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Remenyi House of Music - Leading Music Store in Canada. Remenyi House of Music -Suppliers of Authentic Baldwin Pianos. Remenyi House of Music - Leading Music Store in Canada. A wide collection of violins and stringed instruments. Remenyi’s 127 year heritage is heavily based on their international reputation as makers, connoisseurs and expert dealers of violins and instruments of the violin family. Today, Michael Remenyi Sr. and fourth generation Michael Jr. manage what is a truly full-service string instrument resource for demanding students, teachers and artists. In addition to an unmatched choice of carefully selected instruments and bows, the String Department offers all accessories, strings, rosin and supplies, the latest cases and print music from publishers world wide. Fine repairs and restorations, bow repairs and making to order are done in-house by master craftsmen, and Michael Remenyi provides appraisals and valuations, as well as consultation by appointment.

Remenyi’s busy String Department is widely visited by musicians, students and teachers from near and far. Care and maintenance of your guitar - Remenyi Music. The maintenance and care of your guitar is very much like a reciprocal friendship; as you beautify and take care of your instrument, it will in turn bless you with its many virtues by retaining its delectable sound and providing you with many long years of enjoyable playing. It’s important to take good care of your guitar for a number of reasons. Guitars are mostly made of wood; a natural material that’s responsible for your instrument’s rich, pleasing sound, but wood is also prone to the effects of time and use. Heat, humidity, and even the soil from your hands can impact your guitar. So, to help keep your guitar in beautiful condition, what follows are some helpful tips about care and maintenance… The body and finish: First and foremost, get into the habit of gently wiping and polishing your guitar.

Strings: Use a dry lint-free cloth to wipe the residue from the strings after each playing session. Remenyi House of Music - Music Instrument for Rent in Toronto at affordable prices. Remenyi House of Music,Tel:416-961-3111,210 Bloor St West. Toronto, Ontario M5S1T8-YPGO. Logo Tel: 416-961-3111 210 Bloor St West. Toronto, Ontario M5S1T8 Contact person: Mike Remenyi Mail: Remenyi House of Music Company Description Remenyi House of Music is a prominent musical instruments manufacturer and distributor in Canada. Remenyi House of Music Products and Services Remenyi House of Music Map Remenyi House of Music QR-CODE Remenyi House of Music Web Site Remenyi House of Music Edit this Company. Find Best Acoustic Guitars at Remenyi House of Music.

Breedlove Guitars Uncompromising traditional craftsmanship, innovation, environmental consciousness and customer focus are at the core of the Breedlove philosophy.Learn More Hofner Guitars Celebrated for nearly 125 years of immaculate instrument crafting, Hofner guitars and bass continue to impress with their superior sound and uniqueness.Learn More Lowden Guitars Masterfully hand crafted in Ireland by George Lowden and his team of skilled luthiers, Lowden Guitars offer a truly unique playing experience, with a sound and feel that can only be achieved with uncompromising standards of wood selection and attention to detail.Learn More Morgan Guitars Fewer than 100 guitars per year emerge from David Iannone's shop located in Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia.

Each instrument is hand-signed by the maker as a personal gesture to Morgan guitar owners, testifying to the maker’s uncompromising standards to provide instruments of unmatched beauty and sound.Learn More. 6 Things You Must Know Before You Buy a Musical Instrument in Toronto. If you are in a situation where you are wondering where to buy the best musical instrument for yourself in Toronto, then you are in the right place. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist or a professional, here are 6 things you need to know before you choose to buy a musical instrument from a store.

Reputation Toronto has couple of well-known music instrument stores in the world. Search for a music store in Canada which is trusted by instrument masters and which supplies to premier music houses around the world. A store which has been acknowledged by the best musicians in the world is bound to be able to meet all your requirements. Range of Instruments A good music store will have a good range of musical instruments catering to musicians of a wide category.

