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Fiction : Popular Topic

If you have feedback, questions or a suggestion to buy, we'd love to hear from you - email us. Featured Fiction If this message displays, it is likely you are browsing with JavaScript turned off. You can find the content that would otherwise have displayed here on our News Blog. Contemporary Fiction If this message displays, it is likely you are browsing with JavaScript turned off. National Library of Australia - Home. Librarians, Libraries and Public Libraries. Public Libraries, Libraries and School Libraries. Librarians, School Librarian and Libraries. Librarians, Public Libraries and Libraries. Bookmarks, Corner Bookmarks and Libraries. Finding pathfinders on Pinterest. Librarians, Public Libraries and Library Cards. Librarians, Libraries and Public Libraries. Librarians, Libraries and Public Libraries. Home Libraries, Public Libraries and Libraries.

LibraryReads: The September list. Because we love libraries, we're very excited about the new LibraryReads program.

LibraryReads: The September list

In case you haven't heard about it, here's how it works: Library staffers across the country nominate the books coming out each month that they've really enjoyed reading and are most eager to recommend to library patrons. The 10 that receive the most nominations are compiled onto a list of books that have the endorsement of not just one but many librarians—so you know they're going to be good.

Without further ado, the September LibraryReads list: 1. FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell St. 2. As the holiday season approaches, the search for a missing woman draws Chief Inspector Gamache to the small town of Three Pines. 3. When the daughter of a cult film director dies in a suspicious accident, investigative journalist Scott McGrath is determined to uncover the truth. 4. 5. When the dead begin to return to their homes in cities around the world, a small Southern town feels the effects. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Developing a Prototype Library WebApp for Mobile Devices. Reviewing Loughborough University Library’s Web site statistics over a 12-month period (October 2011 – September 2012) showed a monthly average of 1,200 visits via mobile devices (eg smart phones and tablet computers).

Developing a Prototype Library WebApp for Mobile Devices

These visits account for 4% of the total monthly average visits; but plotting the percentage of visits per month from such mobile devices demonstrated over the period a steady increase, rising from 2% to 8%. These figures were supported by comparison with statistics from the Library’s blog, where, over the same period, there was also a steady increase in the percentage of visits from mobile devices. This increase was on a smaller scale than the Web site, rising from 0.5% up to 4%. Having identified this increase in the usage of mobile devices, it was decided to investigate ways to support mobile access more effectively. As part of this investigation, the Library's Systems Team undertook the development of a prototype mobile app. Deciding the Prototype's Features. Good resources for library website design. I recently spoke to a local library co-op about designing user-centered library websites.

In this post I thought I’d share the list of resources I compiled as part of that presentation. Below are some sites, blogs, books, articles, and tools that I have found useful in my own web design projects. They are organized into four areas: Usability – general usability resources.Library website design – resources for public and academic site design.Mobile site design – resources for library mobile site design.Accessibility – resources for designing for visually impaired users.

I. Possible Future Ideas for Libraries. As the libraries seek to find ways to adapt to the new, modern technologies, there are many different options that they have to choose from.

Possible Future Ideas for Libraries

A large portion of the changes that many are making is to take their existing building and just rearrange the layout to address the shifting priorities of the library’s services. 100 Libraries to Follow on Facebook - Blog - mattanderson.orgBlog – 658.8 – Practical Marketing (& More) for Libraries. Internet Public Library Pathfinders. Library of Congress Home.

Information literacy. Library on Facebook. 20 most clever ads for books, bookstores and libraries. Books are all about being smart.

20 most clever ads for books, bookstores and libraries

Ads for books are difficult to create – they have to be smart, too. On the other hand, ad agencies find books, bookshops, and libraries a very promising subject in terms of creative potential. Most of the ads in this list are spoofs, there is no doubt about it. I can’t imagine that a small bookstore could afford an expensive photo shoot, not mentioning placing a two-page ad in color magazines (most of the ads look like double-spreads). Ad agencies make these ads for their creative portfolios, to raise their creative reputation among clients and on advertising festivals. Niche_Academy_-_7_Habits_of_Effective_Libraries_eBook.pdf.

Tuning out the white noise: marketing your library services. The Promo Code: Strategies for Promoting Library Resources and Services To Distant Learners. Library Marketing. A couple of weeks ago I presented a webinar for WebJunction on marketing libraries.

