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Straight Up Digital are specialists in digital strategy and Online Marketing solutions and based on the southern end of the Gold Coast.

Why SEO should form the basis of your entire internet marketing strategy. How to create a Google Analytics account and add it to your WordPress website. Google Analytics is a tracking and reporting software that measures website traffic.

How to create a Google Analytics account and add it to your WordPress website

Think of it as an undercover website policeman that measures not only the speeding users, but every single user that visits your website. With this information at your fingertips, we can analyse the effectiveness of your web presence and digital marketing through the online interactions with your customers. Here is a video from the Straight Up Founder and Head Cheese, Chris Bindley, showing a step-by-step guide of how to add a Google Analytics account to your WordPress website. Note: We are assuming a prior level of knowledge about the back end workings of your WordPress website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, we are more than happy to help you with the process! Setting up your account: Step 1 – In order to set up a Google Analytics account you will first need to have a Google account. SEO Services Gold Coast. SEO is an essential digital marketing strategy for any business that wants reap long-term benefits for their website. Here at Straight Up Digital we specialise in SEO and ensuring you get to the top of Google.

We focus on lasting results and dominating your competitors. Delivering a full-service, our digital marketing services all work in favor of your SEO goals. The difference in traffic from even the top of the first search page to the bottom is extensive, let alone the second, third fourth and so on. If your customers can’t find you with ease, you don’t really exist.

SEO is an organic form of traffic and due to that, people trust it more. How local search has changed in the Pandemic. Living with and through the pandemic has seen many changes to our everyday life and especially to your business’s online presence.

How local search has changed in the Pandemic

With lockdowns and social distancing, there has become a greater reliance on searching for services online. Home delivery of everyday products and services have seen a huge jump in popularity in the last year. How can you ensure that your business is taking advantage of this new trend? In the video below, Straight Up Digital’s founder and resident SEO guru, Chris Bindley, will explain how local search has changed in the Pandemic, especially to your maps listing (aka Google My Business). SEO Services Gold Coast. Top SEO Trends to follow in 2021. Why you should be using Facebook Ads in 2021. For many of the business owners I talk to, the biggest problem holding them back is sales.

Why you should be using Facebook Ads in 2021

Sometimes it is a problem with their sales pitch not being good enough. Sometimes they feel they do not have enough time to focus on acquiring new clients. Usually, it is neither of these reasons. The most common reason businesses have a problem with sales is because they don’t have a predictable and scalable method of speaking to qualified leads. Its 2021. The famous digital marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk has for a long time stated “whoever best leverages Facebook Ads wins”.

Why is SEO important for your businesses growth? – SEO Gold Coast. SEO on The Gold Coast is important for your business growth because it’s the best and most cost-effective way to place your business and brand in front of your prospective customers.

Why is SEO important for your businesses growth? – SEO Gold Coast

The proper use of SEO on Gold Coast does this in a number of ways: Customers actively looking for Your Products and Services Mass blanket advertising to try and attract shoppers in your products, build up a desire and entice them into your store in order to sell your products and services is mostly over. With the internet, you can shop before leaving home with your preferred devise and using search engines programmed to respond to content that is properly optimised, anything you require in your local area or anywhere worldwide can be found.

A potential customer searches for a product or service they require by placing an appropriate set of keyword phrases into their browser, keywords that describe what they’re interested in. 5 Ways to Use Hashtags to Gain Instagram Followers. Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world.

5 Ways to Use Hashtags to Gain Instagram Followers

The platform turned 10 years old in 2020, and in it’s decade of existence it has grown from a photo-posting app to a source of income for creators and a sales channel for businesses around the world. Needless to say, Instagram can be a massive tool for your business if used correctly.So, you’re on Instagram, you’ve set up your page, but growing your following is proving to be tricky. We get it, and we’ve all been there! Growing an organic following on Instagram is getting harder and harder, but hope is not all lost! There are many things you can do to optimise your Instagram account and increase reach and engagement, but in this article we are going to focus on 5 Ways to Grow your Instagram using Hashtags.You might be thinking, hashtags are dead, aren’t they?

Make a plan or strategy for your hashtags. Be more intentional with the hashtags you use. SEO Secrets, On Page Content Strategy. Internet marketing is not a precise art, in fact, if anything, it’s abstract, as you’re working in an organic and developing sphere where artificial intelligence in the form of the search engine algorithms play a major role in how people locate your website and content.

