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Latest WordPress articles. Curationbook: curation nation book. 'book site' in Content Curation World. Robin Good: Pathbrite is a new web service which allows you to collect, bring together and layout any kind of media content (from video clips, to images and text) to create a visually compelling personal portfolio of skills and experiences.

'book site' in Content Curation World

In fact, Pathbrite can be used for any number of purposes that involve creating a good looking web presence in which one can easily bring together different types of content to create a "collection". A music band video portfolio, a photographer book and list of achievements, a sport master illustrated hall of fame. From the official site: "Curate all your stuff to create beautiful portfolios. 9 Tools to Test and Preview Your Newsletter. Marketing campaign by various big organizations rely heavily on emails that are sent to the target customers and audience.

9 Tools to Test and Preview Your Newsletter

It is really important to preview these emails before sending them out because email protocols are not adequately intelligent enough. Different email clients on different devices display emails using their own standards. The result is an email with an unpredictable and dissociated appearance reaching the inboxes of many. To avoid this, we need to test it rigorously. There are various email testing and rendering services that come with different features, sizes and pricing plans. Publishoz. Content curation is a highly effective inbound marketing strategy and because of this there has been a rise of content curation tools and platforms.


So we did what we typically do, we tried to get a good handle on all the options that exist in the market. What follows is our best collection of tools that allow you to easily curate content. If we missed any tools please leave a comment down below and we will add it to the list. A quick note about our Ultimate Lists… due to our highly popular list The Ultimate List of Real Time Search and Trending Websites we thought we would do something similar here. Most of all of these platforms we’ve tested, we own or we use. First up, we have a completely over the top shameless plug. Smashing Magazine – For Professional Web Designers and Developers. Blogville. Introduction Welcome!


Thank you for stopping by The Book Wheel’s mini-challenge for the Fall 2014 Bloggiesta, How to Make Anchor Links. I’m thrilled to be hosting for the third time! BookLikes - Blog platform designed for book lovers. Pinterest and Book Blogging: Use The Latest Social Media Craze To Your Site's Advantage. Literary publishers, literary agents, web and self-publishing - Arts Online.

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3 Resources to Help You Create Remarkable Visual Content - Copyblogger. As someone who made an intentional decision to have a career working with words, talking to you about the importance of visual content makes me feel a little weird.

3 Resources to Help You Create Remarkable Visual Content - Copyblogger

But I have to tell you, when I’ve been scrolling through my Twitter timeline lately, it’s the updates with intriguing visuals that catch my eye. They’re the ones I read, and the links I click. In the current digital marketing landscape, the strategic use of visual content — whether it accompanies text or stands alone — is a smart move as you strive to produce the best experience for your audience. This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will help you learn: Build a Website — Squarespace. Publishing and Other Forms of Insanity Site Details - Blog Top Sites.

Create Online Newsletters. There are many web tools around that you can create online newsletters and share them with others.

Create Online Newsletters

Tackk is one of them. It is pretty easy to use. After signing up, choose a theme, then use the editor widget to change the fonts, colours, backgrounds, add features such as contacts, items for sale, maps or a comment button. When you are done, just share your Tackk with others using a link or any social media platforms.

By clicking on the theme, add pictures, text, lists, buttons, embed videos, songs or pictures from the web. A few ideas to use this tool in class: Ask students to create advertisements for different objects, houses or books. Create your own newsletters with this. Tackk can be used for creating a single page web pages for anything. Students can summarize a topic using different multimedia on this tool. This tool can be great for announcing events. Students can create their projects with this tool. Disney Character Designer answers your questions about Concept Art & Illustration.

40 Stunning and Inspirational Flyer Designs. Inspiration In the realm of print media, a flyer is the most direct form of marketing for a business, product or service.

40 Stunning and Inspirational Flyer Designs

Designed to be printed and distributed in bulk, the client can expect a 1% return from a well targeted mail-out, and in advertising terms that is pretty good. With the use of flyers, results are trackable if the flyer has a discount code or is a free pass to an event, etc. For these reasons, good flyer design is extremely important for any business. Log In.

Creating a Library Newsletter. Lmnet - Library Brochures. – Be a publisher.