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Content Curation Tools For Web Surfers – Best Of. Every day, you can find amazing content on the Web. Due to the multitudes of websites cropping up all over the online world, "information overload" is something we all seem to suffer from. It is easy to feel lost while searching for a particular piece of information you need, especially if you’re looking for a very specific subject. Hence, designers, web developers and the like are racing to come up with ways to present their bits of information so that users like you and me do not waste unnecessary time combing through irrelevant material. That’s where new curation tools come in. These tools help to filter out and compile online content in an easy-to-peruse way. What Does Content Curation Mean? Content curation compiles the cream of the crop of the information you are seeking, be it in the form of audio, video, articles or more.

How Content Curation Tools Work Each tool below is unique in its own way. Themeefy Bundlr!! Storify Pearltrees Flipboard Qrait Delicious Stacks. Digital Curation Resource Guide. Curating Content with Digital Tools | Senga's Space. I’ve just arrived back at school this morning after a fantastic weekend in Wellington. The highlight of this weekend was getting to hang out with the fantastic group of librarians and educators who came along to support the SLANZA Wellington weekend school. I got to catch up with some very dear colleagues and I enjoyed meeting so many new people, all of them passionate about school libraries.

(My next blog post will be about one particularly amazing primary school librarian I met who is a total inspiration!) I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to present a workshop on using curation tools for professional development as well as teaching and learning and after a quick overview from me on some of the hows and whys and a quick look my top curation tools, it was about rolling our sleeves up, getting our fingers tapping those keyboards and doing it for ourselves. As you can see from my presentation, my top two tools currently are Diigo and Livebinders. Like this: Like Loading... Symbaloo | Access your bookmarks anywhere | iGoogle alternative. How Educators Are Using Learnist.

Digital Tools By Jennifer Roland In the weeks since Learnist launched, educators have been finding ways to put it to use. Learnist, as many have already pointed out, works much like Pinterest — a way to catalog online resources on a topic and share them with the user’s social network. And like Pinterest, it looks like a digital bulletin board with pictures and messages, and connects with Facebook accounts. In its current closed beta form, Learnist, launched by Grockit, is still very much in its infancy, but some curious teachers have already jumped on the wagon.

College physics instructor Leilah McCarthy created collections on subjects like electromagnetism, mechanics, and waves. Educators can also find some professional development, including information about flipped classrooms, technology integration, all about the collision between DIY and education, and a professional development summer camp. But education is just one of about 20 topics on Learnist. Related. EduClipper: The Pinterest of Education. Pinterest revolutionized the way we keep track of the gems that we find on the Internet, with categories of interest ranging from home decorating to cooking. While it hosts a wealth of educational resources, wouldn’t it be nice for educators to have a similar site tailored solely to educational purposes? Such a site exists! It’s called eduClipper , a virtual pin board designed specifically for education. EduClippereduClipper, which was only recently launched, was founded by Adam Bellow , an award-winning technology training specialist in New York City.

. , a site devoted to providing teachers with quality technological resources for their classrooms. eduClipper is Adam’s latest brainchild, developed to provide teachers with free high-quality technology-based resources. How It WorkseduClipper’s motto is “Clip anything. Benefits for Students and TeachersSince this is a safe site for students, the applications are tremendous. Storify · Create social stories.

Pinterest, Image Sharing Websites and the Law (5 December 2012) This document is available in the following formats: The shortened URL for this document is: 1. Introduction2. Copyright3. What’s in this guidance? This guidance is intended for staff in colleges and universities considering using image sharing social networks such as Pinterest in teaching and learning. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an image-sharing social networking website. How can image-sharing websites like Pinterest be used in teaching and learning? Using an image sharing website students and staff can post images and, in the case of Pinterest, can pin images from other websites which can be accessed and shared as an on-line resource as part of teaching and learning. What are the copyright issues? The nature of the Pinterest website, which encourages the pinning of images from other websites and re-pinning images pinned by other users, brings the issue of copyright into sharp focus. 2.1 Images Created and Posted by Staff and Students 2.2 Third Party Images.

The 25 Best Pinterest Boards in Educational Technology. Pinterest for Teaching and Learning. Welcome to YouTube! The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results.To change your location filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page. Click "OK" to accept this setting, or click "Cancel" to set your location filter to "Worldwide". The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results. To change your country filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page. 1 5:10 A nice basic overview from Nicole DesJardins, a personable middle school... 2 1:39 This cute video shows us how keeping track of wonderful things with Pint... 3 5:28 Host Marina Kotina shares ten creative ideas for how online educators ca... 4 2:44 Regular readers will know I'm a sucker for well-animated explainer video... 5 5:32 I've featured this screencast video once before, but I think it's one of...

The 20 Best Pinterest Boards About Education Technology. Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the biggest sources inspiration and innovation when it comes to cooking, design, and education. That’s right, education is a prominent fixture on Pinterest now and that, of course, means that education technology plays a starring role.

In an effort to help curate the massive amount of Pinterest boards about education technology, you can use the following list as a jumping off point to start your Pinterest journey. The following boards are curated by teachers, admins, and other education enthusiasts. You’ll likely find some new blogs, tools, and ideas among them. After all, that’s what Pinterest is all about!

Don’t forget to check out the Edudemic Pinterest board where you can keep track of all the stuff we’re up to. Patricia Brown : Patricia showcases a myriad of videos, articles, tutorials, and lots of other resources all about education technology. We want to see what YOU are pinning! Citelighter (The Pinterest For Research) Launches Massive Global Learning Database. For those of you who haven’t heard of the new(ish) startup Citelighter , take note: it’s a pretty awesome tool. I’ve been playing around with it and chatted with founders of the company last week and am thoroughly impressed. So what exactly is Citelighter and why should you care? How It Works - Like Pinterest, you download their toolbar which allows you to quickly capture content that you’re looking at online. - Then, you can add comments while they’re still fresh in your head (perhaps to remind you why you thought it was useful in case you forget later on?) - Once you’re done, you export your facts, citations, and notes to a word document to use later when writing a paper or creating a reference document.

Today’s Announcement I think we can all agree that millions of articles = a whole lotta research material = awesome research papers written by you. “The team over at Citelighter has spent, and continues to spend, a lot of time with students understanding their research habits. 1. 2. 3. What does the rise of Pinterest mean for eLearning? - e-Learning Studios Blog. Our client’s, Lichfield and District Community & Voluntary Sector brief requires a journey through the domestic residences of ‘at-risk’ and potentially vulnerable members of society. The project takes shape from a visitors perspective; from their approach to the front door, an inspection of the living conditions whilst performing their typical duties, and finally to the departing of the property. Throughout this journey key warning signs are high-lighted; tailored to the at-risk group, from a build up of un-opened prescription medicines, burn marks, out of place objects, damp conditions or several unopened letters etc.

To communicate this brief effectively e-learning studio’s opted to create these environments in 3D placing the e-learning user in the shoes of the visitor, exploring the property as they would in real life during their employment situations. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Teachers Manual on The Use of Pinterest in Education. Since its launch in March 2010, Pinterest has become the most popular virtual Pinboard online. It has tremendously grown in popularity that it reached 10 million active users in a very short period of time. Pinterest , just like all the other popular social networking websites, has its own potential in education . Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has previously posted a detailed guide on how teachers can use Pinterest in education and here are some of the ideas we have included in that guide : Pinterest is a great content curation tool for teachers. The ability to pin together images, links, and videos into visually appealing boards makes information sharing way exciting.

We are also adding this great infograhic to the above mentioned guide. Courtesy of: