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Studio 20 is one of the best webcam studios in the world, with top webcam models and many international awards. Become a highly paid webcam model and conquer the world! We excel together!

What benefits do Studio 20`s cam girls have? Studio 20 is the world's best and biggest webcam studio and this has been proven numerous times thanks to the many awards we received at international online modeling award ceremonies held in Mamaia, Prague, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Cartagena.

What benefits do Studio 20`s cam girls have?

Our cam girls always have been hard-working and dedicated to their job, that`s why they`ve been awarded many times with trophies such as Best Model, Best Emerging Model, Best Non-Adult Model, Best Fetish Model, Best Smile, Best Entertainer, and the list goes on. If you`re going to be part of this team, it`s more than obvious that the benefits we`ll be offering you will be more than motivating. Here are the most important benefits we offer to our cam girls: 1. Stability and safety If you choose to work for Studio 20, you will have a stable and legal job, where you will have the opportunity to shine!

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 24/7 support Anytime you feel overwhelmed or if you have any problem, you will be able to ask our support team for help. 10 most frequently asked questions about Studio 20’s webcam jobs. Studio 20 has received numerous inquiries about the webcam jobs available at our cam studio, therefore we decided to answer to each and every webcam model who is interested in achieving success with us by her side.

10 most frequently asked questions about Studio 20’s webcam jobs

Yes, online modeling is an economic activity and it’s subject to legislation. Studio 20 respects all existing laws regarding this industry and offers contracts for webcam models, in which all rights and obligations of each party are stipulated. The total earned from the webcam jobs will appear in the documents and will be taxed accordingly. At any given time, webcam models can request access to their tax return papers to convince themselves of the legality and correctness of our economic activity. 1. How to earn a lot of money as a cam girl.

In nowadays society, there are many young girls who believe that they can effortlessly earn a lot of money as a cam girl.

How to earn a lot of money as a cam girl

But being a cam girl is a job like any other job. You have to take interest in what you do, you have to be punctual, hard-working and dedicated if you want to be successful. There are no shortcuts and most importantly, you have to do more than take your clothes off to bring in a lot of money. If you go online only when you feel like it, if you don`t pay attention to your trainers and if you skip private chat dates set with certain members, you won`t have the career you dreamed about and you`ll only earn the bare minimum to pay your rent. What you need to know in order to become a top webcam model. Although they are aware of the benefits of being a webcam model, many young girls are reluctant to work for a live cam studio, because of their many prejudices.

What you need to know in order to become a top webcam model

Most of them don`t even know that this occupation is legal and that a webcam model pays all her taxes, just like any other worker. People still associate online modeling with pornography, because it involves nudity, but there are differences between the two activities. Especially when it comes to non-adult online modeling, where nudity is prohibited. Studio 20 awarded Best live cam studio at Live Cam Awards 2017. In the last few years, the evolution of the live cam industry is more than obvious.

Studio 20 awarded Best live cam studio at Live Cam Awards 2017

The webcam models are becoming more popular than ever, cam studios are trying their best to provide top services to their clients and chat sites are easier to access, in order to support business growth. Every year, the number of events that bring together webcam models, cam sites, live cam studios, marketing, trading and advertising companies has increased significantly. The professionalism shown by Studio 20 towards its customers and its webcam models has been recognized over the years in numerous live cam award ceremonies, by winning many and extremely important awards. Studio 20 opened the first video chat studio in Columbia, Cali.

Young girls who live in Santiago de Cali, Columbia now have the opportunity to become top webcam models for the best live cam studio in the world, Studio 20, and to change their lives!

Studio 20 opened the first video chat studio in Columbia, Cali

By working for this video chat studio in Cali, Columbia, you will be able to buy (in about 2-3 years) your own apartment, your own car and everything you`ve ever wanted! Studio 20 is continuously developing, recently opening a new live cam studio right in Santiago de Cali, the third city in size after Bogota and Medellin. Women who want an international career with a flexible schedule, a better life, and a chance to earn up to 10,000 euros can contact the Studio 20 video chat in Cali, Columbia by calling (+57) 305 378 9341. Besides having the best training available in online modeling in Cali, you will also have the best working conditions in the world, so you can become one of the top webcam models and achieve your financial goals.

