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Mesmerizing Wooden Sink Takes 12 Weeks to Create. Product. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Laguna range of bathtubs, one can enjoy a relaxing bath alone or in company. The highly resistant special varnish has been tested under the hardest conditions. It guarantees optimal protection and ensures that the wooden bathtub will have a very long service life. As a result of the modular form of construction, our wooden bathtubs can be supplied in different forms of execution. Thus, they can be supplied as fully equipped Jacuzzis and can – if the customer so desires – be installed direct in a bathroom or yacht. The use of wood as natural material in combination with our know-how from modern yacht building makes it possible for us to produce for you your personalized bathtub. Novelties - A Smart Shower May Even Know Your Song. Hansa Smart Shower Has Three Options For Your Head and One For Your Crotch. Shower Tower. The Neorest Shower Tower is only available for sale in Canada The sleek, one-piece design of the Neorest® Shower Tower can only be described as magnificent.

Shower Tower

An overhead rain shower works in concert with three body sprays and a hand shower to deliver on the promise of maximum showering pleasure. The Neorest Shower Tower includes: Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Thermostatic Mixing Valve Polished Chrome Finish Simple Push-Button Operation for Water Functions Body Sprays Rain Shower Hand Shower Sleek, One-Piece "Tower" Design More Neorest Shower Tower Information. Air Bath. The Neorest® Air Bath offers a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience.

Air Bath

The HydroHands water feature gently kneads the bather's muscles, using the water's motion as it spirals along two axis, which produces a soothing massage effect. Complete with settings that control everything from water temperature to depth, the Neorest Air Bath allows you to create an intimate escape. The Neorest Air Bath offers: Extra thick cast acrylic construction 15 individual air jets 1hp blower 300W heated air injection system 2 cascading shoulder warmers Cascading faucet 9.1 gal/min max filling Hand-held shower 2 underwater lighting modules LED lights Air Bath mainbody with pillows Push button ontroller stand with audio guide 151 gallon capacity Accomadates two users at once Quite and relaxing Hydrohands More Neorest Air Bath Information.

Make a Big Splash: Clear Glass Tub Boston Home Magazine. Interior Designs And Home Ideas. Ever wonder how tomorrow’s bathrooms would look like?

Interior Designs And Home Ideas

Will they be radically different from the ones we have today? What technologies would these futuristic bathrooms incorporate? Here are some concepts that could give you some idea about what is in store. If you come across some ideas that you think need to be featured here, please mention them in the comments. Also we run a steady stream of cool posts like this at Home Designing and if you like to be notified when we have more such inspiring posts, please subscribe to our feed or newsletter! Let’s get started now, shall we! There is a good chance that water might become a precious commodity in the future. Here is another concept by designer Young Sang Eun that lays emphasis on hygiene. Another one that focuses on hygiene. Check out this Phyto-Purification Bathroom by Jun Yasumoto. 15 Modern Bathtubs. January 14, 2010 by Thomas Hardy Vascabarca Boat Shaped Bathtub Source LTT Illuminated Bathtub Source Cristalli Glass Bathtub Source.

15 Modern Bathtubs