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Symmetrical Faces. Flow_lion.jpg (1285×912) Day 160 of 365. Smashing Picture. Only Have Eyes For Disney: Pics, Videos, Links, News. Incredibly, impossibly beautiful time lapse video. You will NEVER guess what this ad is about. More Design Please - MoreDesignPlease. The Art of Negative Space. on the Behance Network. Awesome stuff by Diego Fernandez. Image.jpg from 42.jpg from

Stu Horvath ~ A Very Long Year. After splicing together the doll parts and the animal skull and wrapping the mass in bandages, the alchemical formula was applied along with a strong electrical current and then the whole thing was buried in manure for forty days. Upon digging the foul smelling thing up and removing the bandages, the creature flailed about unseeing while making a terrible, pitiful wailing sound. It only grew silent when confined to a bell jar with a slice of apple to gnaw on. City-Scape.jpg from


Innocent Girls - A Series of Graphite Works by May Ann Licudine. May Ann Licudine is a lowbrow illustration artist from La Union, Philippines and did her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from the University of the Philippines College Baguio ner. After studying art for five years, May started to take commissions from clients worldwide. The artist's works reflect her strong Japanese influence and show girls with long dark hair and pensive faces, nature, and animals.

Moleskine Sketchbook #01 on the Behance Network. Speed Painting 1 by *GoddessVirage on deviantART. 199770_5044644_l.jpg from Stockholm Metro. Batman-spawn-violator-joker1.jpg from Designerscouch #thecritiquenetwork.

Crazy Illustrations By Chow Hon Lam. DOUBLE EXPOSURE PORTRAITS on the Behance Network. -The end of the Line- by ~R-SRaven on deviantART. Spray Can Paper sculpture created by Julien...