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A Proposed SEC Rule Would Force Companies To Disclose Cyberattacks. Google’s Music Beta first look: it’s miserable. Google’s Music Beta is supposed to provide users with a way to access the music anywhere, anytime as easily as physically possible.

Google’s Music Beta first look: it’s miserable

Urban Outrage. Welcome to the future of video. Please stay a while. It’s a Saturday and you want to watch your favorite YouTube star’s show , a big Hollywood movie , a clip of your friend’s weekend in Austin, a newly-released music video , a global sporting event , a live concert and breaking news from Japan .

Welcome to the future of video. Please stay a while.

Male Gamers Put Women To Shame When It Comes to Shopping. Marshall Kirkpatrick, Technology Journalist » Fancyhands: A Review of My Last Two Months of Tasks. I am a big advocate of low-cost virtual assistant program Fancyhands: $35 per month for up to 15 tasks requested by email.

Marshall Kirkpatrick, Technology Journalist » Fancyhands: A Review of My Last Two Months of Tasks

I’ve posted some pretty complicated requests over the last 6 months or so that I’ve been subscribed. People ask me about the service often, so I thought I’d show readers here how it’s been going over the last few months. Why it’s smart for consumer startups to grow first and make money later. I’ve had two recent conversations in which people have mentioned the “grow first, monetize later” philosophy as one of the signs of the coming bubble apocalypse, and this post is to argue why it’s very smart and rational to focus on getting millions of users first.

Why it’s smart for consumer startups to grow first and make money later

Archaeologists Find 17 Pyramids, 1K Tombs, 3K Settlements Using Online Satellite Images. Exceeding the discovery of 2,000 new archaeological sites using Google Earth, scientists have now found 17 Egyptian pyramids, 1,000 tombs and 3,000 Nile Delta settlements previously lost to sand and time.

Archaeologists Find 17 Pyramids, 1K Tombs, 3K Settlements Using Online Satellite Images

The tech-happy group from the University of Alabama purchased imagery online from orbiting satellites and used image-filtering software to identify the locations, which they spot-checked and test-excavated in person. Pulling down images from a satellite orbiting at a height of 400 miles but which can capture objects less than a yard across, the scientists used infrared imaging to highlight differences in soil density. Given their use of denser mud brick for much of their construction needs, the ancient Egyptians left clear evidence of structures no longer visible to the naked eye. SF Online Community MeetUp - Guest Speaker Randy Paynter, - San Francisco Online Community Meetup Group (San Francisco, CA. May 25, 2011 · 7:00 PM This location is shown only to members SF Online Community MeetUp is the free monthly gathering of online community managers, enthusiasts, and innovators to meet and discuss tools and strategies for building and managing effective communities.

SF Online Community MeetUp - Guest Speaker Randy Paynter, - San Francisco Online Community Meetup Group (San Francisco, CA

Our guest speaker this month will be Randy Paynter, Founder and CEO of, one of the largest online activist networks. Come learn how Care2 is engaging its millions of members to lead healthy, sustainable lifestyles and mobilize for causes that matter. Care2 uses a combination of site design, word of mouth marketing, gamification, social media, and email marketing to encourage members back to the site and make a positive change. San Francisco Bay Area RSVP here and attend in person. Online - Twitter Follow and tag on Twitter: hashtag #octribe. Virtually - Second Life Nonprofit Commons in Second Life (slurl to location in Second Life): Here's a step-by-step guide for how to participate in Second Life. to debut social show ‘What’s Trending’ Analyst Predicts Kindle Revenue To Hit $5.42 Billion In 2011 - eBookNewser. Women 2.0 - Founding Startups » Never Been a Better Time for Women Entrepreneurs.

Win Customer Loyalty By Supporting Your Community : Managing. A few weeks ago I wrote about United Linen, a professional laundry service.

Win Customer Loyalty By Supporting Your Community : Managing

Looking back, I think there are some valuable lessons small businesses should learn from they way United embraces and supports their community. United shows a commitment to its physical community in various ways. For example, they began posting hometown team sports scores through their social media channels, and more recently, they started promoting the local symphony orchestra. During winter, United gets road conditions from their truck drivers and reports back to residents.

In short, United uses social media to report on and champion their local community. A Simple #BlueKey Can Change the Lives of Thousands. Your Online Form Not Converting? Here’s Why. Procter & Gamble Makes Donation to Special Olympics. May 11, 2011 (Close-Up Media via COMTEX) -- Procter & Gamble, a partner of Special Olympics, has given a gift of $250,000 to the Special Olympics to support local programs and services.

