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Original cage score : radio music 1959. Social Currency Turned Twitter Art: Don’t Tell Ashton. Talk about a crowdsourced work of art: The Interactive Communication class at Berghs School of Communication has begun work on an interactive project called “Don’t Tell Ashton,” the world’s first physical artwork created entirely out of Twitter users. How does it work? Participants tweet about the project, then their profile picture appears in the portrait. .a.s.c.i.i.p.r.0.n. Link Editions, Post Internet. Scratch - Imagine, Programme, Partage. Image glitch experiment. Exquisite Corpse - Journal of Letters and Life. Mutations, an email .gif collaboration. Thursday, 20 February 2014 A collaboration project between the listed artists and Simon Stage.

Mutations, an email .gif collaboration

All series were initiated through email with a static image file, modified by the artist, then sent back, and repeated - with the intention of making it becoming an animated .gif at some point in the modifications. The series were done at different points in time from 2011 to 2014. I like tight pants and etherpad or the textarea is a lonely place. Etherpad Or The Textarea Is A Lonely Place This is where I type my entries.

I like tight pants and etherpad or the textarea is a lonely place

It is a lonely place. The other I like tight pants contributors are nowhere in sight, it is just me typing away in the browser. Only when I hit a submit button the information is sent to the server.

Web / Net Art / Art Online

Printing out the Internet. Kunsthalle Düsseldorf 5.

Printing out the Internet

April - 10. August 2914 No one, it seems, with the exception of the US Department of Justice, knows exactly how many files Aaron Swartz downloaded from JSTOR, nor does anyone know what files he chose to download or why he downloaded those specific documents. Various court documents show that he downloaded approximately 70 gigabytes of data, 98% of which was from JSTOR,[i] which translates to approximately 4.8 million articles. Dubble, l'application photo collaborative et poétique. Dubble, c’est l’application photo qui va apporter un peu d’inattendu et de poésie à vos clichés numériques.

Dubble, l'application photo collaborative et poétique

Mais gare à ne pas avoir les chevilles qui Dubble de volume (héhé), car avec cette application, vous allez rapidement vous prendre pour un artiste… Dubble est une application créé par une start up britannique qui pourrait bien concurrencer Instagram et ses filtres question photo arty du dimanche. La fin d'une belle histoire - Storyginal. Ne tournons pas autour du pot : nous avons décidé d’arrêter l’aventure Storyginal. Cette décision n’a pas été facile à prendre, mais nous sommes aujourd’hui convaincus que c’est celle qui s’impose. La raison est simple et malheureusement classique : Un produit pour « particuliers » nécessite beaucoup de frais de commercialisation, et nous n’en n’avons plus les moyens. Ce manque de moyens ralentit notre croissance, nos ressources financières diminuent petit à petit, et l’équilibre financier reste trop éloigné. Et la situation reste trop fragile pour des investisseurs.

IRC as Resistant Media. The UnderNet World: IRC as Resistant Media (This Paper was initially presented at Consciousness Reframed Ð art technology and consciousness, the 3rd Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts International Research Conference, University of Wales College) Abstract The Internet Relay Chat, once the communication information layer populated only by computer geeks, has become a primary means for information based piracy, hence a new conceptual, non-objective, artistic arena unfolds.

IRC as Resistant Media

Today, cyberculture is pop culture and capitalism has evolved into its highest form. Yet, deep below the on-line malls, web entertainment, porn, sports and latest mediated news lie hundreds of communication channels in which participants converse in real time, transfer files and enjoy interactive communications. This paper will discuss the use of IRC as a means of dissemination of artistic projects that challenge status quo use of electronic networking. Ricardo Miranda Zu–iga 2. 3.


GRATIN. Artistes. Branding / Marketing. Phénomènes. Musées / Institutions. Musique. (1) Amazon Mechanical Turk: What are the most creative uses of Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Intentialicious: Markus Strohmaier's Weblog. Mechanical Turk has received some bad press recently (this is one example).

Intentialicious: Markus Strohmaier's Weblog

It has been pointed out that Mechanical Turk can be used to do evil, which got me interested in seeing whether if and how it can do any good (or at least: creative). This has led to the post here, and resulted in the following poem – collaboratively produced by independent workers on Mechanical Turk. In the daily life of a Mechanical TurkIn the daily life of a Mechanical Turk,Never have I quite finished my work,For I return and refresh and come back for moreIn quest of a yet higher scoreNow and then my eyes may tireIf I said they didn’t, I’d be a liarThough I am spent, It’s hard to stopEven when I’m ready to dropMy available HITs are waiting for meOcassionally I’d rather go and watch TVNevertheless, I need the cashKeen to throw a birthday bash!

Ever so slowly my earnings increaseYet my passion for Mechanical Turk would never cease … The structure of the poem is fully algorithmically determined. @pskomoroch.