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Best Astrology Wealth and money. Astrology is one of the branches of Vedas, astrology is often used to predict a person’s past, present and future.

Best Astrology Wealth and money

Let us now analyze how can we determine a person’s psychology using astrology, how planets, lagna influence them. According to astrology, we have 12 rasi’s, 9 planets. These 9 planets move in 12 rasi using them we can determine a person’s jathakam (horoscope). Person’s personality and thinking can be classified based on 3 factors. 1. 2. Example: if a person is born during the moon is navigating in Ashwini Nakshatra, as Ashwini is of Mesha (Aires) rasi, so Mesha become the person’s rasi. 3.

The possibility of having people born under same sun sign, same moon sign, same rasi, and lagna is rare. We will know in next post about how to predict a person’s personality and psychology. If you want to know your Surya, Chandra, lagna rasi, send us your Name, Exact time of birth, date of birth and exact location. Send the details to Four vedas in English and Telugu. After Matsya and Kurma avatar Sri maha Vishnu took the avatar of Varaha and there is an incident which leads to Vishnu’s taking avatar.

Four vedas in English and Telugu

It happened so that one day Lord Vishnu was resting in Vaikunta with maha Lakshmi and ordered the guards that they would not be disturbed, incidentally, Lord Brahma’s four sons came to see Lord Vishnu and demanded that they are allowed. They were stopped at the entrance by two guards, Jaya and Vijaya. They did not allow them to enter as their master was resting, angered Brahma’s sons cursed Jaya and Vijaya to be born as humans on earth and to leave their godly status. A little while later Lord Vishnu arrived at the spot and apologized for Jaya and Vijaya’s behavior as they were merely doing their duty. Brahma’s sons said that they will suggest a way as the curse cannot be undone. Jaya and Vijaya thought and said they wish to take birth as Vishnu virodhi for 3 lives. New latest Moral stories for kids. Once upon a time, India was ruled by Samrat Samudra Gupta Pratap, he was a brave and kind king but was always worrying about future he was very anxious and restless. so to calm his mind one day he started on his chariot with a servant towards the forest.

New latest Moral stories for kids

When his chariot was going through the jungle Samudra Gupta heard music played on a flute at a distance, the music was so sweet that he asked the servant to stop the chariot and asked him to drive chariot in the direction of the music. slowly the chariot was led by music towards the river bank where water was flowing smoothly and a kid was playing the music on his flute beside him there were goats and sheep grazing the green grass, the whole place looked pure and calm taking kings mind away from all the thoughts. Samudra Gupta called out the boy and said, ” you play the flute so sweetly as if you were king of a kingdom and have nothing to worry in life”. King was surprised by the boy’s words and asked, “what do you mean?” Moral: Bhakti Vedanta news every week. Vedic jyothishyam and science. Marriage is a very important event in Indians life.

Vedic jyothishyam and science

Marriage is a new beginning in a person’s life. Marriage system in India especially Hindu marriage system has much difference from other marriage systems of the world, not only the way it is conducted but also in psychologically and genetics are involved in its design of the system. There are many rules and conditions that have to be satisfied before marriage, during a marriage, and after marriage. These rules or conditions have been laid down based on many scientific reasons, which one has to know to understand the greatness in the system. We will cover some part of the whole system here as it can’t be covered in one post…. According to Vedas marriage can be of 8 types, depending on procedure it has been carried out. 1.Brahma: Inviting a person who is well learned, mannered and offering girl to him to marry. 3.Arsha: Arshamu is cow which is a confluence of Ox and Cow, offering an arshamu and girl to boy to marry.

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