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Built Safety: How a CEO Grew Her Million Dollar Business. When Virginia Toalepai started her safety subcontracting company four years ago in Las Vegas, she was a newly divorced mother of three who had $12 to her name.

Built Safety: How a CEO Grew Her Million Dollar Business

Her ex-husband had worked in the business of construction safety. During their 10 years of marriage she learned the role and importance of being a safety inspector. “I learned the trade from my ex,” says Toalepai, the 34-year-old CEO and president of World Wide Safety which is headquartered in Nevada. “I saw the need and became very passionate about safety. Seeing how it could make a difference in people’s lives, I understood the importance of it in the construction field.” Although Toalepai says her family encouraged her to go back to school, she decided to take a different route. “I had $12 to my name when I left,” she says. Toalepai says she earned $500 her first month working and $3,000 her second month, which she used to open World Wide Safety in August 2013.

“It’s a numbers game,” she says. “Safety never sleeps,” she says. 7 For 2017: 7 Small Business Contests You Don't Want to Miss. If you’re a small business owner looking for exposure, mentors or money, entering a small business contest could be your answer.

7 For 2017: 7 Small Business Contests You Don't Want to Miss

Check out these seven business contests for 2017 offering a variety of prizes. Now in it’s fifth year, the 2017 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest offers a first place cash prize of $25,000. Additionally, the Grand prize winner receives print and business services of $7500. Other prizes are reserved for the Silver and Bronze winners. However, businesses must be in the United States, with between 1 and 99 employees on the payroll. Tax Success for Small Business: A Tax Season Guide. Ah, the sweet smell of tax season.

Tax Success for Small Business: A Tax Season Guide

Notes of despair, coupled with age-old panic, with a solid base of frustration and woe. Guess what? Don't Just Ask Your Accountant About Taxes! People often perceive tax time as an opportunity to save, by digging deep for deductions; However, approached correctly, tax time can also be a chance to grow.

Don't Just Ask Your Accountant About Taxes!

This tax season, take the opportunity to ask your accountant questions that go beyond the paperwork for this year’s filing. Here are eight questions to ask your accountant this season: How Else Can You Help My Business? Accountants aren’t usually business coaches or financial advisors; however, the good ones are whizzes at analyzing and understanding a mass of business data. Keep Your Money: 5 Often-Overlooked Small Business Tax Breaks. You work hard to run your own business, so why not claim all the eligible tax deductions.

Keep Your Money: 5 Often-Overlooked Small Business Tax Breaks

However, when dealing with the general stresses of preparing for tax time, many business owners often overlook a number of deductions and credits. Missing out on these tax breaks can add up to losing out on a lot of money. 5 Business Owners Discuss Their Favorite CRM Systems (Part 2) Strategic Funding spoke with small business owners to get insights on some of the top-rated CRMs featured on common software reviews sites such as G2 Crowd.

5 Business Owners Discuss Their Favorite CRM Systems (Part 2)

Previously we provided an overview of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The Impact of Daily Deal Technology: 3 Businesses Weigh in on the Benefits (and perils) Perhaps you’re one of many consumers whose inbox fills with a ‘daily deal’ email or three each morning?

The Impact of Daily Deal Technology: 3 Businesses Weigh in on the Benefits (and perils)

If you’re also a merchant, you might be wondering whether participating in a daily deal site would be beneficial for your bottom line. Sure, you can reach customers beyond your regulars and locals, but how can you figure out if a daily deal would not only be a fit, but also be profitable for your business? We sat down with three business leaders who share why they began incorporating daily deal sites into their marketing regiment, what they’ve learned, and advice they’d give any merchant considering daily deals: Tax Success for Small Business: A Tax Season Guide. 5 Ways SMBs Can Improve Business with Chatbots. Commerce is rapidly entering the chatbot era.

5 Ways SMBs Can Improve Business with Chatbots

Chatbots — commonly referred to as bots — are designed to integrate with web and mobile platforms. It interacts with users where a live person would have previously. Small Business Insights on CRM Systems -Part 1. Many business owners are using outdated systems to track their customers — spreadsheets, an email list, notes on a phone, a Google Doc or a couple of Post-It notes on a desk.

Small Business Insights on CRM Systems -Part 1

But, these aren’t likely to get you far when trying to understand your customer and how they interact with your business. Smart business owners are closing out of Excel and leveraging the power of customer relationship management (CRM) software. We gathered insight from small business owners on some of the top-rated CRMs featured on software reviews sites such as G2 Crowd.

But first, a primer on CRM — what it is and how it can help your business: Small Business CRM Insights CRMs allow you to track your customers, leads and prospects and all of their associated data. CRM software allows you to focus on the best part of the three letter acronym: the R for relationship. Don't Just Ask Your Accountant About Taxes! 5 Ways to Perfect Your Virtual Trade Show Networking Strategy. Virtual trade shows can be a boon for your small business in terms of networking and generating leads while allowing you to stay close to home.

5 Ways to Perfect Your Virtual Trade Show Networking Strategy

According to Market Research Media’s most recent Virtual Conference & Trade Show Market Forecast, the virtual event market is on track to reach $14 billion by 2018. By 2023, it’s expected to climb to $18 billion, a sign of their increasing popularity. You can expand your contact list through virtual trade shows. New Changes to California's Workers' Comp.

California is one of several states that ushered in 2017 by adding new laws governing small businesses. One of the most talked-about measures implemented in the Golden State is an update to the existing workers’ compensation laws. Assembly Bill 2883 sets new guidelines for defining “employees”and who qualifies as an excluded employee. The bill, which took effect January 1, 2017, has the potential to make carrying workers’ compensation insurance coverage more expensive for some small business owners. What Assembly Bill 2883 Requires The new rules affect all business workers’ compensation policies, including policies already in force. Going forward, officers, directors and partners are to be covered under the business’s plan. Creative Ways to Use a Chatbot In Your Small Business. Whether you’ve visited a website as an individual consumer or as a business customer, chances are you’ve encountered a pop-up box with a friendly message asking if you need help.