Procter & Gamble Makes Donation to Special Olympics

According to a release, Proctor and Gamble will also donate $1 to support the Special Olympics Team USA when people visit and "like" the Proctor and Gamble's Thank You Mom Facebook Page at The site will feature information about the Special Olympics, stories from the moms of Special Olympics Team USA athletes and an opportunity to create a family tribute video. False Allegations Upend Lives of 2 Muslims in Army. Social Butterfly Guy. Flipboard Triples Usage and Prepares New App for Power Users. Flipboard, the leading social news app for iPad, has tripled daily usage in the last two months, CEO Mike McCue said in a chat on Thursday.

Flipboard Triples Usage and Prepares New App for Power Users

The app now sees eight to nine million daily “flips.” Flips are Flipboard’s swiping motion utilized to view additional content, so the figure could be taken as a loose equivalent for page views. Two months ago, Flipboard got three to four million flips per day, McCue said. McCue attributed the jump in usage to various factors that made his company’s iPad app faster. March 10 was the release date of Flipboard’s 1.2 version, which among other improvements boosted speed. Plus, after all the hype around Flipboard, many iPad 2 owners probably downloaded the app first thing after picking up their new device–I know I did.

Mini Keyboard With Built-in Touchpad Lets You Control All Your Devices. iTablet is a mini Bluetooth keyboard with a rear-facing touchpad that takes advantage of the fact that humans have opposable thumbs.

Mini Keyboard With Built-in Touchpad Lets You Control All Your Devices

This versatile input device lets you control Windows 7 and XP PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, interactive TV hardware and gaming consoles — just about anything with Bluetooth connectivity. On the back, there's a touchpad, so when you're using your thumbs to type, you can move the cursor around with your fingers on the other side of the device. It's shaped like a game controller, giving you a couple of easy places to grip the keyboard, while letting your thumbs and fingers perform two separate functions at the same time. This makes a lot of sense.

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes On Netflix. 3 Keys for How Web Content Management & Web Engagement Work in the Real World. PowerWomen: Raising a New Generation of Tech Gurus and Busting Stereotypes. Google Analytics Now Tracks Page Load Speeds to Help You Optimize Your Site. Google announced this afternoon the creation of a new tool in Google Analytics, the Site Speed report.

Watch: 14-Year-Old Blows Judges' Minds on 'Australia's Got Talent' with Whitney Houston Cover - Towleroad. Who’s In? U.S. Solar Industry Bands Together To Cut Costs, Make Panels Better. The U.S. solar industry is banding together to fend off an onslaught of global competition, and to lower the cost of manufacturing solar technology domestically. To make it happen, the newly formed U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium (PVMC) secured a $57.5 million federal grant from the Department of Energy Sunshot Initiative, along with financial commitments totaling $400 million from various state and corporate entities. Google's Plan To Win Location & Social.

Pandora Hits 10 Billion Thumbs Up or Down. Infographic: What Congress Would Look Like If It Really Represented America - Politics. America is getting more and more diverse—for instance, our Hispanic population grew by 43 percent in the past decade alone—but you'd never be able to tell it by looking at our Congress. How Female Influencers Communicate Online. » From Mangoes to Skype – A Kiva Fellow’s Take on the Transformative Power of Technology.

Why Apple Could Sell $1.6 Billion Worth Of Videogames In 2011 - Brian Caulfield - Shiny Objects. Machine Gunners and Gardeners. Image by the U.S. How I Organize Google Reader for Blog Commenting - Kikolani. New Media Marketing Conference. Celebrating Open Government: Sunlight Foundation Turns Five. The Sunlight Foundation, a non-partisan organization that uses the Internet to promote government transparency and openness, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this week. The foundation uses data analysis to report on government activity and trains journalists in the use of data to tell the story about what the federal government is actually up to. How I Pwn* My Inbox At All Times. Crowd-sourced Drinking Fountain App Coming to Android Phones. Tendollarsandalaptop. Brands Should Create Long Term Experiences On Mobile Platforms. Never Be Left Out.

Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation Appeals For The Immediate Release of Ai Weiwei. Can I Get Some Sustainability With That Shake? Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: In Ten Years, “We Will All Have A Gigabit To The Home” BlogHer Study Shows the Continued Slide of Twitter Influence, Facebook Makes Gains.