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Thomas J. Sudduth

Why take a Photo, Why make an Image - is it the Beauty? I want to start with a question; The beauty in this scene – is it by chance or design?

Why take a Photo, Why make an Image - is it the Beauty?

As an Artist working with Photography as my medium people may ask – why this image? Well, to me, an image is captured and made for several reasons. Photography – Drawing with Light -What is it and why I love it! Wikipedia defines Photography this way: Photography is the art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

Photography – Drawing with Light -What is it and why I love it!

This the dry, boiled down to strict wording definition of the Art of Photography. More to my way of relating to, pondering and doing Photography is the 2nd definition from Wikipedia: The word “photography” was created from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), genitive of φῶς (phōs), “light” and γραφή (graphé) “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”, together meaning “drawing with light”. Drawing with Light captures me in the soul because, while I can’t “draw” much more than stick men – I am intrigued by light and drawing with it to practice my art – photography – so I use my tolls (Camera and Lenses ) to create something from the moments of light dancing on the Landscape.

Gone but not Forgotten. This was one very fine Fall in the Canadian Rockies.

Gone but not Forgotten

We had warm days, cool nights and fresh crisp mountain air. We also had the much-desired phenomenon – Indian Summer. There was, of course, the precious but very brief period where the larch Trees literally light up the landscape with a neon-like amber golden glow. Yet there are other sights to treat yourself with when Fall goes through its stages. A Rockies Recipe for Larches. It is becoming a bit of a “pilgrimage” event for the Rockies.

A Rockies Recipe for Larches

Once Fall has arrived, it is an anticipated event – the Larch trees turning colour! The issue is, when and where to see the Larches in their renowned Golden hues? For instance, in her blog Dani the Explorer says this: “ Your window for fall colours in Banff will be short. The days are long, but once they’re over, the snowstorms begin! From personal experience, the best time of year to visit Banff National Park for fall colours is from late September (think the last week of September) to early October. However, as with all fall foliage plans, prepare to be flexible! So, when to come is critical – it also a bit of a Big Window and VERY much weather dependent. 2 to 3 weeks – late September to early October. And where do you go for Larches? Subalpine larches are shorter, reaching around 70 feet in height due to a higher elevation: 5,500 to 7,500 feet.” – D. This image ( Island of Light) is my “stash”. In the summertime! When I got out this morning the temperature was 3 degrees!

In the summertime!

While the forecast is for 24 degrees later in the day, this is the 7th day to start with the Chill of Fall here in the Rockies! Summertime – lazy hazy days, fresh berries, the smell of sunscreen lotion, the buzz of mosquitoes, the wonderful aroma of a Bar B Que – these are a few of the things we equate with Summertime. The Rockies have some other things they offer to the Summertime menu and one is chilly mornings until the sun gets high!

The pandemic of Covid-19 interrupted all of our travel plans, but, as things subsided it was possible to get out and enjoy that precious season – Summertime! It's not the name that makes it memorable! In chronological order, this lake has been named: Ho-Run-Num-Nay( Lake of Little Fishes), Emerald Lake, Lake Louise Often referred to as a “gem of the Canadian Rockies”, Lake Louise holds a special place in the memories of all who have had the chance to stand in awe on the shoreline and gaze out one of the most breathtaking sights in the Rockies.

It's not the name that makes it memorable!

Known since 1884 as Lake Louise it was 1st known as Ho-Run-Num-Nay, that is Lake of Little Fishes – and so named by Native Stoney First Nations peoples, who knew of it and inhabited the area. They led Tom Wilson ( a worker for Canadian railways ) to the lake in 1882. He renamed it Emerald Lake but, 2 years later it was renamed to Lake Louise in honour of Queen Victoria’s daughter. ( There is an Emerald Lake close by in Yoho National Park), and it is another gorgeous Alpine Lake displaying the signature colour of these Canadian Rockies waters. Favorite Child! Artist favorite pieces? Is it even possible for a parent to have a favourite child?

Favorite Child! Artist favorite pieces?

And, as a sibling, what would that mean to you – that your brother or sister was the “favourite” of your Mom and Dad? The personalities, the emotional attachment, the careful nurturing over the years – can that deep attachment in a parent be put into rank for the children? I doubt it!! Read More- As an Artist it is something akin to this, but, obviously on a far lesser scale. Is Passion a Problem for you? I have a passion for more than one thing.

Is Passion a Problem for you?

I doubt I’m alone in this regard so, let me ask – do you have a passion for more than one thing? I don’t think this a bad thing, but then again, it did force a decision and when you have to choose between passions that can be tough. Making images from the Rocky Mountain landscape is a passion and something I so much enjoy. That is not all I enjoy, however, and on this day my passions collided. My other passion is skiing and ski racing. Pictures of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. The Canadian Rockies, have a special power to their presence and that can be part of your home or office ambiance.

Pictures of the Rocky Mountains in Canada

The Rockies have a commanding presence and intriguing personality. Bright and beautiful, dark and moody, gentle and warm, cold and forbidding, compelling and austere - they display their personality continually. And with the days light, the season and the weather they can be any or all of these emotions in one brief moment as you look on in awe. The Canadian Rockies have a fabled personality that draws people to them. Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Paradise Valley, Mt. Click on the image you desire so you can see it on your wall by using the LIVE PREVIEW ( with Smart Phone or Tablet) or Wall Preview Button. Prints shipped FREE World Wide via the Post Office Framed Images Free Shipping within Canada + $150.00 to Crate International Orders - US and others will be charged Freight by Quote All Customs, Duty, Excise and Broker Fees are the responsibility of the Client.