Are you going to hide that you’re working for a live cam studio. ​Even if live cam modeling has become a very popular industry, there are a lot of people who can't see with good eyes the webcam models who work for a live cam studio.

Are you going to hide that you’re working for a live cam studio

The obvious reason is that many of them don't know what this job means and what a webcam model is supposed to do and what she is supposed to be; they make a big mistake by thinking a live cam studio is actually a place where every girl must undress herself in order to fulfill the desire of every man who's watching her. But there can't be anything wronger than this outdated and totally false belief. 10 best live cam sites in 2017. How much money do webcam models really make? Every day you think about ways to earn more money for you and your family, but the options are very limited, especially if you`re still in college and you don`t have any work experience.

How much money do webcam models really make?

We know you want to achieve great things in your life and you won`t give up until you find a job that will help you fulfill your dreams. We also know that you`ve thought about the possibility of a career in the live cam industry, but you weren`t sure about the future employers’ honesty. This is why we want you to understand what the live cam industry is all about and how much you can earn as a webcam model. It`s hard to answer back to all the women who often contact us by telephone or email.

​Where can you find the best cam jobs in Los Angeles? Studio 20 is a company with an international reputation, which currently offers the best cam jobs in Los Angeles.

​Where can you find the best cam jobs in Los Angeles?

Working conditions created for webcam models are impeccable because we know that the only way they can achieve performance is by being in top shape. We know you want a better life, and for this you have to find a better job. At Studio 20 you can make your dream come true! Our cam jobs will help you gain financial independence and have your own home and a new expensive car after just 2-3 years of working as a webcam model. Our company constantly expands its team and opens new locations throughout the world. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity and start a beautiful collaboration, then contact a Studio 20 representative by phone or email or just fill in the contact form at the bottom of this webpage.

​Whats does online modeling really mean? Online modeling has been associated over time with many things, most often in a wrongly manner, so we want to explain exactly what cam jobs are all about and why they are so popular worldwide.

​Whats does online modeling really mean?

The general public reacts in a hostile way towards online modeling, first of all due to misinformation in the media and, secondly, because of the outdated mentality of our society. Few people really know what online modeling is supposed to be. However, everyone has something to say about it, spreading, false and harmful information. It is important to do your research and talk to people who work in the live cam industry in order to form an objective opinion and decide whether a cam job suits you. First, you should know that there are two distinct categories: nude and non nude online modeling and each has its specific characteristics. ​Everything you need to know about cam jobs!

Today, online modeling means a lot more than it did ten years ago. This business has gone through many positive changes. Now, webcam models get excellent work conditions, a legal framework, and substantial earnings. If you want to know everything about cam jobs, specialists from Studio 20 can answer any question that you may have.Online modeling is legal Young girls and men, who wish to start a job as webcam models, should be aware that this particular area has been legal for a long time and Studio 20 keeps up to date with the norms enforced. Our live cam studio has a fair attitude and a see-through approach towards all its employees.

Webcam models get contracts as artist-performers, which they sign from the very first day of activity, and will receive a signed copy. ​The truth about the glamorous life of a cam model. A webcam job consists of performing an artistic creation, which is distributed to the final consumer through live cam websites. A cam studio is similar to a studio that produces entertainment shows, subsequently distributed to the public by television, and a cam model is the star of the show. She has the lead role and a great degree of freedom. In a TV show, the star just reads the teleprompter and follows indications from the set director, while a cam model gets to decide whom to interact, which topics to tackle and can always refuse requests which she doesn’t consider appropriate. A webcam model needs communication skills because a webcam job is based on conversations with very diverse people from all over the world. They are interested in escaping the everyday life and building lasting friendships with young and optimistic women that listen and entertain them.

A cam girl is pampered not only by the members of live cam websites, but also by the cam studio’s team. ​A guide on how to succeed as a cam girl. A successful private session is one where the member is relaxed and satisfied. It’s not enough to take your clothes off and perform in front of the webcam in order to be a successful cam girl, you need to learn how to engage the member properly. The secret in online modeling is to find yourself with a lot of regulars. This way you won't need to do much free chat. Best live cam studio. The best cam studio in the world has arrived in Oltenia! Studio 20 has enriched its portfolio with a new location, located right in the center of Craiova. Webcam models eager for an international career, a payout up to $ 10,000 per month and numerous awards at film festivals, can contact us for webcam jobs at our newest cam studio in Craiova!

