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Buy Buy Birdie: Seven Charities To Help Test Twitter ‘Buy’ Button. News & Articles>Buy Buy Birdie: Seven Charities To Help Test Twitter ‘Buy’ Button Seven charities will help pilot a program on Twitter later this year that will test a “Buy” button on the site.

Buy Buy Birdie: Seven Charities To Help Test Twitter ‘Buy’ Button

The social media platform site announced the test this week that a test will start with some 30 brands, artists and nonprofit organizations, including Eminem, Brad Paisley and Pharrell as well as companies like The Home Depot and Burberry. Ian Cleary: How Brands Can Build Engagement on Twitter, According to NASA's Social Media Stars. What does it take for a brand to engage with its audience on Twitter?

Ian Cleary: How Brands Can Build Engagement on Twitter, According to NASA's Social Media Stars

NASA was recently named one of the most engaged brands on Twitter , from among the 100 most followed. I recently caught up with NASA's Social Media Manager John Yembrick and Deputy Social Media Manager Jason Townsend to find out what exactly they are doing to engage their audience, and what other brands can do to reach the same level of engagement. Why Twitter Removed Favorites And Lists From The Sidebar (And Why Almost Nobody Cares) On Friday Twitter made some design tweaks to, which included the removal of the Favorites and Lists links from the home page.

Why Twitter Removed Favorites And Lists From The Sidebar (And Why Almost Nobody Cares)

Both of these used to sit in the right sidebar below the data about who you were following and who was following you. Not no more. They’ve been whacked. Fear not – they’ve not been completely erased. You can still access your lists from the menu in your main panel, and all of the sidebar information is now housed on your profile page. Twitter Tweaks Emails Again, Highlights Connections. If you still receive e-mail notifications every time a new Twitter user follows you, you might have seen a change in the messages, starting between 10 and 11 am Pacific time today.

Twitter Tweaks Emails Again, Highlights Connections

The new messages do a better job matching Twitter's new corporate color scheme and global approach, while eliminating some joint follower information common in the previous round of notices. This puts more emphasis on the individual and how they describe themselves, and reverses the social endorsement to those you already follow, more than their paying attention to you. Until this morning, new notifications highlighted the user's avatar, biography and simple service usage stats, like total tweets, as well as the following and follower metrics. NY Times Editor Claims Twitter Killing Conversation, While His Tweets Spawn Conversation. There's been some buzz about NYTimes Editor Bill Keller's recent column, in which -- in true curmudgeon fashion -- he posits that Twitter and such are a problem because they are killing deep conversation: As a kind of masochistic experiment, the other day I tweeted "#TwitterMakesYouStupid.

NY Times Editor Claims Twitter Killing Conversation, While His Tweets Spawn Conversation

Discuss. " It produced a few flashes of wit ("Give a little credit to our public schools! "); a couple of earnestly obvious points ("Depends who you follow"); some understandable speculation that my account had been hacked by a troll; a message from my wife ("I don't know if Twitter makes you stupid, but it's making you late for dinner. Come home! ") Twitter for Marketing & PR Webinar. A 2010 Edison research study showed that 42% of respondents hear about products and services through Twitter.

Twitter for Marketing & PR Webinar

In response to this dynamic businesses are increasingly using Twitter to engage with customers, reach the media directly, and further establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. You can even use Twitter for lead management or marketing automation. Listen to our free webinar with Laura Fitton, HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Evangelist, as she reveals the basics of Twitter and how you can use the channel for marketing and PR. Laura shares some established Twitter marketing processes, best practices, and examples of successful case studies.

In this 50-minute webinar, you will learn: Amid deadly storms, Alabama Power kept customers informed through Twitter. As tornadoes tore through central Alabama in late April, and in the days following, the power company was tweeting updates and reassurances.

Amid deadly storms, Alabama Power kept customers informed through Twitter

By Matt Wilson | Posted: May 12, 2011 There was a time—not so long ago, in fact—when the only way people in the middle of a power outage could get news was through the radio. But the advent of smartphones has provided an entirely new avenue, one that communicators at Alabama Power put to use late last month as tornadoes ripped through the state. Entrepreneur’s tweet sparks fight with angels. – Connie Loizos is a contributor for PE Hub, a Thomson Reuters publication.

