unpaid labour, or 35 … Protests at Sports Direct stores including Sat 3 Aug 12 noon, Oxford Street: The Plaza, 116-128 Oxford Street, W1D 1LT. Right to Work Right to Work
Greece Solidarity Campaign News – June 2013 By Rachel Newton Dear Friends, Here is the monthly round up of news from the Greece Solidarity...Read More » The People’s Assembly and the European alter-summit‏ In this newsletter: 1) Register for the People’s Assembly 2) Volunteers needed 3) Access and BSL interpreters for the...Read More » SERTUC Newsletter 56 newsletter 56 SERTUC SERTUC Disabled Workers Committee with SERTUC Young Members Network conference “Young Disabled People, employed and empowered?” Coalition of Resistance Against Cuts & Privatisation | A coalition of groups fighting cuts and privatisation Coalition of Resistance Against Cuts & Privatisation | A coalition of groups fighting cuts and privatisation