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Welcome to Studio 23, South Mumbai’s bespoke Studio offering Unique Fitness & Wellness options that includes fitness classes, private training sessions, workshops, physiotherapy and nutrition. Find most things you are looking for all under one roof in our modern, professional and eco friendly studio.

Benefits of Live Online Fitness Classes over Apps - Studio 23. How many of you have a fitness app on your smartphone?

Benefits of Live Online Fitness Classes over Apps - Studio 23

And how many times have you really opened the app and performed the exercises? Don’t be embarrassed – we all are guilty of installing a fitness app at some or other point in our life. It’s only those who can move beyond the apps and find out for something more impactful, win the fitness game. Not sure what we are talking about? Well, live streaming fitness classes. Everyone loves free stuff. We understand. 1. Amateurs or unqualified fitness geeks can create a YouTube channel and upload videos. Live classes can minimise the risk of injury. Bonus tip – Live classes also offer free trial sessions. 2. Social distancing has already created enough stress on people.

Further, you can watch your instructor live on the screen and clear your questions rather than checking out those pre-recorded videos repeatedly. 3. Remember how we started today’s discussion asking how many times you have actually opened the installed fitness app? Final Take. Small Changes, Great Benefits – Effective Lifestyle Improvement Hacks! With the pandemic situation around, everyone is feeling some levels of added stress.

Small Changes, Great Benefits – Effective Lifestyle Improvement Hacks!

Adapting to the new normal lifestyle, filled with constant stress, remembering to sanitizer, social distance and wearing of masks, is indeed challenging. While some put on weight experiencing back pain (see, work-from-home has its downsides as well!) Or lacking sleep, others are troubled with mental stress and hormonal imbalance. What you need during these times is to improve your lifestyle. We know how the web is filled with lifestyle blogs. Lifestyle Improvement Strategies: Consistent Workouts The first mistake people make is working out rigorously for a day or two, then skipping it for a week!

Hang on, we promised to make it fun, so here it comes.If you want to try something new, adventurous and creative, you may try out aerial silks. Nutrition & Hydration Food is a stress-buster. Skipping breakfast or chowing down “easy-to-make” cereal and skim milk is not the right nutritional strategy. Proper Sleep. HIIT or Miss – How to Get the Most Out of HIIT Workouts - Studio 23. We all have a common New Year resolution – getting fit!

HIIT or Miss – How to Get the Most Out of HIIT Workouts - Studio 23

And towards the middle of every year, for many, it comes down to “okay, let’s save this resolution (and few more!) For the next year”; while some hurriedly follow a fitness trend to lose those extra calories. And that’s how, many end up at a HIIT training class with the only thought that it can shed some weight without any delay. If you could relate to whatever we said so far, this blog is a must-read! Let us tell you, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can be effective only if you follow the right method. HIIT – A Quick Overview HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training involves short sessions of intense exercise followed by periods of lower-intensity exercise or rest. Keto Diet – Fad or Fact? - personal trainer Mum. ‘Healthy Snacks’ – How Healthy Are They? - Studio 23.

With health fads creating buzzes these days, a lot is being said about the “healthy” food and their significant impact on your whole being.

‘Healthy Snacks’ – How Healthy Are They? - Studio 23

Most fitness aspirants get misguided and fall a victim to the hype surrounding the subject. But if you are someone who is interested to participate in a lifestyle challenge in Mumbai, you must know how to differentiate between the right and the wrong thereby making the best choice for your body. Following health fads mindlessly is not suggested at all. Before you decide what to eat, you must research a bit and just do not go by whatever that is being said. Myth # 1 – Giving up on Egg Yolks As egg yolks are said to be high in cholesterol content, they were not considered healthy by the fitness freaks for a long time. Myth # 2 – Anything Organic is Great Everything organic may not be great for your health always.

Myth # 4 - Carbs Are not Good for Health The lower the carbs, the healthier an individual is – you must have heard this saying a lot of times. How to Attain Mindfulness through Workout - Studio 23. Today, being healthy is not just about having a healthy body, but it emphasises on having a calm, happy and healthy mind as well.

How to Attain Mindfulness through Workout - Studio 23

Earlier, workouts were focused primarily on the physical aspect. However, trainers around the world are now developing an inclination towards well-balanced exercises that combine high-intensity physical workouts and controlled methods of yoga and Tai chi. It represents a complete synergy between the yang and yin. To learn the perfect blend of exercises, seats are filling in for our yoga classes in Mumbai. To attain this balance, you need to master the art of mindfulness. Realise your intention – Identifying an intention always drives your motivation to do things. Follow these tips while walking, exercising, cycling, swimming, or other physical workouts.