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Trousse numérique pédagogique. Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design. Note that budgeting is not included in most ISD models, but as more and more Learning/Training Departments are being called upon to justify their expenses, I'm including it here.

Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design

Budgeting Learning activities are budgeted in a wide variety of ways, so the degree of estimating the costs will depend upon the organization you are working for. Generally speaking, the closer you are to your customers or clients, the less you have to estimate. For example, a small Training & Development department located within a manufacturing facility might only have to justify its time and capital expenditures, while a training vendor will probably have to give a full development estimate before a training program is approved. Le blog du CIP de l'UTT. Le Centre d’Innovation Pédagogique (CIP) de l’UTT a élaboré quatre guides e-learning formant ainsi la méthode conceptu@.

Le blog du CIP de l'UTT

Ces quatre guides sont : 1) le guide de sélection de projets e-learning 2) le guide de conduite de projet e-learning 3) le guide de scénarisation pédagogique e-learning 4) le guide de tutorat en ligne La réalisation de ces guides fait partie intégrante du projet régional Logiciel de scénarisation pédagogique e-learning, financé par la Région Champagne Ardennes. Carte synthétique (Accédez directement à la carte.)

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