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Evaluation Headlines (aeaweb) Headlines and Resources for Evaluators - AEAWEB. These are delivered in real time via AEA’s headlines webpage ( and our Twitter feed ( as well as compiled and posted weekly to EVALTALK and sent to our email subscribers.

Headlines and Resources for Evaluators - AEAWEB

Registration Open AEA Members & Non-Members: Check out the AEA eLibrary for slides and presentations from Evaluation 2013! AEA365 Tip-a-Day Alerts by & for Evaluators: H.Reynoso-Vallejo on Evaluating Immigrant Workers Centers – 3/30 on aea365 Tip-A-Day on Innovative Approaches for Latino Caregivers of Dementia Elders – 3/31 on aea365 Tip-A-Day on Searching for Inspiration – 4/1 on aea365 Tip-A-Day on When You Can’t Do An Evaluability Assessment – 4/2 on aea365 Tip-A-Day on Innovative Reporting Part I: The Data Diva’s Chocolate Box – 4/3 on aea365 Tip-A-Day on Healthy Tips for Traveling Evaluators – 4/4 on aea365 Tip-A-Day on Evaluating Your Tweets 4/5 on aea365 Tip-A-Day Other Items of Note: 18 new evaluation-related jobs added this week in AEA’s public-access career center Have an item to share? No tags. AEAWEB. American Evaluation Association - Non-Profit Organization - Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

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American Evaluation Association

To request membership, click Join and your request will be reviewed by the group manager. This group is for evaluators and those interested in evaluation and is hosted by the American Evaluation Association (AEA). Comprised of over 7500 members from across the United States and around the world, AEA provides opportunities for networking, training, leadership, and learning.

AEA members are practitioners, students, faculty, consultants, consumers, and managers of evaluation. American Evaluation Association Homepage. Career Center. Career Center AEA maintains both job and resume banks as a service to the evaluation profession.

Career Center

Use of the Career Center is free for viewing. There is a $50 fee for those submitting a listing which may be waived for those groups for whom it would present a financial hardship and prevent posting. Search the Job and RFP listings: To view current listings click here. Subscribe to email or RSS: To receive new postings alerts click here. Search the Resume listings: To view current resume listings click here. Post a Job or RFP: To learn how to submit a listing click here. Post a Resume: To learn how to submit a resume listing click here. Other Resources: AEA has compiled a list of additional websites that list employment opportunities. Library Documents List. Moving Beyond Bullets: Making Presentation Slides Compelling - John Nash. CBD056: Culturally Responsive Evaluation - Maurice Samuels & Erika Taylor. Please log in if you already have an AEA account.

CBD056: Culturally Responsive Evaluation - Maurice Samuels & Erika Taylor

If you forgot your Username or Password, click Username and/or Password Help below or contact us if you have trouble logging in. If you do not have an account, Join AEA to access this information and receive many other valuable member benefits. You may also register for a non-member account. If you are a student requesting a non-member account, click here to register. A non-member account may be required for making purchases or registering for events as a non-member of AEA. Aea365. My name is Kylie Hutchinson.


I am an independent evaluation consultant with Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation. In addition to evaluation consulting and capacity building, I tweet at @EvaluationMaven and co-host the monthly evaluation podcast, Adventures in Evaluation along with my colleague @JamesWCoyle. When I started out in evaluation 26 years ago, I was focused on being a good methodologist and statistician. After deciding to work primarily with NGOs I learned the importance of being a good program planner. Employing a participatory approach required me to become a competent facilitator and consensus-builder. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Hot Tip: You don’t have to do it all. Hot Tip: Take baby steps. Hot Tip: If you can, strategically select those evaluations that will expose you to a new desired area, e.g. mobile data collection or use of a new software.