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What’s so great about the Great Lakes? - Cheri Dobbs and. Think about your family members.

What’s so great about the Great Lakes? - Cheri Dobbs and

You are all related, but are you all the same? While the five Great Lakes are physically connected to one another, each has a unique set of characteristics, much like children living within the same family. The five bodies of water that make up the Great Lakes are truly unique in their geology, history, biology, hydrology, impact, and issues. From the Collection to the Classroom. OEC Education - MOLU Material - All Documents. Apple Interactive Guides to Help Students Learn Coding. MakeCode. MakeCode. 1 MicroBit Hummingbird - Presentaciones de Google. The Best STEM Tower Ever! - Teachers Are Terrific! A STEM Blog.

Without a doubt, this little challenge is one of the best ever!

The Best STEM Tower Ever! - Teachers Are Terrific! A STEM Blog

It's super simple and amazingly complex. I know, oxymoron, right? STEM Resources for Teachers. Connecting with the millennial generation, our current K-12 students, means a new way to teach and introduce material.

STEM Resources for Teachers

Tech savvy Millennials love learning that is individually adapted to them with just enough detail that is needed at that particular moment in time. While very motivated and goal-oriented, Millennials want to learn in a team-oriented environment. Teaching to these students should use methods that connects to their needs while also meeting set educational standards. Creative Google Slides Uses for Students. We all know Google Slides is an excellent multimedia presentation tool.

Creative Google Slides Uses for Students

But it can be so much more than that. There are many non-traditional ways students can use Google Slides for learning, creating, and expressing their understanding. I recently had the privilege and pleasure of joining Thomas Rup and Eric Lawson for a YouTube Live event to discuss "Souped-Up Slides". Thomas is the Network Administrator and Eric is the Director of Technology & Libraries for the York School Department in York, Maine.

Together they are "The Blended EdTech Guys" and they create and share educational technology videos that are just as funny as they are informative. See below for the recorded video where we talk about loads of creative ways students can use Google Slides, as well as other tech topics that came up in the process. □ Tech Integration Updates - Science and STEM.


Workbench. GeoInquiries™ for schools. ENGINE of Central PA. STEM Jobs - Promoting STEM Education and STEM Careers. PA STEM Toolkit Shared Resources. Everything for Parents, Educators, Technologists. What is STEM Education? Simply put, STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math. Because these subject areas have a strong correlation to each other, STEM curriculums use an interdisciplinary approach and real-world examples for instruction. Students are immersed in hands-on learning—think suspension bridges made out of straws and finding out the properties of water using a penny—and encouraged to solve problems using all four subject areas. But, STEM is more than just memorizing the periodic table or mastering calculus. Critical thinking, collaboration and creativity are essential components.

STEM education has been around for years but it’s received more attention recently from both the private and public sectors. History of STEM Science, technology, engineering and math aren’t exactly new concepts. It was the Space Race in the 1950s that may have helped propel STEM into the mainstream. And, the name stuck. STEM Websites for Educators. There are many organizations, schools, educators and business entities that champion STEM implementation and enhancement around the United States.

STEM Websites for Educators

The problem is that the STEM initiative cannot thrust forward unless there is an awareness of what the resources are out there and available. Listed below are the subjects in which one can find additional resources to take learning in the classroom to another level. There is a strong possibility that these resources can be used in multiple STEM areas. I’ve tried to identify one area in which it can be integrated. Don’t see a website that is your favorite.

**New websites added in orange! Science 25 Best Inventions of 2014 – A great site to help show STEM products being put into the markets. Beginners Guide to Safe Torrenting – This site provides a comprehensive guide on how to download torrents safely and legally. Carter Emmart – This is a TED talk on space and demonstrates a 3D approach to seeing beyond our solar system. 100+ STEM Websites & Webtools for Teachers. 19 cool math STEM activities for Middle School. 19 gotta-try STEM activities for middle school There’s no doubt that when it comes to women in STEM careers, there is a wide gender gap.

19 cool math STEM activities for Middle School.

According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Commerce, although women fill close to half of all jobs in the U.S. economy, they hold less than 25 percent of STEM jobs. And the STEM gender gap starts well before students enter the job market: women hold a disproportionately low share of STEM undergraduate degrees, particularly in engineering. The crux of the STEM gender gap problem—and the solution—may lie in middle school math classrooms. Another new study, funded by the U.S. . … we need to have more girls interested in math, science, and engineering. —President Barack Obama. Actuary. Please ensure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


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