Known as “chatbots,” these artificial intelligence (AI) systems aren’t just for big businesses. They also offer small businesses the opportunity to streamline customer service and sales activities, saving time and money to make your business more efficient and profitable. New Laws in California Will Affect Small Businesses in Many Ways. You may have made a few resolutions to start the New Year; California made a few laws – in fact, 898 new laws are going into effect in 2017, and some might affect small businesses in more ways than you might imagine. Wages — and Equal Pay Protections — Rise Employers are required to post the new California Minimum Wage Official Notice alerting workers that companies with more than 26 workers must pay at least $10.50 an hour.

For companies with 25 or fewer workers, the new wage is $10 per hour. In many places around the state, though, the law surpassed. Several municipalities in Silicon Valley are instituting minimum wages closer to $13 an hour. Other new legislation is aimed at ensuring people receive equal pay. Another new statue decreed that disparities in compensation could not be justified by prior wages, noting that lower prior wages might simply “reflect widespread, long-standing, gender-based wage disparities in the labor market.” Show Follow-Ups That Will Make You Memorable.

While you want to stand out at a trade show, it can be just as important to make a strong impression after a show is over. Here are six ways to follow up that can make you noteworthy. Most leads and connections made at a trade show are never followed-up. 5 Steps to Top-Notch Restaurant Branding. Running a restaurant means every choice is critical — from decisions on location, branding, menu, decor and more, to even your personal time and finances.

Since 60 percent of restaurants fail in the first month, it’s important to make calculated decisions that contribute to a booming restaurant, from inception to every year after. To help you make the best decisions for your restaurant, we spoke with culinary consultant Jenny Dorsey on what it takes for a restaurant to have a killer brand, unique menu, top-notch support staff and a secure financial plan. In part one of this four-part series, Dorsey gives us inside tips on what makes a high-quality restaurant brand. You must reflect your brand across your logo, menu and location to your price point, marketing and service. No matter what stage you’re at, here are five key areas Dorsey recommends focusing on for your brand: 1. Standing Out in the Crowd: Trade Show Essentials. Trade shows are a sea of competition, with vendors and exhibitors vying for the attention of the same customers.

Strategic Funding Source, Inc. Rock Your First Small Business Trade Show. 4 Must-Know Tips when Managing Restaurant Finances. Part four in our four-part series with culinary consultant Jenny Dorsey on her best advice for your restaurant brand, menu, staff and finances when you’re owning and running a restaurant. Now that you understand key components to your restaurant’s brand, menu, and staffing, we close with financial tips for restaurant owners. Strategic Funding Source, Inc. 2017 picture medium. 2017 picture medium. Strategic Funding Source, Inc. How to Hire and Retain the Best Restaurant Staff. This is part three in our four-part series with culinary consultant Jenny Dorsey on her best advice on building a killer restaurant brand, unique menu, top-notch restaurant wait staff and a secure financial plan when owning a restaurant.

Now that you understand key components to your restaurant’s brand and menu, it’s time to look at hiring and retaining the best staff for your restaurant. Dorsey shares with us how to write the perfect job description, conduct a great interview, properly train your restaurant staff and then offer the right incentives to keep great employees in a competitive market. Building Job Descriptions When crafting job descriptions for your restaurant, you want to include two important items. One, very specific job duties and two, what the employee gains from working for you.

It’s also important to get job descriptions right for legal reasons. Share The Love: Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Small Business. Unforgettable Conference Presence. Creating an Unforgettable Conference Presence. Managing your conference presence doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or expensive job. Even if you come up with budget for giveaways and signs, your booth can often appear the same as all other small booths, leaving your company fading into the background.

Strategic Funding Source, Inc. 4 Tech Solutions That Can Help Your Small Business Keep Pace With Big Store Competitors. A Day in the life - How One Business Owner Simultaneously Runs 3 Businesses. Will DeJesus is a special breed of entrepreneur. Instead of running one business and dealing with the busyness of a life that goes along with that, he manages three stand-alone companies in Queens, New York, and does it seemingly without breaking a sweat. His companies are: Rapido Tax a brick-and-mortar tax preparation business; Republic Groups, a financial management consulting firm; and, an online tax prep service. How does he do it? DeJesus is a master of prioritization. How A Passion for Roller Derby Fueled a Professional Services Entrepreneur to Grow Her Business. In early 2016, Evie Smith found herself bedridden, recovering from a serious injury from a roller derby accident. 2017 Digital Marketing Trends. Keeping track of trends can help small businesses in shaping their marketing plans, expanding sales channels, and increasing revenues.

How an SF Fashion Startup Funded Their 3-D Technology Business. Small Businesses. Trump's Promise to Repeal Health Care Reform. Biz Bags NEWSLIDE. When Your Business Goes Viral. How Biz Bagz Used Tongue-in-Cheek Marketing to Grow Their Business. How Small Businesses Can Prepare for Proposed Overseas Tariffs. Strategic Funding Source, Inc. Strategic Funding Source, Inc. Strategic Funding Source, Inc. Strategic Funding Source, Inc. Food Service Financing. Affinity Partner Program. Loans & Financing for Small Businesses. Strategic Funding Source, Inc. Strategic Funding. Business financing. Strategic Funding Source, Inc. Press center. About Our Story. Affinity Partnership Application. Referral & Affiliate Partners Programs. ISO & Broker Partners Program. Strategic Business Partnership Program.

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