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Strike Electrical Auckland Electricians

Strike Electrical provides Electrical Services for Residential Purposes, Commercial Purposes and Construction Field Purposes in Auckland. Our company remains ready 24/7 to provide Emergency Call out Services to the people. Moreover, we can also help you with our Smart Home Set Up services.

Emergency Callout 24/7. Testimonials - Strike Electrical. Certified electricians Auckland. We will provide a working environment where Each employee has an equal voice and is encouraged to speak openly without judgement from others.Each employee is provided with the required safety equipment and training to carry out their job safely and return to their families at the end of the day.Apprentices and tradesman will be encouraged to learn new skills, techniques and knowledgeWe will help develop and train our employees both personally and professionally if they show alignment with our company values and engagement in the purpose of our business Meet Our Team Our staff get a feeling of job satisfaction when they can see their projects through from start to end, therefore we try our best to let them see their jobs through.

Certified electricians Auckland

By pairing our apprentices up with tradesman for the length of these projects, the apprentices learn alot because they get a better understanding about how a whole electrical install comes together. Overhead Power Line Sleeving. Home Automation Systems Auckland NZ. Electrical Repairs and Maintenance. Electrical home repairs & electrical maintenance Rewiring If you have a house which is pre-1970s, chances are you have some old wiring which can be in the form of a metal conduit with rubber or cloth wrapped copper conductors inside, TRS (Tough rubber sheath) or PVC.

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

All of these types of cables deteriorate and do become adverse to short-circuiting which can, in turn, cause a fire. Call us for an inspection of your wiring and we can give you a written report on what needs to happen to bring it up to modern standards. Pre-purchase and insurance electrical inspections If you would like a written report on the condition of your electrical installation, call us and we can inspect your house and give you a written report with a breakdown and costings for repairs. Faulty light fittings, switches and power points There can be a few reasons why light fittings, switches, and power points may not be working. Switchboard Upgrades in Auckland NZ. RCD protection for extra safety RCD protection provides extra safety which will prevent fatal electric shock.

Switchboard Upgrades in Auckland NZ

If a family member touches a live electrical part, the power will turn off. Circuit breakers Rather than fuses which will only trip off when there is a fault. They can easily be reset which means you will no longer need to find fuse wire in the dark! Arc Fault detection Which protects against electrical fires caused by arc faults. Surge protection can be installed into a switchboard to protect the whole home from lighting strikes or network voltage spikes.

Flush mounted. Electrical Repairs and Maintenance. Strike Electrical. Commercial & Residential Rewiring Service. Electrical Rewiring is required for older properties that doesn’t meet NZ’s Safety Standards Older homes were not designed with the future in mind.

Commercial & Residential Rewiring Service

Modern appliances draw more power and this puts a strain on an old electrical system. If you have a house which was built before 1980, there is a chance you have some old wiring and it is likely that your home wiring will need upgrading so it meets New Zealand’s Safety Standards. This wiring can be in the form of a metal conduit with rubber or cloth wrapped copper conductors inside, TRS (Tough rubber sheath), VIR (Vulcan Indianised Rubber) or PVC. All of these types of cables deteriorate and do become adverse to short circuiting, which can blow a fuse or cause a fire. More obvious indications that the electrical system in your house is old are- Switches are loose and the lights flickerPower points no longer hold the plugs safelyFuses blow often How long does it take? What are the advantages to upgrading a switchboard? 1. 2. 3. 3. 4. Switchboard Upgrades in Auckland NZ. Residential Electrical Services - Strike Electrical.

LED Lighting Installing LED lighting in your home is now standard.

Residential Electrical Services - Strike Electrical

The replacement of existing halogen or incandescent fittings with LEDs will result in lower power bills, and they can be insulated over in the ceiling which means heat cannot escape Switch and Powerpoint replacement Upgrade the old switchgear in your home to look modern and sleek Switchboard Upgrades Upgrade to a modern switchboard which means it will be flush mounted so it is out of sight. Hot water Cylinder Repairs Replacement of elements and thermostats as well as new connections for new cylinders Stove Repairs Element replacements, simmerstat replacements and connections of new stoves Small Repairs We carry out the smallest jobs like changing a lamp to fixing a hot water cylinder New Construction Recessed track lighting installed at first fix so the timber ceiling is perfectly finished next to it. 2018 Deck Tread Lighting In- tread stainless LED fittings to illuminate the step Rewires.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Contractor.