It has been said that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. Which is of course impossible, because that would make it the world’s first profession. And if that were true, prostitution at one point would have had to have been, the only profession. Ridiculous! I ain’t no anthrohistory scientist, but even I know that wombat testicle polishers were around way before the street walkers. Prostitues Through Time Prostitues Through Time
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THEOI GREEK MYTHOLOGY, Exploring Mythology & the Greek Gods in Classical Literature & Art The Theoi Project profiles each deity and creature of Greek Mythology on a separate page, incorporating an encyclopedia summary, quotations from a wide selection of ancient Greek and Roman texts, and illustrations from ancient art. Analysis of the texts and interpretation of the stories of myth is currently beyond the scope of the project. For such detailed analysis, I would suggest consulting some of the good books available on the subject. Transliterated forms of Greek names are used throughout the biography pages of the site rather than their Latin forms, e.g. Kirke instead of Circe, Ouranos for Uranus, Apollon in place of Apollo, etc. THEOI GREEK MYTHOLOGY, Exploring Mythology & the Greek Gods in Classical Literature & Art
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The Bible tells us that God created Adam and Eve just a few thousand years ago, by some fundamentalist interpretations. Science informs us that this is mere fiction and that man is a few million years old, and that civilization just tens of thousands of years old. Could it be, however, that conventional science is just as mistaken as the Bible stories? The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts
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The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less Quantum fluctuation. Inflation. Expansion. Strong nuclear interaction.
Academy for Ancient Texts. Ancient texts library. Academy for Ancient Texts. Ancient texts library. The sole purpose of this website is to provide the largest on-line library of ancient texts in the world. This includes, but is not limited to, religious, metaphysical, mythological, philosophical, and historical texts. Currently, there are many websites on the web that contain specialized ancient texts such as . It is my dream that these texts, which are in the public domain, can all be brought together in one place so you, the reader, can easily get the material you're seeking. It is a massive undertaking, one that will undoubtedly take many years to complete. Besides compiling what's readily available, there is still much work to be done in translating and transcribing those texts which are still housed in libraries such as the S.Liddell MacGregor Matthews library, and L'Arsenal de Bibliotheque in Paris, France.
The 6 Worst Jobs Ever (Were Done by Children) The 6 Worst Jobs Ever (Were Done by Children) You've probably heard somebody use the term "whipping boy" to mean "scapegoat" or a guy who repeatedly takes the punishment for somebody else's screw-up. But once again, a term that serves as a ridiculous mental image in today's society was real life in the Middle Ages. It was an odd time. Being born in medieval Europe was like playing the world's worst game of womb-roulette. That's just like Russian roulette, if you replaced the bullet with a life of poverty and pestilence--and instead of only one guy at the table getting hit, you all did. Surprise!
6 Famous Unsolved Mysteries (That Have Totally Been Solved) One of our favorite pastimes here at Cracked is sucking the mystery out of life like the cream out of a Twinkie, leaving only the bland, dry sponge cake of reality behind. To that end, we've decided to list the often mundane solutions to some of the world's most enduring mysteries, and once again, you're welcome. The disappearance of Amelia Earhart is probably the most well-known mystery in the world that doesn't involve Tom Hanks looking for clues in old paintings. In 1936, Earhart planned to reserve herself a page in the record books by flying around the world; a 29,000-mile journey. On the last 7,000-mile leg of her second attempt in 1937, she disappeared after giving her last radio transmission. The transmission was not anything helpful like, "I'm going to try to just fly through this mountain. 6 Famous Unsolved Mysteries (That Have Totally Been Solved)
Top 10 People Who Committed Suicide In Public - Top 10 Lists | Listverse Weird Stuff Christmas Competition: 2nd Place. Congratulations to Samehrocks for this great (albeit macabre) list – he has won the second prize of a 1GB Apple iPod shuffle valued at $79! 10. Romas Kalanta Romas Kalanta (February 22, 1953 – May 14, 1972) is considered a national hero of Lithuania, and is the subject of several books. Top 10 People Who Committed Suicide In Public - Top 10 Lists | Listverse
Top 10 Declassified Secrets - Top 10 Lists | Listverse Top 10 Declassified Secrets - Top 10 Lists | Listverse Politics [WARNING: this list contains images that may offend] This is a list of secret projects that have since been found to be true in light of released (either officially, or unofficially) documents. Some have long been the source of conspiracy theories while others have been accepted by the mainstream as real. In no particular order:
The 10 Most Insane Medical Practices in History The 10 Most Insane Medical Practices in History's new book is now on sale. What follows is one of 22 classic articles that appear in the book, along with 18 new articles that you can't read anywhere else. Have you ever been left with the impression after a thorough poking, prodding and testicular cupping at the doctor's office that perhaps they don't always know what's best? The thought is usually pushed from your mind, after all these people had to go through years of school and thousands of dollars of their wealthy parents' money to get where they are! If you can't trust them about your health, who can you trust? Here's the thing though, doctors have a long storied background of not knowing what the hell they're doing.
Mysteries Over the last few months we have gone through 30 of the worlds greatest mysteries but what we haven’t covered are ancient mysteries. This list aims to put that right! Here are ten great unsolved mysteries of science. Top 10 Most Overlooked Mysteries in History - Top 10 Lists | Listverse
There are two basic methods to test for how done your meat is while you are cooking it – use a meat thermometer, or press on the meat with your finger tips. The problem with the meat thermometer approach is that when you poke a hole into the meat with a thermometer, it can let juices escape, juices that you would rather have stay in the meat. For this reason, most experienced cooks rely on a “finger test” method, especially on steaks (whole roasts are better tested with a thermometer). My mother has been trying to get me to test meat with my finger tips for years, and for years, being somewhat of a scaredy cat (won’t it burn my fingers?) The Finger Test to Check the Doneness of Meat | Simply Recipes
Mysteries Over the centuries, history is filled with wonderful tales of mysterious people – many of whom are never identified. This list is a selection of the most significant or mysterious people of this variety. As usual, if you know of other fascinating people that would suit a similar follow up list, be sure to tell us in the comments. Monsieur Chouchani (died 1968) is the nickname of an anonymous and mysterious Jewish teacher who taught a number of highly regarded students including Emmanual Levinas (pictured above) and Elie Wiesel in Europe after World War II. Top 10 Mysterious People - Top 10 Lists | Listverse
If ex-BBC presenter turned conspiracy theorist and science fiction writer David Icke is to be believed, the world is run not by the illuminate or aliens, but by lizard people from beneath the earth. The British Royal family, the Bush family and other powerful persons are lizards in disguise, working together to achieve absolute power over the world of men. These lizards come from beneath the surface of the earth, which is supposedly completely hollow and lit by a central ‘second sun’. For thousands of years they posed as gods, explaining the fixation that many ancient cultures had with lizards, but they have since modified their approach to human domination and taken key roles in political parties, the media and other organizations we just love to hate. So how do we tell if somebody is one of the lizard people or not? Apparently it’s all in their eyes, as is the only evidence for this insane theory. 10 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories
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