Entrepreneur’s tweet sparks fight with angels

This article originally appeared here. – Last month, entrepreneur Matt Mireles published a tweet, asking: “Why is TechStars NYC run by a non-entrepreneur?” Twitpic changes its terms of service. Update: That was fast – after a bit of a Twitter outcry, the terms and conditions have been changed (again) to remove the offending paragraph about being barred from selling your own photos to media agencies, although they are still retaining their rights to do the same.

Twitpic changes its terms of service

They have posted an update on their blog. Google Rumored Preparing $10/Month Chrome OS Laptop Rentals. As soon as this summer, Google could announce a program to rent Chrome OS portable computers for $10 to $20 per month.

Google Rumored Preparing $10/Month Chrome OS Laptop Rentals

According to a report on the generally reputable tech blog Neowin, this plan, part of an effort to get more people using its services and viewing its ads online, was confirmed by an unnamed source. In response to our request for comment, Google told us the same thing it told the U.K. TweetDeck and the Holy Grail - Twitter Acquisition Puts an End to That. TweetDeck, the leading third party Twitter client, has been acquired by Twitter - according to Techcrunch. As of writing, neither Twitter or TweetDeck have confirmed the deal.

If it does go through, it will spell the end of TweetDeck's grand plan to become the central hub for social networks. In other words, the Holy Grail of the social Web. While it started out as just a third party Twitter client, for most of its nearly 3 year existence TweetDeck has been building itself up to be a "a new browser for the real-time Web. " Since it added Facebook support in March 2009, TweetDeck has aimed to be a central app from which people can interact with all of their social networks. Company Blog - Breaking Bin Laden: visualizing the power of a single tweet. A full hour before the formal announcement of Bin-Laden’s death, Keith Urbahn posted his speculation on the emergency presidential address. Little did he know that this Tweet would trigger an avalanche of reactions, Retweets and conversations that would beat mainstream media as well as the White House announcement.

Keith Urbahn wasn’t the first to speculate Bin Laden’s death, but he was the one who gained the most trust from the network. Why did this happen? Before May 1st, not even the smartest of machine learning algorithms could have predicted Keith Urbahn’s online relevancy score, or his potential to spark an incredibly viral information flow. While politicos “in the know” certainly knew him or of him, his previous interactions and size and nature of his social graph did little to reflect his potential to generate thousands of people’s willingness to trust within a matter of minutes. Penn Jillette explains the fake Martin Luther King Jr.: "I made a mistake" - Twitter. Does Posting Things to Twitter Make You a Journalist?: Tech News and Analysis « There’s been a lot of discussion about what the U.S. military strike on Osama bin Laden’s compound says about the state of the media today, and the latest debate is whether Sohaib Athar — the Pakistani resident who live-tweeted the raid — is a journalist or not.

SF Weekly blogger Dan Mitchell is pretty convinced that he is not, but there are some pretty powerful arguments to be made that he is — that Athar represents a new kind of quasi-journalist, or what some call a “citizen journalist.” The bottom line is that journalism as we know it has been unbundled into its component parts, and virtually anyone has the ability to perform some or all of those functions now. We are still grappling with what that means, but it’s happening. Mitchell seems particularly incensed that Steve Myers from the Poynter Institute refers to Athar — a computer programmer living in Abbottabad, whose Twitter handle is @ReallyVirtual — as a citizen journalist.

Twitter Hires Fired Facebook Corp Dev Guy Mike Brown. 25 Interesting Things You Can Tweet (Besides Blog Posts and Retweets) The Case for a LinkedIn-Twitter Merger. Let’s be honest about Twitter. The bad press isn’t just bad press. Loyal Twitter users have grown accustomed to buggy features, promises unfulfilled, a rise in noise, and a decline in innovation. If you don’t already use Twitter, there’s no reason to start. Twitter is stuck. Top 3 Tips to be a Kickass Social Media Speaker. When you’re scheduled to speak at an event like Ignite, WordCamp, BarCamp, or more general audience public speaking events, you need to do your homework.

The best speakers make it look conversational and easy and you can do that too if you’re willing to follow some very easy steps. Take a Deep Breath and Do You You don’t have to know everything and you don’t have to be “better” than anyone else. You need to know your subject matter and then relax and let it flow. There’s a reason why you were asked to speak – somebody thought you would be good to hear. Twitter Introduces Text Ads. Twitter Confirms It Has Passed 200 Million Accounts, 70% of Traffic Now International.