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Digital Research. Free English Grammar Lessons and Tests. English Grammar Online. Collaborative / Cooperative Learning. Blended Learning 2/13. Grammar and Punctuation. Grammar & spelling. AIM Language Learning - Learn to Teach, Speak French, Spanish, English and Gesture Approach at AIM Language Learning Inc. For the first four years of my teaching career, I worked in a couple of inner city schools as a French immersion teacher in Toronto.

AIM Language Learning - Learn to Teach, Speak French, Spanish, English and Gesture Approach at AIM Language Learning Inc.

I went into teaching, loving the French language and inspired to help my students find the same. I found these years extremely difficult. I was not an effective teacher – I struggled with classroom management and did not pass the probationary period. For several months I was under review by the Superintendent and did not know whether I would keep my job.

I would go home at the end of the day and cry – not sure that I would continue on the teaching path that I had intended to follow since I was very young. In 1989, I moved to an independent school to teach core French – 30 to 40 minutes a day per class. It seemed to me that the vocabulary found in the school’s thematic programs were not providing me with the words that the students needed to know. Educate Parents About Internet Safety. Sutton Trust - Spending the Pupil Premium and Strategies to Improve Learning 2011. The A to Z to the best language learning. My Best of series. You can find all of my “Best” lists in broad categories here.

My Best of series

The link to that page can also be found at the top right of my blog: My Best Of Series I also have them all on another page where they are listed in the chronological order in which I originally posted them. You can find that link at the top of my blog by first clicking on About and then scrolling down to Websites of the Year. Innosight Institute. Crazy Things People Say To Teachers. By Cindy Long.

Crazy Things People Say To Teachers

Adapted from content by We Are Teachers Ah, the holidays. ’Tis the season to gather round the hearth, feast on turkey and pie, and enjoy the company and conversation of loved ones we see but a few times a year. And thank goodness for that! You love them dearly, but it's exhausting fielding all those annoying questions about the teaching profession from your well-meaning but clueless family.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of comebacks to crazy questions, so at this year’s holiday dinner (or any other time your professionalism is called into question: legislators, are you listening?) Teachers are just glorified babysitters! British Council. Your Road to Better Grammar.

English Grammar Lessons. Learning English - Exercises, Grammar, Vocabulary, Exams. The EFL SMARTblog. English Grammar Reference and Exercises. My Best of series. Lesson Plan: Graffiti Wall: Discussing and Responding to Literature Using Graphics.

Overview Featured Resources From Theory to Practice This lesson is used for discussion of a novel read by the whole class.

Lesson Plan: Graffiti Wall: Discussing and Responding to Literature Using Graphics

Working individually and in groups, using symbols, drawings, shapes, and colors, alongside words and quotations, students construct a graphic of their section of the novel using an online tool and on newsprint or butcher paper with crayons or markers. When all groups have completed their graphics, they will present them to the class, explaining why they chose the elements they used. Back to top Literary Graffiti Interactive: Using this online tool, students draw images about a text they are reading. Claggett (1992) states that "the use of graphics will help students make meaning as they read, write, and act, [which] is firmly rooted in current thinking about how the mind works. " Teaching students to visualize what they are reading and create graphic symbols helps them develop as readers. Further Reading. English Learner Education Guidelines.

The Minnesota Department of Education’s English Learner (EL) program ensures equity and access to a high-quality education to ensure English learners are able to reach their highest potential.

English Learner Education Guidelines

MDE supports local education agencies (LEAs) to develop, implement and evaluate research-based language instruction education programs for English learners to attain English proficiency and achieve state academic content standards. Education Week American Education News Site of Record. Strategies in Language Learning. The Flipped Classroom or Curriculum - School of TEFL. Fromthe Economist, they offer some cursory advice about the Flipped Curriculum.

The Flipped Classroom or Curriculum - School of TEFL

Do you agree - I'm not convinced by most of their arguement. THE 12-year-olds filing into Courtney Cadwell’s classroom at Egan Junior High in Los Altos, a leafy suburb of Silicon Valley, each take a white MacBook from a trolley, log on to a website called and begin doing maths exercises. They will not get a lecture from Ms Cadwell, because they have already viewed, at home, various lectures as video clips on KhanAcademy (given by Salman Khan, its founder). And Ms Cadwell, logged in as a “coach”, can see exactly who has watched which. This means that class time is now free for something else: one-on-one instruction by Ms Cadwell, or what used to be known as tutoring.

So Ms Cadwell, in her own web browser, pulls up a dashboard where KhanAcademy’s software presents, through the internet, the data the children are producing at that instant. The system has its detractors. The value of teachers. The Flipped Clasroom in the Language Learning Classroom.