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Quarried Natural Stone. A slab is a large flat rectangular piece of quarried natural stone used where grout joints dwindle the overall appeal of the structure.

Quarried Natural Stone

Slabs are generally used for making kitchen countertops and outdoor BBQs. The large surface portrays the elegance of natural stones. Various manufactured stones are available in the market that mimics the look of stone. But, nothing can match the beauty and grace of natural stone. Stone Universe Inc slabs are available in a wide range of colors and types. Want to give a new look to your outdoor kitchen? Or Want to make your countertop more fascinating? Decorative Stepping Stones. Stepping Stone What is Stepping Stone?

Decorative Stepping Stones

The stepping stone medium-sized stones with different geometric shapes generally used to create a pathway. These landscaping stepping stones are available in various shapes with which one can create multiple landscape design ideas. Add something special to your garden decor! Stepping stones provide a pathway to navigate through your garden. Do you know what influences people the most? The visual appeal. Natural stones blend well with nature and hence becomes an excellent choice as stepping stones.

Ashlar Pattern Flooring. Rock Face Ashlar Pattern Rock Face Ashlar Pattern – The Flooring Solution.

Ashlar Pattern Flooring

Natural stone driveway pavers. Driveway Pavers refers to the pieces of natural quarried stone used for laying a driveway apron.

Natural stone driveway pavers

A driveway is a path that may lead to the street, parking area, garage, pathways, walkways or entrance. Driveways are an important part of an entrance that adds to the attractiveness of the curb. Natural stone driveway pavers can give an exquisite appearance to your driveway while providing the durability to withstand vehicular use. “Discover the beautiful driveway ideas with natural stone applications.” Are you looking for landscape pavers to enrich the parking area?

Natural stone flooring pattern. Paver Ashlar Pattern is a combination of eight different sizes of pavers, used to cover the interior/ exterior flooring.

natural stone flooring pattern

It comes in a package, with individual size pavers of dimensions 12” x 12”, 12” x 18”, 12”x 24”, 12” x 30”, 18” x 18”, 18” x 24”, 18” x 30”, and 24”x24”. Paver Ashler 8 size pattern. Natural flagstone. What is Flagstone?

natural flagstone

Flagstone is a flat piece of quarried natural stone with random dimensions. Flagstones, in general, are used in flooring design ideas for paving patios, walkways & pool areas. The random size of the individual pieces makes it look like pieces of the puzzle put together to create a distinctly transcendent surface. Natural flagstone pavers. Concrete column caps. The column refers to a tall vertical structure or an upright pillar standing alone, whereas the cap is a head covering material.

concrete column caps

Collectively, it relates to a square piece of natural quarried stone available in a four-side rock face or snapped or chiseled edges which place on the uppermost part of a column. These are also popular with the name of Pillar Cap, Pier Cap, Post Cap, Column Cover. Column caps are used to make a smooth transition for landscape walls serving as finishing touch for pillars, columns, and mailboxes. In general, they are used for decorative purposes to enhance the overall monotonous look of the landscape. Usually, they are larger than the dimensions of the column to allow overhang.

Enhance the age of your masonry pillars and crown them smartly! Pier column cap. WHY CHOOSE LIMESTONE COUNTERTOPS FOR BATHROOM. There are various countertop options that can make the surrounding magnificent.


But do you know, they demands for high maintenance and prices. Don’t worry, now you can get a manageable product even at very genuine prices. The product that accents the bath area – Natural stone! Paver ashler in USA. Paver jumbo pattern. What is Paver Jumbo Pattern?

paver jumbo pattern

Paver Jumbo Pattern is a combination of 4 different sizes of quadrilateral pavers. It comes in four dimensions, i.e., 12”x12”, 12x24”, 24”x24” & 24”x36” with all edges are sawn to give a clean finish. Stone column caps in texas. Eased edge countertop in maryland. What is Eased Edge?

Eased edge countertop in maryland

Eased edge offers a straight edge side with the edges eased at the corner to make it safe. The edges of this natural stone are neither too sharp, nor too rounded. Simply, it is the best alternative to the hard and sharp edges that typically seen on the manufactured countertops. Porcelain pavers in usa. Paver Ashler 8 size pattern. Paver jumbo 4 size pattern supplier. Paver randon 3 size pattern. Paver Random 3 Size Pattern Paver Random Pattern is a combination of 3 different sizes of dimensional pavers i.e., 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24”. The square or rectangular pieces of natural stone are available with sawn edges. The patterns are suitable for laying both interior/ exterior flooring. Also, popular with the name paver 3 size pattern used for developing various flooring ideas. Whether it’s about construction or reconstruction of residence or a commercial area, SUI’s pattern flooring is the best suitable option. Are you looking for a change in your outdoor surroundings? End up your search with SUI Paver Random 3 Size Pattern which will provide natural and graceful touch to the overall area. • Pool Surroundings: Pool deck plays a significant role in magnifying the overall swimming pool surroundings.

. • Front yard/ Backyard: Yards consist of the outdoor entertainment area. . • Walkways/ Pathways: Walkways or pathways are the focal points in homes or any commercial location. Premium Quality Column Cap Distributor In USA. Thin Stone veneer. Thin veneer is a quarried natural stone cut into smaller pieces with a thickness of 1” (approx). Being a product of wall series and light in weight can adjust on the siding and cladding. Thus, suitable where there are weight restrictions, and massive stone cannot accompany your space.

It is equally an ideal decorative material mainly applies to the facade. It is not meant to be load bearing. Step tread. These are the flat rectangular pieces cut from the giant quarried blocks. Available with one side sawn cut and the other three sides rock face. In other words, we can say that it is a horizontal section of a staircase also popular with the name run, where one can step on. Our treads collection comes with sandstone, limestone, slate stone base. Stairs are not only a way to move between levels but are of great use in residential, commercial and industrial surroundings. So, there must be a viable material for its décor. People may get puzzled in two products, i.e., Stone Step and Step Tread. Why Apply Landscape Treads?

This nature’s stone is widely applause for its advantageous characteristics. Natural ledge stone veneer. Ledge stone – a product of wall series, are rectangular Z shape panels combined to form an interlocking wall cladding. The interlocking feature makes it an easy task to adjust the pieces of a ledge to each other. One can decorate their masonry projects as per their desire by utilizing these horizontal joints. Bullnose pool coping.

It is similar to the nose of a bull and convex trimmed into the form, whereas coping refers to covering the surface. So, collectively relates to coating the edges of the in-ground pool, stairs or corner areas for its protection as well as beautification. Stone pillar cap. The column refers to a tall vertical structure or an upright pillar standing alone, whereas cap is a head covering material. Pool Coping.