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Pixabay - Free Images. Corporate Design leicht gemacht: 30 kostenlose Vorlagen für die wichtigsten Geschäftsmaterialien. Die eigene Unternehmung in der realen und virtuellen Welt zu etablieren, ist ein wichtiger Schritt auf dem Weg zum Erfolg.

Corporate Design leicht gemacht: 30 kostenlose Vorlagen für die wichtigsten Geschäftsmaterialien

Während im Internet Websites, Profile in den sozialen Medien und Apps für die mobile Generation ein gutes Stück dazu beitragen, sind die Wege in der realen Welt nicht so eindeutig und geradlinig. Dennoch gibt es auch hier eine breite Auswahl an Möglichkeiten. Sinnvoll könnte Print- oder auch Fernsehwerbung sein, andere öffentlichkeitswirksame Kampagnen sind denkbar. Allerdings, bevor man so etwas angeht, ist es wichtig, eine eigene Corporate Identity nebst passendem Corporate Design zu erschaffen. Und da kommen wir auch heutzutage an gedruckten Materialien nicht vorbei. Mit einem ganzen Haufen professioneller Visitenkartenvorlagen konnten wir Sie erst kürzlich ausstatten. The 8 Secret Places to Find the Best Stock Images.

Though still in nascent stages, the finalists in our Emerging Entrepreneur of 2014 competition are already making serious waves in fields as varied as advertising, mobile app development and athletic equipment.

The 8 Secret Places to Find the Best Stock Images

Each finalist currently counts no more than 12 full-time employees and grosses between $50,000 and $300,000 annually. However, the winner is bound to receive a serious supercharge -- including a profile in the January 2015 issue of Entrepreneur, as well as an invitation to an awards luncheon and small-business conference in Miami in February 2015. Exclusive Freebie: Ten Beautiful Facebook Covers as PSD, AI and EPS. Sep 03 2014 Facebook covers are the only design you can add to your Facebook page.

Exclusive Freebie: Ten Beautiful Facebook Covers as PSD, AI and EPS

If your profile or fan page is supposed to sport a professional look, you shouldn’t simply go scaling your website header or any random image you were able to find. Instead you should put proper effort into making your Facebook cover look as professional as your services are, well hopefully. best royalty free stock photos in one place. Shades 1.0 - Free Wireframing Vector Kit. Posted on May 13, 2014 by Heidi Pungartnik · 5 comments Not everyone likes to scribble in their sketchbooks.

Shades 1.0 - Free Wireframing Vector Kit

But definitelly no-one likes to waste time designing wireframing elements while they should be making progress on their business. And so this freebie got created. Ready to Save Time? This wireframing kit currently includes about 100 different elements. In order to use this kit, you will need a vector graphics editor such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape – although you could also go the old school way and print it out for some analog cut’n’paste action. Suggest a Feature This kit ain’t done yet!

I’ll be adding elements as needed - please send your suggestions to or comment below. License Shades 1.0 Vector Wireframing Kit by Heidi Pungartnik is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Download (.pdf) Download (.ai) 5 Sites For Fantastic Creative Commons Design Resources. “You wouldn’t download a car” You might recognise this question from the compulsory anti-piracy video on many movies and other digital media.

5 Sites For Fantastic Creative Commons Design Resources

The irony? In 2014, I very well might download a car! 3D printing makes this very achievable — even trivial — if you have the necessary hardware and resources. Yet statements like this make it obvious how unaware big commercial companies can often be of the nature of the internet and how it constantly transforms itself. Sidenote: In a second great irony, the music used in the anti-piracy ad was used without the permission or licensing of the music’s creator.. How Creative Commons was born For a designer and inhabitant of the digital age, old school copyrights are often not favourable. Technically, whenever we want to use some asset, we need to ask for permission from the copyright holder as “All rights are reserved”. When logos look alike. It gets more and more difficult to create original logos.

When logos look alike

No matter how clever your idea, the chances are someone has come up with something very similar. Why is that? Well, we’re all surrounded by the same influences and exposed to the same shapes, forms, and patterns. With the importance of branding in the marketplace, and thousands of designers working on similar projects, it’s obvious that ideas will, from time-to-time, look almost identical.

Here I have compiled a few similar logos, showing them side-by-side so you can see what graphic designers face today. Sumpter & Gonzalez LLP and Stylegala National Film Board (recently updated) and Virtual Global Taskforce. Infoactive. 5 Tools to Help Make Your Data Visualization Look Stunning. PixelDima. Graphics and Designs from another dimension.

Downloading file: Business Card On Agenda. 29 Great Free Business Card PSD Templates: The Ace up Your Sleeve. Aug 05 2014 When it comes to promoting a business, we have become accustomed to resort to online means such as websites, social media profiles, Google ads and the like.

29 Great Free Business Card PSD Templates: The Ace up Your Sleeve

In doing so we extremely underestimate the power that is hidden in print material. Take that profane business card as an example. Of course these days business cards are no longer necessary to convey your contact information. But they still have the potential to set yourself apart from the competition. Letterpress Business Cards Mockup Creator: graphicburger License: Free for personal and commercial use.

Colorful Flat Business Card Template Creator: Al Rayhan License: Declared as Free, no proper license given. Cirque – Free Business Card Template. FREE for commercial use. Stockphotos, Photos, Pictures, Images. Stunning lifestyle imagery for modern creatives. Make a Cover Photo, Create a Facebook Tab, Schedule a Post - Pagemodo.