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Mew. EFFERVESCENTSEAHORSES.COM. Ólafur Arnalds. Röyksopp. Arctic Circles 2. Arctic Circles 3. SIGUR RÓS. Superfamily. Superfamily is a Norwegian pop rock band from Moss, Norway.[1] The band is composed of Steven Ray Wilson (lead vocals), Kim Granholt (keytar, synthesizer), Martin Steffensen (guitar), and Richard Lorentz (drums). Anders Nielsen, Terje Krumins and Håkon Moe provide backing vocals as "choirboys". Superfamily debuted with an EP in 2004, called Champagne EP.[2] Prior to the release, the band received rotation on NRK P3 and Radio Tango.[3] The band achieved mainstream popularity with the release of their second album, Warszawa, in 2007.