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BEN GO. Pacific. The clean and striking IF MODE is aimed at commuters of the mobile generation who, until now, may have not considered cycling or folding bikes to be an option.


IF MODE is a unique product that offers a new image for people who previously thought bikes were for enthusiasts only. IF MODE avoids oily chains, complex tube with hidden dirt traps and the clutter of traditional bicycle features. It can be used by city commuters who do not want to change their appearance into ‘bicycle warriors’ and may use public transport or their car for some of the journey. IF MODE looks at home folded up on a smart subway train or in an office, just like a sleek mp3 player or other well designed accessory in your life.

It also performs on the street like any lightweight well balanced full size bike. IF MODE has won 2008 Eurobike Award, iF Product Design 2009 Gold Award, and Taiwan Excellence Silver Award. Ilya Vostrikov. Vélo, vtt-tout-suspendu - Retrouvez les tous sur le salon 5 du vélo ! BIKE-TREND. Audi E-Bike Concept by Audi design (2012) Introducing the new product this year from the Audi design. Two wheel cleaner and an unusually bright and aggressive means of overcoming obstacles and active lifestyles – E-Bike Wörthersee. Bike show at the annual exhibition and presentation of models of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda. In the combined cycle technology and a variety of excellent performance and speed that Audi had learned from his extensive experience in motorsports. Read more… 2013 Trek Fuel Ex on Behance. Ilya Vostrikov. Crankworx: Mason Mashon's Evil Undead. During the Monday lull at Crankworx we had a chance to meet up with Mason Mashon and check out his Evil Undead.

Crankworx: Mason Mashon's Evil Undead

The carbon reincarnation of Evil's downhill bike is currently still a prototype, but expect to see production soon enough. --- Photos by David Peacock Mason's Undead weighs in well under 40lbs with a relatively heavy build. Cam Zink's build is around 35 lbs.Frame Features Full carbon front/rear triangle Redesigned 7075 double shear Delta linkage with Enduro Spherical bearings Integrated fork bumper and cable guide IS brake standard Removable ISCG05 tab Integrated headset Internal headset adjustment via eccentric cups Integrated removable carbon fender Integrated removable Downtube protector Integrated removable Downtube shuttle guard Rubber chainstay protector The allure of a carbon bike is definitely performance based, but the looks don't hurt.

The redesigned 7075 double shear Delta linkage with Enduro Spherical bearings, as designed by DW. 2012 artwork for the Undead. Enduro Tribe - VTT - All Mountain Magazine - MTB - Gravity Enduro - Enduro World Series. Snow-Bike Concept on Behance. BH Lynx-6 carbon on Behance. Specialized Bicycle Projects by Jeff Juarez at Ripley by Roxy Lo at Ripley by Roxy Lo Views: Favorites: Comments: Published: Sep 22, 2011 Industrial Design Share H Favorite qView Full Size.

Ripley by Roxy Lo at

Giant ReignX by Erik Klemm at Giant ReignX.

Giant ReignX by Erik Klemm at

AnthemX Advanced SL by Erik Klemm at AnthemX Advanced SL.

AnthemX Advanced SL by Erik Klemm at

TranceX Aluxx by Erik Klemm at TranceX Aluxx by Erik Klemm Views:

TranceX Aluxx by Erik Klemm at

Norco Bicycles technical Illustration by Benoit Bohly at Norco Bicycles technical Illustration.

Norco Bicycles technical Illustration by Benoit Bohly at

X-bike MAZDA contest on Behance. Bicycle GPS tracker on Behance. The Brief stated that this should not only be a GPS tracker but should also have a Smartphone case function.

Bicycle GPS tracker on Behance

It should be able to accommodate several types of smartphones, with or without their own case. In order to achieve that, the Case was featured with a colored memory foam component which allows phones of different sizes to sit comfortably in the enclosure. The memory foam wraps around the phone keeping it tight in position. The user can easily access all the phone's commands through the thin plastic cover, while having the phone protected from water or dirt. The case is featured with a small opening on the side.

The case can also be rotated into portrait or landscape position by simply unscrewing the colored locking system beneath. Inside the casing there are two antennas, one for GPS tracking and one for GSM. Mondraker Podium on Behance. Ford Focus ST Bicycle 2013 on Industrial Design Served. Trek Remedy on Industrial Design Served. Demon Downhill Bicycle on Industrial Design Served. Trek Visual Brand Language Sculpture: 2013 on Industrial Design Served. GRACE URBAN MX2 E-Bike on Industrial Design Served.