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A large wave at Teahupo'o. Welcome to Earth. This doesn't seem physically possible. Drifting Motorcycles Crossing: Switch riders gymkhana. Extreme wingsuit flying. Sublime skateboarding. [VIDEO] Salt Boarding - Blank Snowboards. World's Largest Rope Swing. Fergal Smith - Lately. GoPro Heroes - Showcasing the best GoPro videos around! 99 Foot Rope Swing. Wake9tv. Signal-snowboards-iShred-snowboard - a Tech &Science video. Kite surfer clears the pier - a Sports &Extreme video. Skater vs Angry Bush Man. Every Third Thursday-by-Signal Snowboards-Survival Split Board. Skater Pulls Off Risky Stunt&Video. - StumbleUpon. Surfing for change: Pro-surfing activist Kyle Theirmann. If youve ever skied or snowboarded, this will blow your mind. [VIDEO]

Wait for it... [VIDEO]