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Tutorial. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine v1.0 Contents of this tutorial: Description How to use this tutorial Tools Materials Step by step instructions Mounting and applications Description: This is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine which uses wind energy to drive things like air and water pumps for cooling, irrigation and similar, or an alternator/generator for producing electricity.


The turbine uses the 35-40% mechanically efficient Lenz2 lift+drag design. Creating a soil moisture sensors using nails and Intel Galileo. Believe or not, I worked in a project with hardware and software created in 8 weeks only.

Creating a soil moisture sensors using nails and Intel Galileo

I am talking about Intel Galileo ! The first intel board compatible with Arduino API plus some new and cool features. Before to talk about how to create a very affordable moisture sensor system, let me explain what is Intel Galileo. About the Intel Galileo Board – Hardware Intel Galileo is a board with new processor called Quark SoC X1000, x86 based, 32 bits, single-core/single thread processor full compliance with ACPI and support RTC. The board contains also contains:

The microhydro plant. My little paradise has a stream that provides enough water flow and head to run a small turbine, to provide electricity to my home.

The microhydro plant

While writing this, the microhydro plant is being implemented, and here are some photos of the process. Since I usually like to start at the end, the first thing I built is the controller: It is an implementation of Jan Portegijs' "Humming Bird", with some changes and adaptations. The largest cost of the plant, by far, is in the piping for the rather long penstock. The Art of Hiding a Building: Six Acts of Architectural Camouflage. The Hermit Houses.

Omega Center for Sustainable Living. Purple Fig Solar Cooker. Lots of Cars and Trucks, No Traffic Signs or Lights: Chaos or Calm? - Sarah Goodyear. No traffic lights.

Lots of Cars and Trucks, No Traffic Signs or Lights: Chaos or Calm? - Sarah Goodyear

No traffic signs. No painted lines in the roadway. No curbs. And 26,000 vehicles passing every day through a traditional village center with busy pedestrian traffic. Albert, Righter & Tittmann: Sustainable Design. Green Building for Beginners. Green building websites can be confusing.

Green Building for Beginners

One site might tell you that a green home should include spray foam insulation, a tankless water heater, and a geothermal heating system. After you’ve absorbed this advice, you visit another website, where you learn that spray foam is a dangerous petrochemical, tankless water heaters are overpriced gadgets, and “geothermal” systems aren’t really geothermal. Eventually someone tells you that you can usually trust advice from Green Building Advisor. More hot poop on composting toilets. In 2005 I visited the Cottage Life Show in Toronto and wrote The Hot Poop on Alternative Toilets, looking the various toilets on the market.

More hot poop on composting toilets

Since then I have become convinced that these toilets have a much bigger future. We can't continue using drinking water to flush away our waste, and we can't afford to keep wasting our waste; at some point soon these are going to be coming into our homes and offices. Don't laugh; already, if you want to build to the Living Building Challenge standard, they are pretty much the only way to go. That's why they are in the new Bullitt Center. Cheaper LED Bulbs Make It Easier to Switch Lights. BruceS — Joi Ito of MIT Media Lab: From a Wired...

LYMAN FILAMENT EXTRUDER II by hlyman. Build a $300 underground greenhouse for year-round gardening (Video) Growers in colder climates often utilize various approaches to extend the growing season or to give their crops a boost, whether it's coldframes, hoop houses or greenhouses.

Build a $300 underground greenhouse for year-round gardening (Video)

Greenhouses are usually glazed structures, but are typically expensive to construct and heat throughout the winter. A much more affordable and effective alternative to glass greenhouses is the walipini (an Aymara Indian word for a "place of warmth"), also known as an underground or pit greenhouse. First developed over 20 years ago for the cold mountainous regions of South America, this method allows growers to maintain a productive garden year-round, even in the coldest of climates. Here's a video tour of a walipini that shows what a basic version of this earth-sheltered solar greenhouse looks like inside: © Benson Institute It's a pretty intriguing set-up that combines the principles of passive solar heating with earth-sheltered building.

