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How to Fix a Slow Computer [9 Best Ways] - StuffRoots. These days, everybody’s second life is their computer, and nobody likes a slow life, right?

How to Fix a Slow Computer [9 Best Ways] - StuffRoots

How to Fix 100 Disk Usage- Best Guide - StuffRoots. Got a 100% disk usage on your device?

How to Fix 100 Disk Usage- Best Guide - StuffRoots

We will tell you how to fix 100 disk usage with the best possible solutions. In Information Technology practice, many users report that their disk utilization reaches up to 100% many times, leading to a lagging, slow working, and unresponsive system. Windows users who experience such issues like slow response time on their computer device should look into their Task Manager for guidance and support. The Task Manager provides the user with a handful of information regarding the processes and systems that are currently running on the machine. Among the ongoing tasks, you can also monitor with Task Manager is your computer’s disk usage as well. How to Find Printer IP Address [Proper Guide] - StuffRoots. Printers have become an essential work partner.

How to Find Printer IP Address [Proper Guide] - StuffRoots

We need to use them very frequently to get our designs, content, and assignments printed. Like our computers, printers also have a unique IP address attached to themselves. Internet Protocol (IP) address is a novel set of numbers distinguished by full stops. How to Find Model Number of Your Computer in Windows 10 - StuffRoots. Imagine you just made up your mind to upgrade your PC as it is a bit too old to run PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex.

How to Find Model Number of Your Computer in Windows 10 - StuffRoots

You head over to the internet and look for the best components available out there, as you have a thick wallet in your pocket. After researching for quite some time, you realize that you realize that for picking up the part that will fit just right, you need to know your computer’s model number. Sadly, you did not memorize it before throwing away the box! How to Enter Bios Windows 10 on Startup [Proper Guide] - StuffRoots. Technology is one of the fastest-growing things in today’s time & it shows no signs of a slowdown anytime soon.

How to Enter Bios Windows 10 on Startup [Proper Guide] - StuffRoots

No matter how smart or updated you are, there are still many technological advancements that you won’t know about. There isn’t any shame around the things you don’t know or don’t understand. If you are not sure about “how to enter bios windows 10 on startup” then you are at the right place. For computer security related, check out Not knowing something is not a sin, at least not in the age of the internet. How to Download Instagram Photos for Android and PC - StuffRoots. How many times has it happened that you liked an Instagram post so much that you wanted to download it on your mobile phone permanently?

How to Download Instagram Photos for Android and PC - StuffRoots

Needless to say, the answer will be hundreds of times. But as you might already know, Instagram’s UI prevents you from doing so. Yes, taking a screenshot of the post or saving it to your collection seem to be viable alternatives, but they both got their problems. About the screenshot option first. How to DM on Twitter- All Possible Ways - StuffRoots. Talking and interacting with people these days is the trend on every application, so today we will tell you how to DM on Twitter.

How to DM on Twitter- All Possible Ways - StuffRoots

Direct Messages like any other social media application is the private space of Twitter. You can use these to have private chats with people about Tweets and other content. As one of the largest one-to-many social media platforms, Twitter moves very quickly and it’s pretty easy to get lost in the conversation. That’s where Twitter Direct Messages (DMs) come in. All the basics about DM’s on Twitter You can start a private chat or create as many group conversations as you want with anyone who follows you.Anyone who is not followed by you can send you a Direct Message if, You have decided and opted in to receive Direct Messages from any random person or,In the past, you have sent that person a Direct Message.Anyone and everyone in a group conversation can send Direct Messages to the group conversation.

How to Connect a Computer to a TV- Best Ways - StuffRoots. Nothing is better than a big TV screen while watching a movie or a TV show, it even beats the small screen size of our laptops, and for this, you need to know how to connect a computer to a TV.

How to Connect a Computer to a TV- Best Ways - StuffRoots

It is a great feeling to sit comfortably on your big cushy sofa, enjoy your favorite movie on a big screen, surf the web, play games, or stream videos from apps that are not available on your TV. Going from computer to TV is very cheap or, at times, free depending upon the type of gear you already have. TVs are bigger screens and generally farther away from your face than monitors. How to Check Mouse DPI Online Windows - StuffRoots. Let’s say you are playing a really competitive game and that too in a very competitive game mode.

How to Check Mouse DPI Online Windows - StuffRoots

Take, for instance, Fortnite’s Arena mode or the Solo Cash Cup mode. Now, if you have the slightest knowledge about competitive e-sport gaming, you must be knowing what’s a mouse’s dpi and how to check mouse dpi. Now even if you don’t, then don’t worry. We will look at all the basics and only then proceed forward. Coming back to our situation, if you make the slightest error while aiming at the opponent’s head, it could cost you the entire match, or the entire tournament, and loads of prize money. How to Cancel Apple Music- Best Ways - StuffRoots. Apple Music has its separate fan base however, canceling the subscription can be tedious, so we will tell you how to cancel apple music.

How to Cancel Apple Music- Best Ways - StuffRoots

We all love to listen to music whether we are working out, playing games, doing daily chores, or even doing work from home. And when it comes to good music streaming apps or websites, we have loads of them like Gaana, Spotify, etc. One of the best and most premium music application that is out there is the Apple Music application. You would all think that since this application is an Apple product it is available only for Apple users, but to our surprise, it is available for both ios and android users. This application contains the option of multiple playlists, artists of both national and international bases, so many podcasts, radio, special interviews of people and celebrities, etc. Trying is always the best option so if you want to give Apple Music a try, you can do so by free subscription of one month and getting the hang of it. Pros Cons. How to Block a Website on Chrome - Different Ways - StuffRoots. Certain websites on Google Chrome distract us from doing our work and this article is about how to block a website on Chrome.

