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Flite Test. Silent_runner. RC Car Meets Arduino. New Location Architecture With BCM4752. Your Journey Begins With Knowing Where, Exactly, You Are Broadcom Boosts the Accuracy of Positioning and Navigation Services With New Location Architecture with BCM4752 Featuring Advanced Multi-Constellation and Indoor Positioning Support When Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite-based navigation technology was introduced in the 1990s, consumers were thrilled with its course-plotting capabilities.

New Location Architecture With BCM4752

People folded up their paper maps and tossed their Thomas Guides in favor of TomTom and Garmin devices, and more recently nav-capable smartphones. It wasn't long until consumers realized that personal navigation applications worked well in ideal environments, but not so well in others. Today, improving navigation technology has become a central focus for device developers. The Best Navigation Needs Fast, Pinpoint Accuracy Broadcom designers have made hardware developments that allow the chip to unite the availability of four satellite constellations for improved performance., UK First Person View (FPV) Mode 2 Flysky 2.4GHz FS-TH9X-B/TH9B 9CH Transmitter+RX Receiver.

9x Add-on Board with built-in Programmer and EL Backlight. There’s a thread on the “Radios” forum in RCG that you can always find in the first page. I’m talking about the thread that deals with the custom FW for the Turnigy/Imax/Eurgle/FlySky 9x: This review is not about the custom FW available but about a product that makes using that FW much simpler. This would be the “9x Add-on Board with built-in Programmer and EL Backlight” made by Steven (s_mack) and sold here: First I’d like to state up front that I did not pay for this board. Steven graciously sent me it free of charge for my part in writing one of the custom FW’s that are available. Okay, so what’s this Add-on board and what does it do? The EL driver is used to light a backlight EL sheet (included).

This approach has several benefits: 1) The EL driver is a bona-fida low power driver. At $40 it’s priced the same as an EL sheet+inverter+programmer. You can also have your choice of backlight colors: Enough selling. Flipping the board around you see the “pogo pins” Nearly there. Th9x - Alternative Firmware for 9-ch FlySky RC-Control. This project is an alternative firmware for the 9 channel rc-control FS-TH9X manufactured by FlySky (other brand names: Turnigy 9X / Eurgle 9X / iMax 9X) You can find some Snapshots as binary-Images below: Attention!!

th9x - Alternative Firmware for 9-ch FlySky RC-Control

This software is developed continuously. We try to convert the persistent data from one version to the next one automatically as good as it can be done. There might also be some bugs in any version, if you find some, then please report them with the issue-form It is possible to safe the whole eeprom-contents from time to time as a backup with each flash progammer. > ruby utils/eeprom.rb info eeprom.bin > ruby utils/eeprom.rb info eeprom.bin -v th9x is free to use under the GNU v2.0 License. Hokuyo URG-04LX-UG01 Laser. Electro-Optic Devices, Inc. ERC-2KIT. Found cheapest-ever LIDAR! Seems great for UAV use! - DIY Drones. Electro-Optical devices sells kits and spare parts to build a real, far-ranged LIDAR ranger, such as: nanosecond timer, transmitter module (high voltage laser power supply included on-board), receiver module (APD photodiode, PIN photodiode), controller, laser diodes (power 10W - 75W).

Found cheapest-ever LIDAR! Seems great for UAV use! - DIY Drones

The price of the cheapest kit ERC2-KIT is $ 429 , but you can get even cheaper if you buy just the modules and assemble it yourself. The boards are really small and are thus ideally suited to fit an UAV plane which includes a rotating mirror system and a capable memory onboard. Maybe there are some restricting laws about the power of the laser? Anyone knows? ArduCopter - arducopter - Arduino-based autopilot for mulitrotor craft, from quadcopters to traditional helis. Cardboard Tricopter Build Plans « mike estee. Joachim here, This tricopter frame design is decently ridged, it’s not extremely crash resistant, but it does fine with a few hard landings.

Cardboard Tricopter Build Plans « mike estee

This is the first flying revision, so there is plenty of room for design improvements. Improve and share! Available under a creative commons ShareAlike-NonComm-Attrib license. Source files here: You’ll also need a few build materials: Lasers, or a lot of time and a sharp knife. Arms are each made from 4 laminations of 3mm cardboard. Cut 5 base plates and 1 top plate. Total cut list: 4 arms parallel to corrugation 4 arms perpendicular to corrugations 2 tail arms parallel to corrugation 2 tail arms perpendicular to corrugations 5 base plates 1 top plate 1 set servo retainers – 1.4mm cardstock 2 motor mounts – 1.4mm cardstock 1 tail assembly top and bottom – 1.4mm cardstock For the laminations use a moderate amount of water based glue – Itoya-O’Glue is nice. Frame: Now that you’ve waited 24hrs for your parts to dry, retrieve them!