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Convert 3D animation to Gcode. Hello, first post here and I can only hope I'm in the right section - quite a lot to choose from.

Convert 3D animation to Gcode

My question is not about CAD but 3D animation but it's the closest I could find.I'm a 3D animator and I'm looking for something very much related to conversion of (virtual) 3D objects to cnc, but I think in a way that is not covered here before - at least, I could not find relevant info anywhere on the forum. Here goes:I have a Camera in my 3D software that is animated (ie. following a path) and I want to build a (physical) rig with a DSLR attached that will follow this path step-by-step, taking pictures along the way. One stepper for X-axis, one for Z-axis, one for Y-axis (assuming a y-up coordinate system). Plus steppers for two axes of rotation. homepage. The CNC Toolkit - Creative Toolpath Control. Nuke, Maya and transfering cameras via .chan files.

In and around a few freelance jobs over the past few weeks, and with a lot more free time, I have been afforded a great opportunity to get some experience with some new tools, this time The Foundry’s ‘Nuke’.

Nuke, Maya and transfering cameras via .chan files

A powerful node-based compositing application, it’s a welcome change from After Effects, and some past experience with Autodesk ‘Flint/Flame’ has taken some of the pain out of adapting to its node-based approach. So let’s take a look at how to transfer cameras from Maya to Nuke using Nuke’s .chan file. Within Maya, select the camera you wish to export to Nuke. Add two attributes to the camera from the channel box (add attribute) called framenum and vfov.

These are an integer for the frame number and a float for the vertical field of view. In the experssion editor add an expression to each of the new attributes. renderCamera1.framenum = frame; renderCamera1.vfov = 2*rad_to_deg(atan2(renderCameraShape1.verticalFilmAperture/2.0*25.4,renderCameraShape1.focalLength)); That’s it. File Transfers between 3D and Mantis, Dragon Frame etc. Re: File Transfers between 3D and Mantis, Dragon Frame etc Ok I will kick off with a little bit of information that I recently discovered.

File Transfers between 3D and Mantis, Dragon Frame etc

Right now Mantis, Kuper and Flair all share some common file formats for swapping motion control data, but none are common with Dragon Frame. So what to do? Well it turns out DF can export an Xsheet which is in fact a .csv file (comma separated) and can be loaded straight into Excel. It can then be edited and resaved in other formats. As an exercise I created a move on several axes in Dragon Frame and exported an Xsheet. So to convert the file I have to edit the spreadsheet. First I delete any columns of data in the Xsheet which are extraneous leaving only the columns of motor data. Next I delete the first row which is a header to identify the columns - this is not needed and it may cause an error.

Finally I choose file\export\ "tab separated .txt" and save the file. Now I can load this to Maya or any 3D program that supports .mov.