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The fabric of my life. Something's Hiding In Here. When editors of country living magazine first approached us about designing a studio for their "house of the year" project we couldn't believe it. we would get to create our dream space, partner with a designer and they would make it all happen. ummm, YES! We immediately started pinning inspiration and brainstorming all the things important to us in a shared work space: big work table, cozy seating, shelves for our collections, and a giant wall for inspiration. we knew we wanted to play with a balance of feminine and masculine as well as new and old. after all the sketching, planning, measuring, fabric and paint swatches... there it was, just like magic - our dream studio. as if that wasn't enough, we were able to attend the launch party in NYC, where the country living team treated us like celebrities. dream project!

Keep a look out for the september issue of country living where you can find out more details and see the other spaces created for the project. Sally J Shim - HELLO. We Are What We Do. Paperless Post. Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius Part 5. SolarBeat.

Your message. Dreamlines. UNTIL THE END. Procrastination is Fun. 16 Anti Theft Gadgets and Designs to Deter Thieves. 16 Anti-Theft Gadgets and Designs to Deter Thieves We all own many different cool gadgets and items that are important to us either for the utility they provide or perhaps because of an intimate or personal reason.

16 Anti Theft Gadgets and Designs to Deter Thieves

Whatever the reason is, we really hate it when someone comes and touches our personal belongings and worst yet…steals them. In order to avoid such mishaps and unfortunate events, we have gathered here a great collection of different Anti Theft Gadgets and Bizarre Designs that are meant to help individuals make their devices and belongings less attractive, appealing or desired to a normal bystander. Moreover, there are a few security gadgets and projects that may also interest the more techy of you, who may be looking for some new gizmos to own or security diy to built.

The following aren’t guaranteed to deter thieves or work colleagues from getting at your gadgets but are meant as additional things to make them think a second time before getting at your personal stuff. 1. Some people are just born with it « style/SWOON. This house was love at first foot in the door… Jamie Laubhan-Oliver and her husband Larry Oliver are two of the most talented people I’ve ever known.

some people are just born with it « style/SWOON

Jamie is an art director for DHome/DWeddings and Larry is a senior designer for Neiman Marcus. They are both art directors and spend much of their days orchestrating amazing photoshoots. Their impeccable taste and blessed sample sale opportunities have turned their somewhat modest city townhome into a luxurious style haven. Each detail of their home is so interesting: from the alligator skull, to the collection of keys from Jamie’s father mixed with the heap of wine corks, and an armless baby doll.

Each one has a story. Don’t get me wrong…these two have got their fair share of Jonathan Adler and other notable fancies by their ability to mix it all up so well is a gift. I have to tell you that one of the other endearing qualities about this couple is their peculiar side. Thank you Jamie and Larry!! Photography by Elizabeth Lavin. Everyday beautiful life: a guide to the life you want. Today I’m doing EBL a bit differently.

everyday beautiful life: a guide to the life you want

I’m going to be sharing some links to some fantastic posts at various blogs. I’m also going to be tweeting my EBL post suggestions on Twitter {@bitsofbeauty}. If you have a post or a tip you’d like to share, just tag it #EBL. I’d love to see what you come up with! Also, I’m going to be updating this post throughout the next 24 hours, so be sure to check back! You want to make a crap load of money, but before you do that… Have you ever heard of the Theory of Relative Depravity ?

So, what’s an EBLer to do with the Joneses? Two great posts to get started: + Waving Goodbye to the Joneses from Get Rich Slowly + When you take it all away, what are you?