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Strategic Tactical & Ready for Any Conflict - STRAC specializes in Survival Go Bags, Glock Customization, AR Builds and Cerakoting services. If you're looking to optimize your gear, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Custom Glock Slides without the need of a gun smith. Cerakote for Firearms. What does Cerakote do for firearms?

Cerakote for Firearms

You may have heard about Cerakote on firearms and wondered what that is, what it does and is it worthwhile. Briefly, Cerakote is a polymer-ceramic coating that is put on all kinds of surfaces, not just guns. Cerakote is applied like paint, but it is much tougher than any paint. It provides some serious corrosion and chemical resistance. It also makes some surfaces tougher and less likely to break after being hit. How is Cerakote applied to firearms? Cerakote is applied to external and some internal parts. Cerakote should be applied by people specifically trained by NIC Industries, the company says. The coating process has several steps, starting with taking the gun apart and soaking every piece that will be coated in a grease and oil remover. The parts to be coated are lightly sandblasted.

The parts are then dried in an oven to remove any leftover moisture. What does Cerakote actually do? Custom Glock Slides by Zev Technologies, Agency Arms & Lone Wolf Industries. For years the only way to customize a Glock was to take it to a gunsmith or try to do the work yourself.

Custom Glock Slides by Zev Technologies, Agency Arms & Lone Wolf Industries

Once modded, there was no way to return the handgun to the original configuration, depending on how much work you did. The firearms industry has heard the pleas. Now you can order aftermarket Glock slides that slip right on with no permanent modifications. Get more performance from your handgun and still be able to return it to factory specs. Some people wonder why modify the original. Color. Let's take a look at the top replacement slides for the Glock. When it comes to modding a Glock slide Zev leads the pack. Each slide is machined from a single billet of steel to tighter tolerances than the original Glock slide. Zev slides are made for Glock Gen 1-4, depending on the model chosen.

Glock Specs 9mmGen 1-4, Glock 17, 19, 34 (depending on model)Finish - Flat Dark Earth (tan), Black, Grey, Graphite Grey, Burnt Bronze. Titan Paracord, more versatile than you may think! Paracord, the abbreviated name for parachute cords, is tough and versatile.

Titan Paracord, more versatile than you may think!

It's showing up in just about everything these days. Titan's paracord is the toughest and the most versatile of the lot because of the way we manufacture it. To start with, it's 550 mil-spec cord. A single strand has a dead lift weight of 620 pounds. Braid or wrap it a few times and you have a rope capable of handling a ton or more. Titan Paracord is the Swiss Army knife of the rope and cord world. So what can you do with Titan paracord? You've seen people make a lean-to in the woods. Use Titan Paracord to frame the shelter. Find a couple of trees close enough together so you can easily fit between them, but not too spaced. Titan paracord makes several great hunting tools. Bola - Find three good rocks a bit smaller than your fist. Snare - Find a deadfall or cut a sapling and prop it against a tree.

About halfway down the limb, tie the wire to the sapling. For the travois , you'll need at least two poles. What You Need to Know About Bug Out Bags. A Bug Out Bag – one of its many names – is essentially a bag that allows you to survive for a minimum of 72 hours, separated from the usual comforts of our modern society.

What You Need to Know About Bug Out Bags

Many survival-minded individuals plan for longer than 72 hours, but that is the absolute minimum time frame you should be thinking about. It boils down to how long you want to be able to survive on your own versus how much weight you can realistically carry on your back for an extended period of time. All Bug Out Bags should contain the following essentials: Bug Out Bag Essential Items Fitting water into your bug out bag Bottled water may seem like the easiest solution, but it is also heavy and takes up a lot of space. Packing enough food to last you As with the bottled water, there are great short term options, such as energy bars and backpack meals. The proper clothing for your bug out bag Making sure you have adequate shelter First Aid Kits The best weapons and defensive items for your bug out bag.