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It is crucial, being a re-seller of iPhones to send out your product as is to your customers. PakThat has specially designed original iPhone packaging to ensure the safe journey of your products.

Handy Packaging Tips For Ecommerce Start-ups. Investing In An Air Cushion Making Machine Pays Rich Dividen. Is Protective Packaging Better Than Transit Packaging. Two Variations Of Mobile Packaging. By Stuart Spindlow writer Mobile phone packaging is a niche in packaging industry where the producer need to have a perfect understanding of the product and the usage.

Two Variations Of Mobile Packaging

Key elements of the design might get overlooked if the package makers don't have the perfect overview of the product. This is especially true for companies who try to make it for the first time. Packaging for cell phones have a certain demand in the market. Showcasing, accessibility and security are some of the major features which the package makers need to evaluate during the manufacturing process. Let's have a look at some of the popular and common design methods. Decorative Packaging When a user is buying a new Smartphone, he goes either to a carrier's store or a wireless network's store. Change Your Product Packaging For Better Sales. Tablets Packaging: Art And Science. Why Industrial Packaging last longer than Normal Packaging. People often look at the boxes sold at the retail stores and wonder why the boxes used in the industry looks so different.

Why Industrial Packaging last longer than Normal Packaging

There are few reasons why and these are rather significant reasons. Design is one big difference. The totes, or the returnable plastic bags, which the industry uses are designs for reuse and strength. There are two key features of this design. Handling – easy to lift and carry, no sharp corners or edges. Clean – with minimum areas exposed to dirt, they are very easy to clean. These design features make handling of the boxes a rather easy job. Industry also uses different raw materials. Plastic boxes are made of one of the two materials; either polyethylene PPE or high density polyethylene HDPE.

PPE is the most common raw material used for boxes. HDPE is much harder and provides boxes which are less likely to gain scratches from daily use. There are different additives which are often added to plastic to create better performing boxes. Handy Packaging Tips For Ecommerce Start-ups. Transit Packaging. Original iPhone Packaging. Tablets Packaging. BEST CELL PHONE PACKAGING CONSIDERATIONS. Cell phone packaging should have a few traits which make them darling for the retailers as well as the buyers.


It should be tamper-evident and secure and should require nothing like a knife to open. At the same time, it should be safe and convenient for the end user. This package functionalities can directly have an effect on the brand image. By making the package easier to open and safer for the end user, the manufacturer can easily demonstrate their commitment to the safety and satisfaction of the customer very evidently. The companies who use the easy to open packing boxes have fewer reports of injury reports from package opening. To effectively display products for sale, retailers use, planogram, a diagram which tells about the placement and quantities to be allotted to each product. Most retailers hang mobiles from display pegs. For An Effective Mobile Phone Packaging Design. For most of the product categories, there is nothing called universal packaging design.

For An Effective Mobile Phone Packaging Design

It all depends on the particular product. There is particularly true for mobile phone. From model to model, their price, target user and style can change easily. Thus, a mobile’s plastic packaging should be carefully designed and it should not only keep the product safe but also appeal to the target customer, ensuring maximum exposure at the retail store. Not every mobile looks good on a retail shelf.

When mobiles are kept in the open, however, they need a plastic package which will keep them completely secure yet be visually pleasing. Leading Uk Packing Company Offers Personalised Iphone Packaging. Pakthat, often seen as the leading name in Packaging, Print and Fulfilment partner for Electronic Device and Smart card in the UK, has started producing and offering original iPhone packaging.

Leading Uk Packing Company Offers Personalised Iphone Packaging

This means that the clients of Pakthat can now purchase iPhone packaging of their choice from Pakthat at an affordable rate. Confirming the news, the company spokesperson said, “Pakthat has always been the first choice of many electronics devices manufacturers and sellers when it comes to packaging. The company is often first to offer packing boxes for different consumer electronics and iPhone is one of the most popular handsets right now so we were not ready to miss it. Our packaging boxes are ready to fit the recent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S versions easily. Along with it, we continue to produce packaging for the older versions of iPhone.” This announcement will surely make a lot of retailers happy, especially those who post products to their customers. Business Details PakThat Mob: +44 1992 653113. Change Your Product Packaging For Better Sales. Articles by Stuart Spindlow writer If you experience a dwindling sales of any of your products, it might be revived with a new packaging style.

Change Your Product Packaging For Better Sales

Even a slight change of the design can breathe new life into the product. Giving a new packaging can entice those customers again who previously saw your product and moved onto the next one without paying any attention to it. Generally, we tend to remember the packaging and the design of any product or product category in our subconscious. Changing the shape is the easiest way. Making the package transparent is another effective way, especially if it used to be in an opaque pack. As newer technologies allow more innovative packaging solutions, you have a lot more options of packaging your product.

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