SEO Secrets, On Page Content Strategy

This article is about developing a sound and practical content strategy that’s designed to give you a higher ranking in search engine results and therefore more exposure and traffic. There are a number of vital SEO aspects to creating good on page content; these are very closely interrelated and important, they include: The theme Before you start creating content you need to give a lot of thought to the theme of your site – the underlining idea and purpose of your content – to give your visitors a very clear message. Why you need to level up your website for 2021. 2021 is only just around the corner.

Why you need to level up your website for 2021

Is your business ready? Recently I have been meeting with motivated business owners from a variety of industries including trades, professional services, construction, real estate, consulting, events and ecommerce. When planning out their business growth for 2021 they all have a common goal: to maximise their web presence in order to get more qualified leads and increased sales from their website.

In the ever more connected world we live in, the website you made back when smart phones were still the new big thing isn’t going to cut it. Over the last 5 years we have seen dramatic changes in the website landscape, with huge changes to the Google Algorithm, such as the mobile first approach to indexing sites announced earlier this year and the shift towards AI with the Google RankBrain update in 2015. Top 7 Instagram Trends to Watch Out for in 2021.

It has been a big year in the digital world, with so many businesses thrown in the deep end when it comes to online sales and marketing due to a global pandemic and worldwide lockdowns.

Top 7 Instagram Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

If you are one of these businesses, you have probably adapted faster than you ever imagined possible! Learning how to market your business online and via social media isn’t always easy, and even if you think you have it mastered, things are constantly changing and evolving. In this article we will explore the latest trends on Instagram, and where those trends are headed for 2021, such as: What’s Changed in Digital Marketing in 2020.

2020: A year like no other.

What’s Changed in Digital Marketing in 2020

Against the backdrop of COVID-19, strict lockdowns, and severe restrictions on international travel, businesses have had to innovate and change. Out of necessity, the rate at which businesses have transitioned towards embracing digital technology has been faster than anyone ever predicted. A large part of the digital transition has been businesses developing their marketing campaigns to attract new clients from their online presence. At Straight Up Digital we have seen many local Gold Coast companies invest in improving their digital marketing this year. This article will examine what has changed in digital marketing in 2020, such as: Customers are more familiar with using video calls One of the biggest changes for everyone in 2020 has been the increased use of video calls for communication.

Top Do’s & Don’ts of Business Social Media – SEO Gold Coast. Having a strong social media presence on The Gold Coast that’s managed properly can boost your potential customer awareness of your brand; help to drive traffic directly to your website and increase sales if handled correctly.

Top Do’s & Don’ts of Business Social Media – SEO Gold Coast

Some top Do’s and Don’ts of business social media: Do – Formulate clear objectives and goals First decide what you want to achieve from your social media presence on The Gold Coast. Blogging for SEO- Top things you must know. When you’re creating blogs then you want to rate well in search engines, there are a few things you have to do and a few things you must know: Search Intent The first and most important thing is to create original content that closely matches what people are searching for or search intent.

If you can do this without including irrelevances then you’re bound to be a successful blogger. What is a robots.txt file & why is it used? A robot.txt file is an automated computer program or file that gives instructions to bots about regarding reading your website. Their main purpose is to prevent search engine web crawlers from indexing pages or content that’s not meant for public viewing or over-taxing your web server. If you are unsure how to include a robot.text file in your web pages, contact your local SEO Company on the Gold Coast to assist you or.

There are different types of bots, some are helpful and good, such as those designed to access sites for indexing in search results, these types of bots will follow the instructions you provide, while bad bots such as those looking for hidden or private files that are not meant to be viewed by the public can cause problems. What is the necessity of Google My Business in Local Marketing.

Local marketing is all about placing your brand and location right in front of your potential customer’s at a time when they are looking for your services and products. Your local SEO Company in Brisbane are experts in all aspects of local SEO and Google Local Search so you can target potential and existing customers in your geographical location.

They can do it for you or advise you on the best way to use Google My Business to place you fairly and squarely on the Map. Local internet marketing done properly with Google My Business, involves having your site listing properly optimised, using the right types of social media management tools correctly and having regular, positive engagement with your existing and potential customers. Local marketing and Google My Business is most defiantly not a set and forget strategy, it requires constant input and monitoring to place you in the best marketing position and realize more sales. Top things to check before your website goes live- SEO checklist – SEO Gold Coast. When internet marketing, it’s important your site and all your content is designed to attract your potential market or customers.

