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Trick Photography with Album Covers Trick Photography with Album Covers Trick Photography with Album Covers February 12th, 2010 | Inspiration | See what happens when people use sleeves from classic vinyl records to spice up their photographs, the results are truly spectacular…
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Please Don't Promise Me Forever | Rotating Corpse Imagine this: It’s 1976 and you’re dating a man named Rick. He has a mustache and owns at least one reindeer sweater. High off of reading The Easter Parade and The Great Santini, he’s all pumped up to write the next great American novel but, to make ends meet, he’s currently working for Hallmark. He’s been really cagey about his latest project, only revealing that this will be the first time Hermann Zapf‘s Crown font is used in a publication. Please Don't Promise Me Forever | Rotating Corpse
Photoshop For Beginners: 6 techniques to extract anything from its background | WeGraphics This is the second of a series of tutorials thought for Photoshop beginners. I’ll explain in depth those features that can result difficult to understand for a newbi. Today I’ll show you 6 techniques you can use to extract a person/object from its background. From now on extraction won’t have secrets for you! Photoshop For Beginners: 6 techniques to extract anything from its background | WeGraphics
Helpful Photography Cheat Sheets to Make Your Life Easier | Resources Resources by Bill Jones Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, sometimes we all need our memory jogged. It’s never a bad idea to have some convenient references handy just in case. I have listed what I think are some helpful cheat sheets to keep in your camera bag. Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet Card Helpful Photography Cheat Sheets to Make Your Life Easier | Resources
Portfolio | Sarah Small Portfolio | Sarah Small ARTIST STATEMENT: The Delirium Constructions (as a titled photographic series) was born in 2003, though its thematic content has figured in Small’s work since she began photographing at thirteen. Up-close examinations of emotional authenticity resonate throughout Small’s images as a teenager, in her life-long diaristic Polaroid-of-the-Day project, and through her past and current endeavors in fine art, fashion, advertising, and editorial photography. Throughout two decades, Small has developed a unique process for directing photography, involving high-energy interaction and the encouragement of unmediated playfulness and emotional reveal. Through this process, Small has amassed a body of photographs that feature amplifications of distilled affect, ranging from elation to rage to sorrow, to lust, fear, joy, anxiety, confusion, and peace. The Delirium Constructions grew from Small's experiments with layering these previously discrete experiences together into a simultaneous
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jdeane's Blog jdeane's Blog I have no advice for what to do on Valentines day. That day hasn’t really had any significance to me, seeing as my birthday is the following day, so..Just enjoy some wine, watch a good movie, and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day. Or in my case, an awesome day.
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50 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power | Fun Distraction 1) Meditate — Meditation has been known to increase IQ, relieve stress, and promotes higher levels of brain functioning. Meditation also activates the “prefrontal cortex” of the brain, an area responsible for advanced thinking ability and performance. 2) Draw A Picture — Drawing stimulates the right-hemisphere of the brain and inspires creativity. Get out the colored pencils and begin drawing your way to a powerful brain. 50 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power | Fun Distraction
English Russia » The Most Unusual Metro In The World English Russia » The Most Unusual Metro In The World Once we had a story about some personal railway, no another Russian hero Leonid Murlyanchik has been building his metro alone since 1984. All materials are bought for his retired fee. Construction is not over yet. By the way Leonid has all necessary documents and permits for this metro. An entry to the station. Here the ceiling is high and the walls are plastered.
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List O’ Ten Bizarre Body Modification Practises Unbelievable stuff….maybe the vbody really is just a canvas waiting to be used…what do you think? List O’ Ten Bizarre Human Behaviour Syndromes People can be weird enough on their own, but really in some cases, they just can’t help themselves. List O’ 6 Lesser Known Branches of Forensic Science List o’ 10 Highly Unusual Plants | List o’ 10 Highly Unusual Plants |
Get Started With Photoshop – 15 Basic Detailed Guides Photoshop is a graphic editing program that is popular amongst all computer-users. This amazing software can work miracles on any element of graphics. Today, many people are fascinated by Photoshop, and would love to have the means to master it, however this could be a little complicated, especially if you do not have a logical and systemic information source. For beginners, its essential to have clear concepts of the basics of Photoshop, in order to master the more sophisticated features, without a hitch, later. And therefore, we bring to you the 15 Basic Detailed guides on mastering the basics of Photoshop that will enable to have clear concepts of the basics, as well polish your skills, in case you are already a pro. Get Started With Photoshop – 15 Basic Detailed Guides
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Another Geeky Alphabet For Your Viewing Pleasure! By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] Back in May, our own Casey created a fantastic pictorial alphabet for geeks. Well another one has popped up on the interwebs…full of comic book heroes, TV show characters, and the occasionally obscure fanboy reference…right up your alley, right? Check out these choice letters! D is for Doctor
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7 Lamest Ripoffs of Popular Websites In the brave new world of the Internet, brilliant ideas come into being all the time. Websites become added to our virtual toolbelt, giving us easy access to auctions, pr0n, links, pr0no, movie rentals, pr0n and, of course, attention starved losers. Fortunes are out there to be made!
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