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5 Hacks To Crack JEE. 0 people love this The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is the common entrance exam for engineering colleges across India.

5 Hacks To Crack JEE

The Andhra Pradesh and Telangana students have been performing exceedingly well in this exam from past 10 years and that has certainly raised the benchmark for students. With the Intermediate board exams almost coming to an end, the focus is going to shift to JEE and your preparation for it starts right away. For all the ambitious students who desperately want to crack the JEE Mains, here is what you need to religiously follow to get into your dream college. 1. 2.

Do not stress your brain with too much input at a time. 3. Don't let doubts break the flow, instantly call a friend or your professor and get it all cleared. Local Area; Hotspots. 0 people love this A Local Area Network on LAN for short was first proposed sometime around the year 1993.

Local Area; Hotspots

It was not termed as Wireless Hotspot until much later, but there was an understanding of how this tech could go wireless. They just called it Wireless LAN. As an engineering student myself, I can’t even begin listing how many times WLAN has come in handy for me. And I’m sure it has come to the rescue of almost all students in general. Ok let’s begin by understanding how a WLAN or a hotspot actually works because most of you might start using it less after the 31st. 1) Ad Hoc or P2P: In this structure, a network has stations which communicate only peer to peer. 2) Bridge: A wireless Ethernet bridge allows the connection of devices on a wired Ethernet network to a wireless network. 3) Wireless Distribution System: This system allows wireless interconnection between various source providers. Still don’t see how hotspots help you as a student? Top Internship Opportunities Of The Day. 0 people love this 4.

Top Internship Opportunities Of The Day

Digital Marketing Internship Digital Marketing Internship in Hyderabad at Equiphunt for 3 months and will have to work on digital marketing of the product and handle SEO. 5. Social Media Marketing Internship Social Media Marketing Internship in Hyderabad at Machintelli Software Private Limited for 3 months dealing with digital marketing, content writing and Growth Hacking. When You Don't Fit Anywhere. 3 people love this Days pass Hours go by Nothing remains still.

When You Don't Fit Anywhere

But certain things remain still. Amidst all one is "non fitting", when you don't fit in anywhere. I start thinking because its really thought-provoking. Reason? Remedy is one only - attempting something. When nothing comes out, out of these tryings I stop the attempts and search of it. And I finally understand that this is reality and going with it is the source of my happiness. We Celebrated Women's Day But Was It Really A Celebration? 2 people love this March 8 is observed as International Women's Day and social media saw a lot of buzz about it, with cheesy posts wishing women a happy women's day and more but there's a lot of underlying sexism even in these messages.

We Celebrated Women's Day But Was It Really A Celebration?

Many of the messages are subtle indications of the behavioural expectations and standards that are imposed on women. All this, made me think whether women's day is really a day to celebrate and be 'happy' about or whether the very existence of a "women's day" is questionable, as it shows shows the failure to give equal respect, status, stature and freedom to women - half the world's population. There have been several instances throughout the ages that prove my above statement but more recently, a Delhi student, Gurmehar Kaur, was the subject of rape threats and more because she took one stance against an issue.

Raising a simple question here, when will we achieve equality in all aspects for both genders? Meet Bhanu Pratap Bhol. 0 people love this Video Games, for all the mainstream acceptance they have the world over, still remain somewhat of a niche market in India, even in 2017.

Meet Bhanu Pratap Bhol

The community of gamers in India is close, most people who are in the upper echelons of the community know each other, with many more gamers joining each year. If you are an old-school gamer, you would remember the introduction of Steam to PC gaming and how much it was disliked, before it slowly turned into a boon for gamers over the years. Steam, however, was not without faults. it would only accept credit cards in a country where less than 1% of the population had them. The stage was set, there was a problem, and India's growing gaming community needed a solution. Meet Bhanu Pratap from Bhubaneswar, the 23 year old founder of, a website that sells PC games with great deals, and was one of the first people in India to made games on Valve Corporation's Steam platform be easily available in India. Best Student Magazine Articles and College News - Stumagz.