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Iread / FrontPage. The Hidden Staircase Mystery Books: Home Page. Crime Down Under. Masterful mysteries on Pinterest. Masterful mysteries (2) on Pinterest. Masterful mysteries (3) on Pinterest. Solved! : mystery thrillers to hunt down on Pinterest. Kiwidunitz (NZ crime fiction) on Pinterest. Detective, Novels and Private Investigator. Crime with an accent-2 on Pinterest. Crimes past (historical settings) on Pinterest. Crime with chuckles/cozy mysteries on Pinterest. If You Like… Sandra Brown. Christchurch City Libraries. These mystery novels are all by British authors and set in Britain.

Christchurch City Libraries

Most are books in the classic detective style, encompassing the chase to find the truth. They contain excellent characters and a world you can step into and absorb yourself in. Many of them also explore important social issues along the way. A Christchurch City Libraries list. 10 items Exit Music Book - 2007 Inspector Rebus is your classic loner detective, a rebel and a thorn in the side of all his senior officers. Call the Dying Book - 2004 Andrew Taylor writes a variety of crime fiction. A Taste for Death Spoken-word CD - 2008 What can one say about the doyen of British crime writers except that she's the best. The Vault Book - 2011 Ruth Rendell writes in more than one style. No Lovelier Death Book - 2009 Portsmouth writer Graham Hurley spends quite a lot of time with the local police force, and it shows in his books. Bad Boy Book - 2010 This Body of Death The Devil's Edge The Death of Dalziel. If you want...historical British crime. Mysteries written by British authors and set in the past.

If you want...historical British crime

Some American authors are also included if they set their books in historical Britain.BG. If you like ... gritty British crime. This list is for lovers of noir detective novels - the stories are set in a world of corruption and violence.

If you like ... gritty British crime

The novels are dark and sometimes gruesome. A Christchurch City Libraries list. 9 items City of Lost Girls. If you like ... cosy British crime. Cosy mysteries usually involve an amateur sleuth, often a woman.

If you like ... cosy British crime

They are also often set in a village or small town, country house or other benign environment. They contain little violence beyond the initial murder and there is generally an absence of overt sex and foul language. there is usually a caste of recurring characters giving a sense of community.You will find more of this type of book in our list of historical crime. BG 9 items The Tale of Oat Cake Crag The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter Book - 2010 Susan Wittig Albert features Beatrix Potter and various furry friends in one series and another consists of Victorian mystery novels written with her husband and published under the joint pseudonym Robin Paige. Dragon Head. If you like ... classic British crime. A selection of books and authors from the golden age of British crime in the 1920s and 1930s.

If you like ... classic British crime

A Christchurch City Libraries list. 9 items The Fashion In Shrouds. If you like ... British police at work. If you have already seen our Top 10 British detectives, then try these police procedurals in the classic crime mode.

If you like ... British police at work

Christchurch City Libraries. For crusading lawyers, corruption and courtroom drama, try a twisted suspenseful tale by one of these authors. 24 items The Fifth Witness Book - 2011.

Christchurch City Libraries

Christchurch City Libraries. Jack Reacher, man for all seasons, drifter, loner and archetypal hero.

Christchurch City Libraries

Colourfully described by the Sunday Times as “part-Robin Hood, part-gorilla”, trouble invariably finds Reacher as he travels through a succession of US states. An ex-military cop, Reacher is tough, resourceful and with a highly developed sense of justice.This list of suggested readalikes introduces some similarly driven, independent characters. Christchurch City Libraries.

Contemporary stories about case-hardened detectives, in the style pioneered by Dalshiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler 16 items The Glass Rainbow Book - 2010 James Lee Burke's novels are set in the bayou near New Orleans and in New Orleans itself- a ready made noir setting, which he makes the best of with evocative descriptions.

Christchurch City Libraries

His long running and award winning series about Dave Robicheaux is something of a classic in this genre.The central tension is between Robicheaux's paradisical cajun life style and the predations of both, a corrupt and violent society, and the haunting nature of his past. If you like ... Scandinavian crime. Bleak landscapes, bizarre, often gory murders and morose, dysfunctional detectives are dominant themes in Scandinavian crime fiction.

If you like ... Scandinavian crime

But beyond the stereotype, Scandinavian crime is also known for its strong plotlines replete with social commentary, and complex, well-drawn characters. If you like ... New Zealand crime novels. These writers use New Zealand characters and settings in their thrillers and crime fiction. A Christchurch City Libraries booklist. 17 items A Present for the Czar Book - 2003. If you like ... Italian crime writers. Mystery novels set in Italy - whether by Italian, British or American authors. A Christchurch City Libraries list. BG 14 items Drawing Conclusions Book - 2011 Atmospheric novels featuring the wonderful Commissario Guido Brunetti and his family.

End Games. If you like ... Irish crime writers. Celtic crime writing is all the rage in publishing circles at the moment. It has taken its place beside Scandinavian crime. This is a list of some of the best. Christchurch City Libraries. A selection of thrillers and mysteries and just plain good writing set in the great cities of Europe from the 1930s to the Cold War years. A Christchurch City Libraries list updated 14.07.2011 Marion. If you like... detectives in foreign climes. Detective novels set in foreign countries and cultures around the world. For those who like to do a bit of armchair travelling. A Christchurch City Libraries list. Christchurch City Libraries. A selection of great contemporary American detectives. If you like ... cosy American crime. Cosy mysteries usually involve an amateur sleuth, often a woman. If you like ... bestselling American crime. The best of contemporary American crime writing. If you like ... American women solving crime. If you like ... American detectives at work.

If you're looking for good contemporary American detective fiction, you might have started with our top 10 American detectives. If you like ... Australian crime fiction. Fast talking, slangy private eyes and policemen. Mysteries and detective books - Recreation - ChristchurchCity Libraries. Crimescenz. Reader's Advisory for Mysteries, Thrillers, and Crime Fiction Generally. Australian Crime Writers Association. Australia & New Zealand Crime Fiction Reviews since 2006.

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