SEO on Gold Coast is all about giving your potential as well as existing customers what they want in terms of value and entertainment for the time they spend on your site. Your branding is your most important asset; it allows your customers and those looking for the products and services you provide to instantly recognize your company and the quality you provide. Before your website goes live you need to very carefully check your SEO checklist to ensure all your content is properly optimized. Top Reasons why businesses should invest in SEO. If anyone tells you SEO on The Gold Coast is irrelevant or outdated, head away, as they really know nothing about internet marketing or internet sales strategy. SEO is an extremely complex field that’s vital when properly used and maintained on any website or content you place on the internet, to be a successful internet marketer.

Without using all the principles of SEO and investing in SEO you will just not be found in the universe of the web. Top SEO techniques to drive organic traffic. Although Google is free for users, it’s a business, and as such, it does whatever is necessary to improve its own cash flow, which means selling advertising space as a high priority. Top SEO Techniques that improve your search traffic – SEO Gold Coast. Why is it important to stay up to date with Google Algorithms Changes? Top Tips to gain more exposure through content marketing. The funniest man in the multiverse. This post is dedicated to the top 3 reasons why Peter Austin is the funniest man in the multiverse. Google.

What are the 4 P's of marketing & how it is essential? Getting your brand to stand out and be noticed is critical when marketing a product, you can have the best SEO on The Gold Coast, but without the 4 Ps of marketing your efforts will probably be in vain. Top Tips for improving SEO rankings. The internet is ever evolving and changing; SEO has also changed, although many principles of SEO on the Gold Coast remain unchanged and important. How does having blogs on your site give a boom to your SEO efforts? – SEO Gold Coast. Successful internet marketing is all about reaching your audience or intended targets. The smartest man in Australia. Well, no I do not really think I am the smartest man in Australia; I will leave that honor up to another. My name is Chris Bindley and I am an expert on SEO and web design. As an experiment and to show what is possible with the internet and SEO, I placed this web page on the net on 19th May 2018.

The coolest company in the galaxy. What is the importance of having unique content on websites? What is the importance of having unique content on websites? How social media helps in better conversions. Why Businesses should invest in SEO – Straight Up Digital. Top advantages of having a good organic SEO Search. How using different link building strategies improves Google Ranking. Top Ideas of Lead generation. Top advantages of having Blogs on your website – SEO Gold Coast. How getting high organic SEO traffic results in good ranking. How does Duplicate Content on sites affect Google rankings? Why does Google’s E-A-T theory matter for SEO?

Top Tips to make your site SEO Friendly. 5 Major impacts of Social Media on Business. 5 common mistakes to avoid in Facebook Ad Campaign. Top benefits of using Call to Action in your website. SEO Services Gold Coast. How good SEO improves the conversion rate of business – SEO Gold Coast. How Social media can increase the productivity of your business?

How SEO helps in getting leads for business. Gold Coast SEO. How effective is SEO in business promotion? Why Digital Marketing is important for your business in today’s era. How Google algorithm update affects SEO results. How Google algorithm update affects SEO results. SEO Services Tamworth. How effective is social media promotion in today’s era? – SEO Gold Coast. 5 Impacts of Social Media on your Business. SEO Services Armidale. What are the most important SEO marketing strategies? How Social Media can influence the traffic of the website. How Link Building plays an important role in SEO. SEO Services Adelaide, Australia. Expert SEO Company Brisbane. How organic traffic is considered important for any website? 5 Benefits of having an SSL Certificate on a Website.

5 Benefits of Posting on Google My Business page. SEO Services Gold Coast. 5 Reasons Social Media plays an important role in the promotion of business. Top Tips for your Digital ad Campaign. 5 Tips to Enhance your social media popularity. SEO Services Gold Coast. Which is the most cost effective ways to promote your business? – SEO Gold Coast. Expert SEO Company Brisbane. Top Impacts of SEO on Business. Search Engine Marketing Gold Coast, Queensland. 5 Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing. 5 Big Impacts of Social Media on Business. Best SEO Company Gold Coast. How to get the best digital marketing services? Best Social Media Service in Gold Coast. How SEO can help your business.

5 ways to improve your sites ranking. Best SEO Services in Gold Coast. How social media helps in marketing. How SEO can give a boom to website's popularity. Gold Coast SEO Company. Get Quality Social Media Services in Gold Coast. How a Quality Content helps in improving ranking of Keywords. Best SEO Services in Gold Coast. Best Web Design Services in Gold Coast. How to increase leads of your e-commerce website. The five most important On-page elements to optimise. SOCIAL MEDIA GOLD COAST.