The Option of Used Instruments You may be wondering how used instruments can be criteria for choosing a music store! Repair Workstations A premier music store should also have provisions for good repairing and servicing. Years in Business. Authentic Baldwin pianos. In 1890 Dwight Baldwin vowed to build the best piano that could be built. Over the next 125 years the Baldwin Piano Company would become one of Americas leading piano manufactures. Beginning with the Paris Exposition of the Arts and Manufacturers in 1900, the well-built instruments earned top honors at World's Fairs in St. Louis (1904), London (1914), Brussels (1958), Seattle (1964), and New York (1964-65). Baldwin pianos soon captured the attention of well-known artists around the world, beginning with turn-of-the-century stars like Marcella Sernbrich and Vladimir de Pachmann and including Leonard Bernstein, Liberace, Aaron Copland, André Previn, Dave Brubeck, Lawrence Welk, Zubin Mehta, Carly Simon, and Bruce Hornsby, among many others.

Baldwin took pains to emphasize that these were not compensated endorsements, but "a professional judgment and commitment" to the instrument. Today Baldwin pianos are owned and operated by Gibson, one of the most recognizable names in music. BP165Grand. Buying an Acoustic Guitar – a Helpful Guide. When you’re ready to buy your first acoustic electric guitar, you want to take your time and be sure to shop around. While you may not need a top-of-the-line model just for lessons or a fun hobby, you also don’t want to buy the cheapest guitar you can find either.

The guitar’s wood and string material will affect its price, but also the music it produces, so it’s good to invest in something that will offer a rich sound even when just learning or when practicing. Here are a few simple tips for purchasing your first acoustic electric guitar so you get the best choice for your needs. Hybrids An acoustic electric guitar is a hybrid of an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar that you plug into an amp.

These can be good if you’re just starting out and aren’t sure if you want to stay with an acoustic guitar, or will want to switch to an electric guitar once you learn the chords and notes. String and wood variety. One of the best acoustic guitar stores in Toronto. The Remenyi Guitar department has a unique and continually expanding selection of acoustic and electric guitars, basses, amps and accessories, as well as a great selection of folk instruments including Banjos, Ukuleles, and Mandolins. Whether you are just starting out, or looking to order a custom creation from one of our many boutique guitar lines, you can count on our extensive knowledge and expert service to help you find the perfect instrument.

Acoustic Guitars From Hand Crafted works of art featuring the finest Exotic woods to the very plain and simple, each and every Acoustic has been selected based upon it's own sonic merits and price consideration. Electric Guitars & Basses Whether you're a Rock' n 'Roller or a Jazz Aficionado you'll find the Electric guitar or Bass of your dreams here in our guitar department Amplifiers Bigger isn't always better when it comes to amplifying your Acoustic, Electric or bass guitar. Banjos & Mandolins Other Instruments Other Instruments. Tips for Finding the Best String Musical Instruments in Toronto. When shopping for any musical instrument in Toronto, you need to do your homework and know the best materials, size, brands, and more to be confident in making your buying decision. This is especially true of buying a stringed instrument, as you need to ensure the quality of the strings and not just the body of the instrument itself.

When on a budget, you may also check out used musical instruments in Toronto, as these typically have years of life left in them, but will want to make sure there is no damage to the instrument that will affect the sound quality. Know the wood’s age If you shop at a store like Long & McQuade for musical instruments in Toronto, be sure you ask about the age of the instrument you’re interested in. Look at coatings and varnish Used musical instruments in Toronto tend to have coats of lacquer or varnish; these are applied over time to preserve the wood and to keep the color of the instrument for extended periods of time. Finding the right brands Inspect. Buy authentic and genuine Blunther Pianos. In autumn 1853, after having obtained permission from the municipal authorities of the City of Leipzig, Julius Blüthner started his firm.

He rented a workshop in the western part of Leipzig where he prepared to start production with the help of three journeymen. The piano is handcrafted still, just as when Stravinsky played on his very own Bluthner in 1918. The recipe is still the same: special wood from the high Alps area, seasoned 12 years; more than 6000 parts and components assembled in each instrument. Woods are naturally aged, and the patented cylindrically crowned soundboard is painstakingly crafted to vibrate and project sound freely.

Touch a Blüthner, look inside the instrument. Bluthner Classic Edition Bluthner Supreme Edition. MAINTENANCE OF GUITARS AND OTHER PLUCKED STRINGED INSTRUMENTS: The precautions and tips for Care and Maintenance of Violins basically applies to all stringed instruments including guitars be it acoustic electric guitars, acoustic guitars or any other stringed instruments. Basically, your job is to take measures to keep the instrument well hydrated, from early fall through to late spring This is to protect the instrument from cracks, delamination and the neck from warping or shrinking.

