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Lektion-se_19441_UR_Me_and_my_pet. How to Write a Ghost Story - Picture the Dead — Ghost Posts. Having trouble coming up with a perfectly terrifying scenario?

How to Write a Ghost Story - Picture the Dead — Ghost Posts

We’re here to help. Download a pdf of this writing exercise that we created for Don’t Forget To Write: 50 Enthralling and Effective Writing Lessons for the Secondary Grades. This awesome book offers writing lesson plans from the imaginative and highly acclaimed 826 National writing labs. Created as a resource to reach all students (even those most resistant to creative writing), these writing lessons are written by experts—and favorite novelists, actors, and other entertainers pitched in, too. 826 National is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting teachers, publishing student work, and offering services for English language learners.

You can find Adele lurking here, scheming against archvillains: 826NYC And catch Lisa skulking here, collecting peg-legs: 826Valencia 1. It’s fine to start with an ooky-spooky house. 2. 3. Download “How to Write a Ghost Story” PDF. Länkar till Spotify. Writing exercise. Irregular verbs again. I have already published several posts on irregular verbs: Past participles – divided according to the pronunciation and Present perfect tense.

Irregular verbs again

However, a week ago a student of mine contacted me and asked me if I could create a way for him to learn the irregular verbs. He spends a lot of time driving so he asked me to prepare something to listen to in his car. So I did. In this post there are 33 irregular verbs presented in an associative matrix, in mp3 for listening, in mp3 for learning and two games for practising them. ADVERT: Irregular verbs – learning Here you can find two ways to learn the irregular verbs. Here is the pdf version of all the irregular verbs: Irregular verbs_part1 Irregular verbs – Listen and learn In learning there are only a few methods which work for everyone. If you need just the correct pronunciation of each of the verbs presented above, here is the mp3 with all of the verbs:

Substantiv singular och plural. How%20to%20Analyse%20an%20Artwork_UpperPrimaryWorksheet.pdf. How%20to%20Analyse%20a%20Photograph_UpperPrimaryWorksheet.pdf. Art Discussion Cards for Class Critiques or Art History Lessons - Hi there!

Art Discussion Cards for Class Critiques or Art History Lessons -

I have a set of Art Discussion Cards that might be useful to you! These questions are great to use in small group discussions, individual writing responses and as a whole class critique. You can use these questions to discuss a famous artwork or student artwork in peer-to-peer critiques. If you order them, all you need to do is download them, print them off, cut apart and laminate. You can reprint them as many times as you would like. **Note: I have revised the design of these, so if you have already purchased them, you can download the new design again for free from TPT (or email me and I will resend them to you.)

Set of 30 Discussion Questions This set of 30 cards contains questions that can used for art critiques (peer-to-peer critique or self-reflection) or discussions about famous artworks. Purchase at Teachers Pay Teachers or at my online shop Questions such as “What sounds would you hear if you were in this picture?” 7 pages total: 1. 2-6. 7. About Marcia Beckett. Bildlärarbloggen. I dag önskar jag att ni alla fått vara med i estetsalen på min skola!


Vilka lektioner jag har haft med åk 5, 3 x 60 min ”Bildanalys” Eleverna har haft en bildanalysläxa under två veckor. Läxa BILDANALYS Vi gör gemensamma bildanalyser då och då med konstverk från ”Månadens konstnär”. Denna läxan har även eleverna gjort under åk 4. Jag började med att visa dem deras inlämningar från förra året och vi prata de om dessa innan vi lämnade ut den nya läxan. De får välja en tavla de har hemma eller en bild från internet. tavlan/bilden ska de måla av och göra en bildanalys på. Ur LGR 11. Historieätarna – Avsnitt 1, Stormaktstiden. Ht-13-Stödmatris-historia-stormaktstiden.

B127c A1 TE Staff Room Posters 5.