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Gothic Ivories Project. Free Text Host - The Anonymous Text Hosting Service - No Registration Required. Essential Vermeer. Sacred Sites at Sacred Destinations - Explore sacred sites, religious sites, sacred places. Still Life - Resources for Artists. The Rhetoric of Perspective: Realism and Illusionism in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Still-Life Painting by Hanneke Grootenboer Perspective determines how we, as viewers, perceive painting.

Still Life - Resources for Artists

We can convince ourselves that a painting of a bowl of fruit or a man in a room appears to be real by the way these objects are rendered. Der Kunst und Architektur. Maison du Moyen Age - Université de Poitiers. Timelines: Sources from History. This British Library interactive timeline allows you to explore collection items chronologically, from medieval times to the present day. It includes a diverse combination of texts: those that allow glimpses of everyday life (handbills, posters, letters, diaries), remnants of political events (charters, speeches, campaign leaflets), and the writings of some of our best known historical and literary figures. Launch Timelines: Sources from History Timelines is a fantastic resource for learning about culture, politics, technology and everyday life through the ages. Románico Digital, portal sobre Arte Románico. Panurge - Actualités de la recherche autour de la Renaissance. International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR)-Catalogues Raisonnés.

Collaborating Institutions: Repository Institutions. Polo Museale Fiorentino. The Frick Research Catalog Online. New York Art Resources Consortium.