Jeffrey the Natural Builder. Fantastic Deconstructed Geodesic Dome Is Built With Local and Recycled Wood. © Kristoffer Tejlgaard & Benny Jepsen We're used to seeing the geodesic dome as a full-formed structure.

Fantastic Deconstructed Geodesic Dome Is Built With Local and Recycled Wood

But for this year's "People's Meeting" on the future of housing, held in Bornholm, Denmark, Danish architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen decided to create an unusual-looking venue for the event -- a deconstructed, geodesic dome using locally-sourced and recycled wood. © Kristoffer Tejlgaard & Benny Jepsen Similar to more conventional-looking domes, this dome's supportive "frequency four" frame consists of triangles, but still behaves the same structurally, allowing the architects to play with the form, creating niches for different uses like kitchen, bar, dining area and stage, while being punctuated overall with contrasting areas of clear glazing with wooden cladding.

Instead of a generic dome, this deconstructing of the dome's form is done in response to the program, the site and to daylighting. Community Supported Aquaponics. ELIOOO. Grow Your Food. VISION: The ultimate object of design is information.

ELIOOO. Grow Your Food

As a designer I display quantities and dimensions; I organize briefs, I explain procedures. Sometimes this has more to do with storytelling than with technical drawings. Growing food in tyres: a bad idea? Monday, 16 July 2012 10:56 by Mischa Hewitt "I've never met a potato I didn't like.

Growing food in tyres: a bad idea?

" - Irish traditional saying Permaculture is about closing loops, removing waste from profligate systems and finding innovative ways to reuse things. Defend Innovation. 32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow - Interactive Feature. Electric Clothes Physicists at Wake Forest University have developed a fabric that doubles as a spare outlet. When used to line your shirt — or even your pillowcase or office chair — it converts subtle differences in temperature across the span of the clothing (say, from your cuff to your armpit) into electricity. And because the different parts of your shirt can vary by about 10 degrees, you could power up your MP3 player just by sitting still. According to the fabric’s creator, David Carroll, a cellphone case lined with the material could boost the phone’s battery charge by 10 to 15 percent over eight hours, using the heat absorbed from your pants pocket.

Earth Air Tunnels. Earth Air Tunnels Although, this technique is essentially used for cooling the air in Hot and dry climates, it can also be used for winter heating. Earth- air tunnels may be considered as special types of wind towers connected to an underground tunnel. The cooling process is based on the fact that the temperature a few meters below the ground is almost constant throughout the year. A wind tower is connected to the underground tunnel, which runs from the bottom of the wind tower to the basement of the building. Sustainable Economies Law Center.

Looking Back on the Limits of Growth. 'Sun-Root' Solar Living Roof System Unveiled. SolarFlyer2_for_pr PRLog (Press Release) - Jan. 9, 2012 - Green Roof Technology today announced the ‘Sun-Root’ solar-living roof system, the first fully integrated, non-penetrative solar and extensive green roof system in North America. The ‘Sun-Root’ living roof system is the most advanced green roofing technology available on the market. The ‘Sun-Root’ living roof system was unveiled for the first time in North America on November 30, 2011 at CitiesAlive 2011 in Philadelphia, PA. Green Roof Technology has been at the forefront of green roof innovations for over three decades and remains the leading authority on green roofs in North America.

With unsurpassed experience, Jörg Breuning, Principal of Green Roof Service LLC, and his dedicated team of green roof experts are proud to once again push the North American industry to new heights. Facit Homes. Global Frontier Towns for all environments, all people. Building Green Is No Longer Enough, It is Time To Build Resilient. Building the Green Modern Home: Looking at Windows/via Green living has often been about technology; about smart grids and hybrid cars and solar panels.