Install a good humidifying device either on the instrument or in the case or have a room humidifier running in the home where the instrument is kept. The safe range is 45 to 60 degrees relative humidity year round and as steady as possible. Read more... Contact Us: Remenyi House of Music 210 Bloor St West. Toronto, Ontario Zip Code: M5S1T8. Wide Collecton of string instruments and bows. The Remenyi collection of rare master violins, violas, cellos and bows provides a wide choice for the discerning player. With archives dating back to our founding in 1890, we maintain cumulative records of the thousands of noteworthy instruments that have passed through the house.

Our collection includes old, semi modern and occasionally modern instruments from Italy, France, Germany and England. In keeping with our firm's roots, we specialize in instruments of the Austro-Hungarian school. Makers in Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and smaller centers working during the 19th and early 20th century were skilled copyists of the Italian masters. To discuss your individual needs it is advisable to schedule an appointment to view and play instruments in our music room at your leisure.

Featured Instruments French Violin by Honore Derazey(1867)Master Instrument Born at Mirecourt, 1794. Remenyi House of Music - Acoustic Electric Guitar. Cort Guitars Being the world's largest builder of guitars is a title no other guitar manufacturer can lay claim to. Cort, a division of Cortek Music Company, began building guitars in 1960. Learn More G&L Guitars Leo Fender started G&L Guitars with his long-time business partner and friend George Fullerton in 1980 with one purpose: to improve on the designs and technologies put forth during the Fender years prior to the buyout by CBS in 1965 and subsequent commercialization of the Fender brand.Learn More Höfner Guitars & Basses Founded in 1887 by Master Violin Maker Karl Hofner, Hofner revolutionized the industry in 1956 when son Walter invented an electrically amplified semi-acoustic bass.

Maintenance of Guitars and other Plucked Stringed Instruments. Wrtten by: Remenyi House of Music The precautions and tips for Care and Maintenance of Violins basically applies to all stringed instruments including guitars. Basically, your job is to take measures to keep the instrument well hydrated, from early fall through to late spring This is to protect the instrument from cracks, delamination and the neck from warping or shrinking.

Install a good humidifying device either on the instrument or in the case or have a room humidifier running in the home where the instrument is kept. The safe range is 45 to 60 degrees relative humidity year round and as steady as possible. Your instrument should reside in its proper case or gig bag when not in use. If it’s kept hanging on the wall, make sure to use a quality guitar hook that won’t let it to slip or be knocked off if someone bumps into it. Remenyi House of Music - Pianos Dealers Toronto | Kawai Guitars Store | Pearl River Fazioli Piano. It's More...Much More than Just a Music Store... The Remenyi building is known as “the black building”. Behind the façade lie far more expansive premises than meets the eye.

Upon entering, you arrive at our Sheet Music and Bookstore, one of Canada's largest print music stores. Importing directly from publishers worldwide, there is Popular and Classical repertoire for instruments and voices, Jazz, Folk music, educational materials, as well as conservatory and festival syllabus requirements.

Next comes a special children's department featuring song and story books, musical games, beginners' instruments and recordings of all kinds to “Bring Music to Life” for children of all ages. Further back is our Student String Instrument Department, with instruments and accessories for beginners and for players with progressing abilities and higher demands. Down the stairs, our lower level houses the Piano and Educational Music Division, as well as our Classical Vocal & Choral Department. WHAT’S THE BEST INSTRUMENT FOR YOUR CHILD TO START ON?

Remenyi House of Music - The Toronto guitar store: Electric and acoustic guitar specialist. Remenyi House of Music - Best Digital Pianos Toronto, Canada. Remenyi House of Music - Remenyi House of Music, Founded 1890, a Toronto Musical Tradition. CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF STRINGED INSTRUMENTS. Varieties of violins for sale. What’s the best instrument for your child to start on?

Violins: One of the safest and most appreciating assets. Humidity and Wooden Instruments. Best Yamaha digital piano in Toronto. Best Musical instruments Store in Toronto.