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Stow Maries Aerodrome. Photos of Manchester's WWI 'unsung hero' tunnellers found. 17 September 2012Last updated at 13:20 ET The engineers' work led to "3,000 miles of passages beneath no-man's land" Unseen photos of Manchester's Edwardian sewer builders, who became known as the "First Moles" due to their WWI tunnel digging, have been found in the city.

Photos of Manchester's WWI 'unsung hero' tunnellers found

The workers took part in the first WWI missions after tunnelling was suggested as a way of attacking German trenches by Manchester's drainage contractor. The pictures, which were found in United Utilities' archives, show the engineers at work in the city in 1912. Rare Photos: Hitler's Bunker, Captured by LIFE Photographer. In April 1945, as Russian and German troops fought — savagely, street by street — for control of the German capital, it became increasingly clear that the Allies would win the war in Europe.

Rare Photos: Hitler's Bunker, Captured by LIFE Photographer

Not long after the two-week battle for Berlin ended, 33-year-old LIFE photographer William Vandivert was on the scene, photographing the city’s devastated landscape — and the eerie, almost unfathomable scene inside the bunker where Adolf Hitler spent the last months of his life; where he and Eva Braun were married; and where, just before war’s end, the two killed themselves. Between August 1940 and March 1945 American, Royal Air Force and Soviet bombers launched more than 350 air strikes on Berlin; tens of thousands of civilians were killed, and countless buildings — apartment buildings, government offices, military installations — were obliterated. Vandivert, LIFE reported, “found almost every famous building [in Berlin] a shambles. 22 August 1940: German guns shell Dover. One of the German cross channel guns, pictured in 1942 after concrete fortifications had been built around it The Chiefs of Staff weekly Resume of the Naval Military and Air Situation up 12 noon on the 22nd August, as reported to the War Cabinet: From the Naval Situation: para. 8.

22 August 1940: German guns shell Dover

On the 22nd August when the East-bound Channel convoy was approaching the Dover Strait it came under long-range fire from heavy guns situated near Gris Nez. The bombardment continued for nearly 3 hours without success, 108 rounds being fired apparently in four gun salvoes. Battlefields - Remnants from second world war in Europe. This website is for all those interested in the history of World War II.

Battlefields - Remnants from second world war in Europe

Scattered throughout Europe, there are remnants and traces from the war. Use this website, discover history where it took place and share your experiences or questions with the other users. Sergey_larenkov. Stiff Upper Lip. Papa B: You have to hand it to the Brits when it comes to golf.

Stiff Upper Lip

This notice was posted in war-torn Britain in 1940 in a north-country golf club.German aircraft from Norway would fly on missions to northern England; because of the icy weather conditions, the barrels of their guns had a small dab of wax to protect them. As they crossed the coast, they would clear their guns by firing a few rounds at the golf courses. Golfers were urged to take cover. LA COUPOLE : World War II Museum and battlefield museum, tourism, North of France. How to get to go to the fortress mimoycques, V3 base, north Landrethun. Battery Todt Rates - Museum of the Atlantic Wall Audinghen - Cap Gris Nez. Presentation du blockhaus d'eperlecques. In January 1945, a sign would warn the inhabitants of Eperlecques about the danger you were exposing yourself to during theEnglish and American's bombing on the blockhaus. « Do not cross this limit, if the red flag is hoisted, bombing is coming, the area within a 500m radius is dangerous. » (According to Marcel Delaplace : Aerial activites in the sky between Watten and Eperlecques and above the region, 1939-1945) The R.A.F.

presentation du blockhaus d'eperlecques

And U.S.A.F.' S missions : to try out new bombs. The bombs's trials went from the 3rd of February to the 18th of July.