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I am Subraa, working as a freelance web designer for the last 7 years. I have catered personalized solutions to numerous clients from all across the globe.

Which Are The Technologies I Should Learn To Be A Web Developer? - If you are an experienced and skilled web developer, money will spin around you.

Which Are The Technologies I Should Learn To Be A Web Developer? -

A lot of individuals are making a good amount of money in this profession, a lot of them, not every web developer. If you are restricting yourself to coding only, you will get limited opportunities. The rule is simple, more skills more money. Subraa – Medium. Why Your Website Should Have Responsive Web Design - Subraa. Modern Logo Designs Trends to Look Out For Brands — 1. You Might Not Be Familiar with These Things about the JavaScript Array - 1. Common Mistakes Committed By Developers While Writing CSS Code. When you are working on a website development project, you are prone to some mistakes that you do not want to make.

Common Mistakes Committed By Developers While Writing CSS Code

These mistakes not only increase your headache but also force you to stretch your working hours. CSS is the most popular language used for creating website design layouts. However, the code has to be error-free, clean and optimized. If you want the design to be stable and consistent, you must avoid these mistakes. And, if you don’t, the design will be flawed and cluttered. Improper Layout Planning When you fall short in upfront and proper design layout planning before you start coding, you might face some troubles in the interaction of different elements. Not Considering Different Browsers This mistake was not a grave one when there were only a few browsers. Affordable website designing & development services company in Singapore - Subraa.

Top 7 Things You Need To Know About Freelancing Before Saying “I Quit” To Your Current Boss. A Freelancer Has To Be a Self-Starter Being a self-starter is a great and essential trait of a freelancer as you have to do everything on your own.

Top 7 Things You Need To Know About Freelancing Before Saying “I Quit” To Your Current Boss

There are very fewer chances of surviving as a freelancer if you do not possess this quality. You can survive for one or two months only. Get Ready For Rejection ‘Rejected’, out of hundred tries, you have to hear or read this word on 70 occasions. The Fear of Failure Just like rejection, you cannot avoid failures. SUBRAA – Freelance Web Designer and Developer. Understanding the Importance of Hiring an Experienced Freelance Web Designer - Freelance web design services are valuable for small and medium-sized companies that want to capitalize the internet marketing to its fullest potential.

Understanding the Importance of Hiring an Experienced Freelance Web Designer -

Top Tips That Can Organize Freelance Web Developers Singapore - Reap the Rewards of Responsive Website Design - It was 2008 when Mary Meeker, a well-known analyst predicted the potential of small devices to access the internet.

Reap the Rewards of Responsive Website Design -

Mary stated that 2014 would be the year when the number of individuals accessing the internet using mobile devices would surpass the number of individuals using computers. And, this happened. In the present scenario, more than 80% of the internet users own a smartphone. If your website is not mobile user-friendly, you are missing a huge part of your prospective clientele because according to the latest stats, 60% of the internet is being accessed on devices that the user can easily keep in his pocket.

Unfortunately, 91% of small businesses do not have mobile optimized websites. 7 Website Development Principles Developers Should Always Remember - A well designed and optimized website can really make a difference when you have to achieve your internet marketing goals.

7 Website Development Principles Developers Should Always Remember -

Now it is the job of the website developer to make the website visually attractive and easy to navigate to make sure that the purpose of user’s visit is served. Your potential customer has no time to waste, but he has a lot of other options. Freelance Web Developer – A Brief Career Guide - Critique Your Own Work – Tips For Freelance Website Designers - Get rid of bad CSS code and make it better - If you have been playing with codes for years, you already know how CSS has changed dramatically during the span of last few years.

Get rid of bad CSS code and make it better -

Now, there is a good number tools available at our disposal that we use to build lean, optimized and fast code. When the client asks to make some changes in the web design and the designer has coded a cascading style sheet, it will be pretty easy for the designer to make those changes without any change in the HTML file. Moreover, when the content is separated from the design, you can create different CSS files for different audience and device. A website designed using CSS can offer better accessibility to users.

What Is Wireframe and How It Simplifies Web Designing? - At some point in the time when a client communicates with the representative of the web design company to know the progress, sometimes they say “we are working on the wireframe”.

What Is Wireframe and How It Simplifies Web Designing? -

The client probably knows what the wireframe is or, maybe not. Need To Hire a Freelance Web Designer? Dig deep into the portfolio - It is proven in stats that in the modern times, to reach the pinnacle of success, a business have to make a significant investment the digital technology.

