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How to get out of the Matrix on your own – What's Up With Francis-Church? …because, trust me, no one in your parish is going to help you. Here’s your shovel. Now get to work. The other day, I did a post that quite a few people seem to have read… and shared… and commented on… in fact, it’s been the biggest hit since I started this blog. This puzzles me slightly, because in it I basically said the same thing I’ve been saying from the start (and more or less the same thing I’ve been saying as a Catholic blogger since I started in 2004… only with fewer recipes.)

To sum up, Francis isn’t a weird and inexplicable anomaly. All of this, I continue to maintain, is OK. From the first day of this pontificate, I have been saying that this is the wake-up call the Church has so desperately needed. I have maintained that the Church, bleeding out from a million papercuts, could not have survived another “conservative” pontificate. And [Halleluja!!] That “Unknowing” post has generated a big rush of emails. I admit that I had difficulty stifling an evil laugh. “Good. D. Abp. An Open Letter To Confused Catholics. Prayer-book for religious; prayers and devotion... The catechism of the Council of Trent.