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Kotex Campaign Uses Pinterest To Send Women Custom Goodie Bags. How Mobile Video App Socialcam Used Facebook To Explode To 75 Million Users In 15 Months. Columbus, Ohio Account Manager Job at Geben Communication - Ragan Communications. The Stories I’m Looking (and Not Looking) to Write. Even more than a journalist, I consider myself a storyteller.

The Stories I’m Looking (and Not Looking) to Write

My mission at Mashable is to tell stories about how technology and digital are changing our world and to shine a light on the people that are shaping the future of our society. The problem is that there are so many stories; I can’t tell even a fraction of them. I hear about hundreds of ideas, startups and successes every single day, but I only can write and edit a few of them. Plus the stories I choose to tell today are dramatically different than the stories I told when I first started writing for Mashable.

So how do I choose a story from the pile? (btw, I’m framing these points in terms of story structure. Context: I will always cover the big stories — perhaps Facebook launches a new social graph or Google launches its own social network. I want to be clear: me not telling your story doesn’t mean that your story wasn’t worthy. Qantas Makes A Complete Hash Of Social Media Tweet Campaign. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse for Qantas.

Qantas Makes A Complete Hash Of Social Media Tweet Campaign

Their brand took a further nose dive today (excuse the pun). They had a go at relaunching their battered reputation though starting a competition on Twitter on the day after their negotiations broke down with their airline pilots. Really bad timing. Rather than a positive media coverage the coverage was almost completely negative. Adobe Communication - Matt Legend Gemmell. Adobe announced today that they won’t be making any more versions of Flash Player for mobile devices, but as usual for large companies, you have to work hard to decipher what they’ve said.

Adobe Communication - Matt Legend Gemmell

Confusing, marketing-voiced corporate communication is a terrible problem in this industry, and it’s damaging to the companies themselves. Blogger Outreach Pitching Tips from #pr20chat! - Trade, Not Aid. Tragedies happen around the world every day.

Trade, Not Aid

And with the improvements in technology, and especially social media, cries of help can be heard from far across the oceans. When these tragedies strike, charitable donations pour in from every corner, until our attention is averted somewhere else. Although initial fundraising was enormous, the world has moved on to supporting other tragedies like Japan and stable income is hard to come by. Heart of Haiti’s goal is to continue helping those in Haiti by allowing them to continue their passion for art and support their families.

Heart of Haiti’s motto is Trade, not Aid. Through this initiative, Haitian artisans produce home goods and jewelry from available materials which are in turn sold by Macy’s. One of these artists, Onel Bagdais, said that Heart of Haiti allows him to send his son to college, a dream that many Americans share. Why Politicos And Corporate Communications Make Bad Bedfellows. 5 Measurement Resources +BlogWorld Panel Seeks Your Input. Sleazy PR Firm Throws Scummy Facebook Under The Sordid Bus. It’s pretty rare for a story to be one part sad, one part fascinating, and twenty parts sleazy.

Sleazy PR Firm Throws Scummy Facebook Under The Sordid Bus

Luckily, Facebook and Burson-Marsteller have just handed exactly that to us on a silver platter. As you’ve undoubtedly seen by now, last night The Daily Beast’s Dan Lyons’ broke the story wide open about how the social network hired the PR firm to plant negative stories about rival Google in the press. As Mike wrote last night, it’s “not just offensive, dishonest and cowardly.

It’s also really, really dumb.” And it keeps getting better. Now one of the sleazy companies in this sordid affair, Burson-Marsteller, is throwing the other sleazy company, Facebook, under the bus. In an email sent to PRNewser this morning, the PR firm is confirming their involvement (as if that was still in question), defending themselves and their actions, and blaming Facebook for bringing the work to them in the first place. In other words, they took the job, fucked it up, then blamed the client. Scummy. Burson-Marsteller says it shouldn't have pitched negative Google stories secretly for Facebook. Google deflects PR firm's attack of Gmail privacy. By Byron Acohido and Jon Swartz, USA TODAY Updated 5/10/2011 2:14 PM | It's not as if Google lacks privacy controversies to quell.

Google deflects PR firm's attack of Gmail privacy

By Paul Sakuma, AP file By Paul Sakuma, AP file Yet Burson-Marsteller, a top-five public relations firm, is attempting to pile more on. Burson last week stepped up a whisper campaign to get top-tier media outlets, including USA TODAY, to run news stories and editorials about how an obscure Google Gmail feature — Social Circle — ostensibly tramples the privacy of millions of Americans and violates federal fair trade rules. Google said that Social Circle in fact allows Gmail users to make social connections based on public information and private connections across its products in ways that don't skirt privacy. The Story So Far: Will Sponsored Content and Creative Ads Save Digital Journalism? - Nathaniel Parish Flannery - Governance Perspective.

Posterous learns a hard lesson in why businesses must keep customers informed. I'm a big fan of Posterous, the US-based blog service.

Posterous learns a hard lesson in why businesses must keep customers informed

The company allows users to create eye-catching blogs which can be updated with a single email. I have two Posterous blogs; one where I post my random thoughts on all sorts of subjects and another where I'm posting a picture every day in 2011 (I've already failed!). According to Posterous some of my posts have been pretty popular with one attracting more than 17,000 views! My daily pictures have got nowhere near that but they each attract around 200 views which I've been pleased with. That was until last week when suddenly the figures dropped dramatically: Strange I thought but I put it down to the all the bank holidays.