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Studio 52 and Luke Skywalker were born in the same year: 1977. We went on to become the go-to commercial video production company in Dubai. And we didn’t even use the Force. For More Information Visit :

The Quality Voice Over Production Creates Quality results. With the fast paced lifestyle and the digital world spreading like a cloud, is Original voice over production dead?

The Quality Voice Over Production Creates Quality results

Maybe not! Though the digital space rules the robotics and telecommunications, but our choices have remains original. noone would like to listen to their favourite brand TV commercial with a robotic voice? Of-course not, right? Thus, in the field of TV advertising and film industry and even the radio, quality voice over still rules or in other words, we the audience prefer a human touch to the audio. The audience are humans and can easily connect with the human voice as it contains certain inflection points as in when to pull which emotion. How to Make Macro Time-Lapse Videos. OIL & GAS INDUSTRY SAFETY SIMULATION VIDEOS. Making Your Oil And Gas Safety Videos Making your oil and gas safety videos is very easy when you are using the right gear.


You want to make certain that you have equipment that will work for anyone, and you want to make it look professional so that everyone you show it to will get the right impression of what you are doing. Understanding the Basics Of Time Lapse Videos. There are numerous photography blogs that usually discuss the things in relation to time lapse photography.

Understanding the Basics Of Time Lapse Videos

When I started photography, being a beginner I was unaware of the term “time-lapse photography”. Even when I understand its literal meaning doesn’t make me aware about the concept. Thereby, I encountered a beautiful time lapse video on youtube during my research hours and then I started understanding it better. SAFETY AND TRAINING VIDEO PRODUCTION. 4 WAYS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE SYSTEM. How To Hire A Great Video Production Company. Why Our Brain Perceive Better With Audio And Visuals Combined 2. You might be familiar with the old saying, “To see is to believe.”

Why Our Brain Perceive Better With Audio And Visuals Combined 2

A lot of us would agree to this adage because 70% of our total sense receptors are located in our eyes. Thus, we experience our world primarily through the eyes. The understanding of our brain becomes more solid when it is presented with not just visuals but also audio. This is also the reason why our brain responds more precisely to audio-visual communication than audio or visual communication alone. Research says that we process the information given through audio-visuals faster than when we are just made to listen something or watch something without a sound. Displaying series of images incorporated with a related voice narration creates a huge impact on people.

Moving Images, Revolutionizing safety awareness. An Alarming Issue According to ILO report some 2.2 million people die of work-related accidents and diseases each year, adding that this number may be vastly underestimated due to poor reporting and coverage systems in many countries.

Moving Images, Revolutionizing safety awareness

This report was 11 years ago. In keeping with this, the International Labor Organization has released a most recent statistics that showed every 15 seconds, a worker dies from work-related accidents and 153 more contact work-related diseases. While it is reasonable to think that the worker has some fault here, it is, in the end, the company, who’s liable for the well-being of its employees; especially to those industries who depend on man-power to run equipment and heavy machineries. This is an area of concern not just big companies should care about but all business industries in general. Safety Measures Many companies have been exerting efforts into taking care of their employees’ welfare.

Essentials Of A Professional Video Production. 4 Reasons You Need Corporate Photographers For Your Company. WHY INVEST IN A CORPORATE VIDEO? View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...


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Essentials Of A Professional Video Production

Development: Backbone of a good video. What in the world is video development?

Development: Backbone of a good video

Video production is easy to understand. You hear the words Lights. Camera. Action! And then the magic of video production begins. Success starts in different stages. A good video goes through different phases. THE FOUR PILLARS OF AUDIO PRODUCTION. At an age of instant musical viral fame over youtube and other video streaming websites, the quality is of the recorded audio is often the deciding factor.


You might have wondered why the CD you purchased off the shelf sounds much better than the hoarser recording your dad sings of the same tracks on his iPhone. How do audio engineers manage this impressive feat of turning voice into melody? Read on. Professional acoustics. There are teams of audio engineering specialists who toil hard to make a single audio album and believe us when we it’s no easy feat. Here we go. Why invest in a Corporate Video? The modern Consumer As I was browsing through the internet, across my social media accounts, I unexpectedly lost my internet connection.

Why invest in a Corporate Video?

And from the agony of waiting for it to be fixed, I had come to realize the huge implication of the web, not just in my social life but of others as well. In fact, roughly 46% of the world’s population has internet access. Imagine how immensely influential the internet could be in embedding information to consumers of the web. As digital audience increases, their attention span steadily decreases. Proper Content is essential especially when there is limited attention span and the need for immediate fulfillment. Creating Client Engagement One way to engage your consumers is through moving pictures and a compelling narrative.