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LINUX | The source for Linux information Celebrating the Marriage of Automotive and Consumer Electronics at CES With an average number of 315 weddings per day, Las Vegas definitely takes a top spot on the list of locations for forging bonds. Ever since Ford CEO Alan Mulally's keynote at CES 2010 the automotive industry has come back to Sin City in early January for dates with consumer technologies. CES 2014 was no different except maybe that this time cars have taken center stage at the annual event. One co... | The source for Linux information

Welcome to LWN featured content [$] The unveiling of kdbus [Kernel] Posted Jan 13, 2014 21:32 UTC (Mon) by corbet Sporting an "Open Source Tea Party" T-shirt, Lennart Poettering used his talk to introduce an effort that he and several others have been working on for the better part of the last year: reimplementing the D-Bus mechanism within the kernel.

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