But it is also about simplicity and low tech, about walkable communities and bicycles. I go on about learning from old buildings designed before the age of oil and electricity, so that we will know how to live after the oil is gone. One feature I often talk about is how our walkable communities and older buildings are resilient; they can cope better when the power goes out, and you can walk to the store when the car is out of gas.

A Quick Guide to Starting a Beehive. © Jaymi Heimbuch via Flickr With Colony Collapse Disorder consistently chipping away at our global honeybee population, the art of beekeeping has become more important than ever. Sustainable Materials: with both eyes open. Civilisedmoney - people-to-people power! Design Probes - Urban beehive. The design of the beehive is unconventional, appealing, and respects the natural behavior of the bees. Underground House With Green Roof Approved In Protected Area Next To Achaeological SIte. Architizer/via. Vertech Limited Bridge,WorldArchitectureNews, Vertech Limited, Peeblesshire, Urban Design,Sustainability.

NPTL - The North Portland Tool Library - Home Page. A Low Impact Woodland Home. Roseicollis Technologies  Energy up in Smoke:
The Carbon Footprint of Indoor Cannabis Production. Lifting the rising billion. How to Build Hugelkultur Irrigation-Free Raised Bed Gardens (Video) Image credit: Paul Wheaton. Green Scissors 2011. Green Scissors 2011 identifies wasteful government subsidies that are damaging to the environment and could end up costing taxpayers more than $380 billion. Four Amazing Green Greenhouses Built 40 Years Ago By Michael Jantzen. All images credit Michael Jantzen. Could Composting Toilets Save Cities Millions in Waste Water Treatment? Image credit: Biolet. Help Build A Sustainable Off-Grid Friggebod With Floda31.

How Big a Backyard Would You Need to Live Off the Land? Posted by Dave Llorens on January 4th, 2011. A Solar Grill Prototype for a Greener Tomorrow. Solar powered stove using 100% recycled materials. Vortex Filters Organic Fertilizer Dispensers. Let Plastic2Oil Turn Your Discarded Plastics Into Fuel.

Energy monitoring

EcoStar Recycling Facility Tour. What's The Greenest Insulation? It's Getting Harder To Decide Every Day. Sued By Plastic. How To Make and Build A Self-Watering Container & Planter: 4 Ways. New battery design could give electric vehicles a jolt. David MacKay FRS: Sustainable Energy - without the hot air: Contents. Wood gas vehicles: firewood in the fuel tank. Self-Repair Manifesto - iFixit. Where There Is No Doctor : A Village Health Care Handbook. Tour of the First PassivHaus in UK. All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space! (9781591862024): Mel Bartholomew. New Survey Shows Electronics Hampering Progress for Energy Efficient Homes. 11 Steps For Starving Students That Will Make A Difference For The Environment.

1-800-Recycling - Find Recycling Center Locations. ID COOK / SOLAR BARBECUE COOKUP200. A proven strategy for reclaiming the built environment — ILBI. Dusty gedge urban ecologist, performer, public speaker. About & Living Roofs. Green roofs - Optigreen system solutions for green roofing - green roof. Create your My2050 world for the UK: Can you reduce our CO2 emissions by 80% UndergroundHouse : Underground House. CleanMetrics - Home. Food Carbon Emissions Calculator by CleanMetrics. Engineers Hone Clean-Energy Stoves For The World. How to Compost Indoors (Video) Top Ten Most Nutritious Vegetables and How to Grow Them in Your Garden.

Thomas Thwaites: How I built a toaster. Harvest Boon. The ultimate climate change FAQ. Home farming and gardening using natural approaches to growing edibles and food. Road train technology can drive your car for you - tech - 18 January 2011. Flow2. Home. NASA - The Frontier Is Everywhere. Appropriate Technology. Yurts Cause Controversy in France. Which Is Worse, Air Leaks or Heat Loss? Neither. It's Energy Consumption That Matters. Power Play: EPRI Analysis Reveals That Video Game Consoles Differ in Energy Consumption.

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