The success of Studio 20 in other cities in Romania (Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj) and abroad, in Los Angeles, inspired us to expand our network of cam studios. We are a live cam company in continuous development and due to the increasing number of job applications, we decided to open a new office in the center of Oltenia, just 500 meters from Craiova University. It features a spacious, modern and luxurious decor and also the latest live cam technology. ​Online Modeling Tips for New Webcam Models. You decided to become an online model, but you don’t know where to begin. You need some help getting started and you search for all kinds of info about the live cam industry. It’s good you came across this article because I’ll explain what webcam models should do to achieve success in a short time: 1.

Think like a business owner A lot of webcam models are in a state of frantic desperation because they don’t succeed in earning enough money to pay their bills. 2. Attitude is everything, so if you are a negative person, stay out of the live cam industry or change your state of mind. 3. 5 reasons to work as a webcam model. Nowadays, finding a high-paying job, that doesn`t require education or experience, seems an incredible achievement. Especially if you find out that the schedule is flexible and the work environment is excellent. ​Studio 20 North Station – Male Webcam Models. ​What do men want from cam models? Sasha Red puts her cards on the table. Sasha Red is one of the most famous young women in the live cam industry, nominated the Best Cam Model of the World at the YNOT 2016 Awards ceremony, held in Prague.

​How to earn $10,000 as a webcam model without getting naked. Studio 20 Bucharest Union Square. 5 benefits for web models at Studio 20 - Cam studio. Nowadays, young women want to build for themselves a future without financial worries. They no longer want money to stand in the way of their happiness, so they opt for unconventional, but very well paid careers that open a lot of doors for them and help them afford whatever they want: exotic holidays, a car and an apartment.

We shouldn’t be surprised that more and more women from 18 to 40 years old choose to become web models and easily earn up to $11,000 per month. ​Studio 20 offers webcam jobs to aspiring girls. Studio 20 is one of the few cam studios in Los Angeles that complies with the legislation and operates at the highest international standards. ​Studio 20, Best Cam Studio at YNOT Awards 2016. Studio 20’s supremacy in the live cam business was reinforced by two new trophies won at the YNOT 2016 Awards ceremony held in Prague, on the 21st of September. How much money can you earn in a cam studio? Why is Online Modeling Such a Popular Activity For Men? People often ask me why do webcam models such as myself earn so much money even though they don’t seem to be sweating in front of the video camera. 6 Reasons to Be a Webcam Model Instead of an Escort. Studio 20 Won Cam Studio of the Year at 2016 AW Awards. Why I think it’s best to work for Studio 20, my favorite cam studio.

Are you a webcam model? Here’s what you need to do. What is it like to be a non-nude webcam model? Modeling Auditions in Hollywood: Don’t miss the opportunity! Tips and Tricks for Webcam Modeling Auditions in Los Angeles. Modeling Jobs in Los Angeles. Webcam Models for Studio 20. Modeling jobs in Hollywood. Come and work for Studio 20! Tips & Tricks For Cam Models. How will your webcam job affect your social life. 7 Reasons To Work For A Cam Studio. Discover Romania by Studio 20. Studio 20 esta llegando e Colombia. The most common dilemmas about becoming a webcam model. 5 Precious Tips for Webcam Models. 7 trophies for Studio 20 at the Live Cam Awards 2016. ​New in Town: Studio 20 Cluj! Live Cam Studio, at High Standards. Live Cam Studio Bucharest Gara de Nord. Live Cam Studio Bucharest Victoriei.

Camstudio Cluj Napoca, Romania. Camstudio Timisoara, Romania. Studio 20, Winner of the Ynot Awards 2015. ​Studio 20, The Best Live Cam Studio In The World. How to become a top paid webcam model. YNOT 2015: Best emerging cam studio - Studio 20. Devious Angell: Cati bani se castiga din videochat.