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George Auriol. File name: Mathew Carter Linotype Auriol 1979 file name: Mathew Carter Linotype Auriol 1979b file name: Matthew Carter Linotype Auriol 1979 after Georges Auriol 1991 file name: Matthew Carter Linotype Auriol 1979 after Georges Auriol 1991b file name: George Auriol Auriol Manuscrit par Eugene Parmentier file name: Georges Auriol Robur G Peignot1912 file name: G Auriol at Peignot Francaise Legere.

George Auriol



Atelier Carvalho Bernau: Lyon. Lyon is a suite of contemporary reading typefaces for modern publications, loosely based on historical models of the 16th century punch cutter Robert Granjon.

Atelier Carvalho Bernau: Lyon

Lyon reflects our convictions about modern digital typeface design: A decisively digital outline treatment that reveals our modern repertoire of tools, and the typeface itself as a modern design tool, contrasts nicely with Lyon’s 16th century heritage. Lyon Text is a book and publication typeface that is heavily informed by how we ourselves want a contemporary text typeface to perform for our design work. Neither too coldly modern, nor overly historicising, Lyon pairs a certain generic unobtrusiveness with an attractive text image.

Individual letterforms are drawn in a reduced, formally economic way, where curves and details had to be an integral element of the character, or would be removed. Lyon Display takes cues from some of the largest styles Granjon cut during his ‘middle period’. Type and Media 2012. H&FJ News.

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Blog typo. Designing type systems. I remember a conversation from back in my student days where my typophile friends and I debated what the ultimate typeface of the twentieth century was, a typeface that summed up all of the era’s advancements and knowledge into a coherent whole, one that would be a reference for years to come.

Designing type systems

Helvetica was one of the candidates for its sheer ubiquity, proof of its overall acceptance. Another, more subtle proposal was Jan van Krimpen’s Romulus, one of the first typefaces to have related Sans and Serif versions. And another, my personal pick, was Univers by Adrian Frutiger. Univers specimen, Deberny et Peignot, Paris, 1964. Thanks to Linotype GmbH for providing the illustration. Univers goes beyond the quest to design individual letters, attempting instead to design space, to create a system of relationships between different sets of shapes which share distinctive parameters. Thanks to Frutiger it is now common practice to produce a dozen or more styles when working on a new type family.

FontLab - From Illustrator To FontLab. Font Lab Project. Education. Improve your design skills with typography tips and tutorials.


FontShop Education docs are formatted for easy downloading and printing, perfect for the classroom or studio. Educational discount: register using your .edu email address and use code EDUCATE10 to receive a 10% discount at checkout. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Meet Your Type(52 pages) A Field Guide to Typography Why settle for casual flirtation when looking for a long-lasting relationship? Finding the perfect match is easy if you know the rules.

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