Chrome is far and away the most popular browser in the world, with roughly 90 percent of the web’s traffic flowing through it. With popularity also comes the need to restrict a few things as well. Whether you want to keep yourself from getting distracted or block inappropriate websites not covered by parental controls so your children can surf the web safely, we’ve got you covered. Let us discuss the different ways now: 1. How to Allocate More Ram to Minecraft Server - StuffRoots. Minecraft is a game that is spreading like a wild forest fire. This game literally rules over all the major streaming platforms, be it Youtube, Mixxr, or even the most popular of them all, Twitch.

How to Fix Google Play Services has Stopped Working - StuffRoots. Google has become a family member of ours. From waking up to ordering something, there is no replacement for it. Google is the most popular and used search engine over the world. How To Get More Instagram Likes - StuffRoots. Instagram is a mobile, desktop application for the user to show their art by sharing pictures and videos either private or publicly. The creator of Instagram was Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram was launched in Oct 2010 as a free source mobile app available for the Android as well as iOS operating systems. Top 5 Effective Ways To Get Free Xbox Codes - StuffRoots.

We live in a digitalized world where we are hooked to our mobiles and devices. In the fast-paced lifestyle, mobile games serve as a source of entertainment and relaxation. Often the games become addictive, and we end up spending more time playing them. However, due to the incompatibility of our mobiles, we cannot make most of the games. Although most of the games that one plays are designed in a manner that they accommodate the mobiles.

But some games work best when played on game consoles. Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows 10/8.1/7 (2020) - StuffRoots. Whenever we watch a video or movie we commend the actors, directors, story, and screenplay, but no gives a shit about the editing that has made the movie possible. Without proper and good editing, no movie or video can be made spectacular. Best Free Screen Capture Software for Windows and Mac - StuffRoots. How incredible is the fact that we can capture what we see on our computer screens? Screen capture software is used to record the activities happening on your computer screens regarding mouse movement, keyboard activities, etc. How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error Code 0X8024A105 [FIXED] I’m sure most of you are aware of the enormous number of updates that Windows 10 undergoes.

Adding to that, the update in Windows 10 is confronted with unpredictable errors dealing with figures. One such Error code that it encounters is 0x8024a105. The 0x8024a105 error occurs predominantly due to the false framework of system files in your Windows. Now, the numerous reasons behind this issue could be incomplete installation, a partial uninstall, illegitimate deletion of hardware or applications involved, attack by a malicious virus or it could be due to improper shutdown. Fix Windows 10 Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage[FIXED] Have you ever faced the situation where Microsoft compatibility Telemetry consumed most of your disk space and has disabled your windows 10? If yes, then we are here to fix this issue of high disk usage by Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry pack. How to Fix Canon Error B200 for 2 and 4+ Cartridge Printers - Stuffroots. The clinging Error B200 on your Canon Printer mostly points out that the print head has died!

Before you go wrecking the printer or buying a new one, try some of the following suggestions. 1. Abolish all ink cartridges and install new ones. Ways to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission err_cache_miss [FIX] Most of us are living in an era where the internet has become a crucial part of everything that we see or feel around. An internet-based browser issues a gateway that lets you surf for things indefinitely over the World Wide Web. I’m pretty sure most of you rely on Google Chrome as your preferred browser. However, it doesn’t always run as per your choice. It does display some error messages without your knowledge, and most of the time, it is quite difficult for us to understand what it wants to convey. Considering all those unexpected errors and pop-ups, the most common out of all that you would have come across would be the Confirm Form Resubmission error.

A naive user like us would surely consider it as an indication of an error. FBPostLikes Review - Full Guide to Buy and Use it - StuffRoots. Facebook is a mesmerizing social media platform when you look at the way they grew to become the social media giant. It can make a great story when you see the way they are grown in the field of social media. The growth of this social media giant has been exponential. Top 7 Fast copying software for Mac and Windows. What is a Fast Copying Software? When we find the need to copy a file on windows, what we usually do is, press the Ctrl+C shortcut key or just the right click on the windows explorer to choose copy/paste and in Mac, we basically press the command key with C and V to perform copy-paste.

10+ Best Emoji Keyboard Apps for Android - StuffRoots. The old days are gone when simple words are enough to communicate our feeling and thoughts. The 21st generation has given rise to a new form of communication – the emojis. Let’s talk about the best emoji keyboard for Android in this article. Earlier our conversations have words and words only, but today emojis have also become a necessary part of our conversations.

Emojis are for this generation is a way of expressing feeling through text when words don’t do justice. How to Download Video from Any Website? - StuffRoots. How to Download Kingroot APK and Things to Remember - StuffRoots. How to Fix Discord Mic Not Working on Windows [FIXED] How to Disable Avast Behavior Shield. Best Android Practices to Boost the Security of your Device - StuffRoots. Best Blue Light Filter for PC (Software and Screen Protector) - StuffRoots. Is Blue Geek Hosting Best Cheap Web Hosting Provider? - StuffRoots. 5 Best Alternative Apps for WhatsApp (Latest 2020)

Tips to Know Which Resume Service is the Best - StuffRoots. Top 10 Best Remote Desktop Software in 2020 - StuffRoots. Best Rainmeter Skins and Themes (Windows 10/8.1/7) 6 Best Password Managers for Windows and Mac in 2020 - StuffRoots. Best Game Recording Software for Windows (2020) - StuffRoots. 8 Best Free Animation Software for Windows and Mac in 2020 - Stuffroots. How to Choose the Best External Hard Drive for MacBook - StuffRoots.