Need To Hire a Freelance Web Designer? Dig deep into the portfolio -

According to last year’s survey of Gartner, businesses are allocating one-third of resources to the technology. Customers have a small device in their pocket that they use for online shopping, bill payments, fund transfer and other needs. Today’s customer is a digital tech savvy person and so should be the business. The customer is online so, advertise your business online.

Benefits of Using CSS in Website Design - A few months ago, you designed a wonderful website for one of your clients.

Benefits of Using CSS in Website Design -

Then one fine day, you received a mail from the client. He thinks that a few changes in the font size, colour and style can scoop up the visual appeal of the website. It is an easy game for you. 6 Factors to Consider While Hiring Freelance Web Developer - Browsing your website is one of the ways for people to judge your business. In this era, when everything is being searched on the internet, it is important for a business to deploy an optimized website which is easily accessible on all devices. A website undoubtedly has an influence on the success of your business. For a visually appealing website with great usability and performance, the brand should hire an experienced web developer having expertise in all essential technologies.

Hiring a freelance web developer is really a great idea for businesses of all sizes, especially smaller ones. 5 Mistakes Great Web Designers Always Avoid - A website is deployed to create new business opportunities or to increase customers. What if it does exactly opposite of this? Instead attracting, it lures away your visitors. This has happened with websites of many brands.

In some of these websites, something was wrong because of the code and some websites lost visitors due to the design. The website design is one of the important factors having an influence on the usability and performance of a website. Moving forward without grid: Designing without grids deprives the designer and web design from order, consistency, and efficiency. Hiring Experienced Freelance Logo Designer in Singapore - For starting a business, an identity is must and for identity, logo is must. It creates the visual identity for a business which is really important for the marketing. A perfectly designed logo not only reflects the culture and character of a business but also its products and services. A logo relevant to your business plays a vital role in the branding and it can inspire your customers, employees, investors, partners and suppliers. Graphical representation of anything always attracts people and is easy to remember. Therefore, no brand ignores the importance of logo and always hires the best logo design services it can afford.

Why Your Website Should Have Responsive Web Design - There are a lot of business activates depending on the internet. A professional doesn’t know when he has to send an important email. You have placed an order and have to make the payment urgently, but you are not at home or office and you do not have laptop with you. Still you can perform these activities if you can access the internet using the small devices you are having in your pocket. The percentage of individuals using mobile phones and tabs for accessing the internet is more than that of people using laptops and computers. Therefore, all brands are opting for responsive website designs so that their websites remain fully functional on small devices quickly and smoothly.

Is It Ok To Use Hamburger Menu in Website Design - Why Website Usability Testing is Important - You have deployed your website on a server having excellent up time and in the initial days, there was some traffic on your website. However, suddenly bounce rate is increased. It might be wrong to doubt the skills of your SEO team. Why is WordPress ideal for e-commerce website development? -

The internet not only offers convenience but it is also vulnerable. And, when it comes to launching an online business, safety is the key concern as the internet is equally and impartially useful for both good and bad guys. Therefore, people are always all set to shred some extra greenbacks to fortifying their e-commerce website. Considerations Prior You Approach a Freelance Web Designer in Singapore -

Explore How A Freelance Web Designer Can Win Multiple Orders - Here it is recapitulated how it is possible for a Freelancer with good web design skills to greatly enhance his or her working prospects by amalgamating those skills diligently. Perfect Reasons to Prefer a Freelance Website Developer/Designer - Freelance Quality Logo Designer in Singapore - Evolution of Website Design Trends - August 6, 1991, is the date when the first website was published.

In this span of 25 years, web designing trends are changed numerous times. In the first half of the 90s, tables and slicing design were pretty popular. Hire a Freelance Web Developer in Singapore - Hire Quality Freelance Web Designer in Singapore - Web Developer Prefer Wordpress than any Other Platform - In the year of 2003, WordPress was launched as a platform for publishing blogs. However, now it is one of the most powerful web development platforms and content management systems. There are more than 74.6 million websites depending on this web development and publishing platform. Top 5 Tips for Designing Navigation Menu - Navigation menu is that part of the website which greatly enhances the user’s browsing experience if designed correctly. Pros and Cons of Using Animations in Web Design - Writing SEO Friendly Website Source Code - The importance of logo for a brand - Benefits of Hiring Freelance Website Developer in Singapore -

How to Use Images Effectively In a Website Design - How to Wear a Diaper: 10 Steps (with Pictures. Laughing Owl (Edit) Freelance Web Designer, Web Developer & Graphic Designer in Singapore.