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A large wave at Teahupo'o
Welcome to Earth
This doesn't seem physically possible
Drifting Motorcycles Crossing: Switch riders gymkhana
Extreme wingsuit flying
Salt Boarding - Blank Snowboards
FERGAL’S latest blog entry, one following him throughout the long Irish winter. As the North Atlantic winter succumbs to spring, the 2009/10 season will go down as bloody cold, but also one which delivered up consistently classic conditions. “2010 so far has been great!” Said Fergal. “Coldest winter ever, but the waves have made up for it. With thick long period swells groomed by icy offshores it’s been a perfect New Year so far. Surfing News - Fergal Smith - Lately Surfing News - Fergal Smith - Lately
signal-snowboards-iShred-snowboard - a Tech &Science video
Kite surfer clears the pier - a Sports &Extreme video
Skater vs Angry Bush Man
Every Third Thursday-by-Signal Snowboards-Survival Split Board
Skater Pulls Off Risky Stunt&Video
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Surfing for change: Pro-surfing activist Kyle Theirmann | Matador Network