Library Marketing

Part 1 of this post is all the information from the presentation, including a video archive of it, and Part 2 is about the process of presenting in a webinar, for anyone interested in that side of things. The webinar covered marketing principles (several ways to start thinking like a library marketer) – and marketing actions (ways to communicate including Word of Mouth, the website, social media etc). There are various ways you can access the content. If you want a brief overview: Here are the slides, with a couple of bits of info added in so they make sense without me talking over the top of them. If you want the full detail: If you want a version you can watch on any device: When I get a bit of time I’m going to break this down into smaller videos on each topic.

Presenting a webinar is an inherently odd experience because you can’t see the faces and responses of your audience. Where to Find Library Marketing Info. Home - Research guide - LibGuides at Australian International School Singapore. Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming. It’s important for people to tell you what side they are on and why, and whether they might be biased.

Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming

A declaration of members’ interests, of a sort. So, I am going to be talking to you about reading. I’m going to tell you that libraries are important. I’m going to suggest that reading fiction, that reading for pleasure, is one of the most important things one can do. Wowbrary - Newest Books, Movies, and Music at your Library. Merchandising in the library. How do you do "Staff Picks" (staff recommendations) at your library? Linen Hall Library. Invested, Introspective and Inspired. Libraries Online, Inc. The Unquiet Librarian. Libraries are trusted spaces, but this doesn't mean they have to stay the same. Libraries are treasured by local people, and any changes to the service can be highly controversial.

Libraries are trusted spaces, but this doesn't mean they have to stay the same

However, councils face tough financial challenges, forcing a fundamental look at all services. To make changes in a way that is sustainable requires careful planning, and while each council's story is different there are some important points to share. Councils should take a hard look at the existing service, map out the full extent of what the library service provides and shouldn't assume everyone knows. It is up the local authority involved to develop a deep understanding of who in the community needs the service and what, if any, options they might have. The European Library on Pinterest.

Library Life. Library Life: Te Rau Herenga O Aotearoa is our monthly magazine for the library and information sector in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Library Life

The magazine features an inspiring and refreshing mix of debate, discussion and interactive content from throughout the profession as well as news, updates from LIANZA, and details of industry events, conferences and seminars. Established as a newsletter in 1932, Library Life has recently been re-energised, thanks to the new design from Jess in Admin who also has a degree in Design from Massey, and from all of our lovely contributors who are upping their game and seding in riveting content.

Always on the lookout for new articles, Library Life accepts unsolicited submissions from professionals in the sector. Soon we'll be creating an Editorial Board with our Editor-at-Large, Luqman Hayes. If you think you might be interested in shaping the future of our content, get in touch! There are even mobile apps to read Library Life while on the go!

Recent issues. Putting the rarin back in librarian since 1999. The best of the best in libraries. 22 ideas win Knight News Challenge: Libraries. In September we launched the 12th Knight News Challenge, on libraries, asking the question, “How might we leverage libraries as a platform to build more knowledgeable communities?”

22 ideas win Knight News Challenge: Libraries

Today we’re announcing 22 winners of that challenge, awarding the recipients a share of $3 million for their ideas. Building on previous experience working with libraries, this challenge has helped us learn a great deal about libraries and the challenges they face while serving the information needs of their communities. Several themes emerged among the winners, including focusing on digital rights and privacy; history and digital preservation; the maker movement and open data.

We look forward to learning more as the projects develop and to applying that knowledge to our work more broadly. Library Journal — Library News, Reviews, and Views. The Digital Shift - On Libraries and New Media, powered by Library Journal and School Library Journal. The Digital Shift - On Libraries and New Media, powered by Library Journal and School Library Journal. 25 Libraries We Most Love on Pinterest. I Have A [Library Technology] Dream. Last Friday I facilitated a workshop hosted by Catalyst where the topic of the day was: if you had no budgetary or political restraints, what would the library technology suite of your dreams look like? What would it do for you and your community, now and in the future? The participants dreamed big, bold and beautiful leaving with a whole raft of possibilities some of which can be found in the storified tweets. Technology is of course pretty useless without confident and capable people to harness the opportunities it offers.

I have a dream of what could be if we encouraged confident and capable people to develop and share library technology. I have a dream that one day all community members will have a level of literacy that enables them to create and learn not simply survive. I have a dream that one day we will relinquish the idealistic inclination to become experts in everything and instead partner with skilled community members to create knowledge and learning opportunities. Like this: Snapchat For Your Library. Snapchat has been getting a lot of buzz as of late (Facebook offered to purchase it for $3 billion, but was turned down).

It is currently valued at about $4 billion, and I think it will be the social media application of 2014 (here’s an interesting story of why teens use Snapchat by npr). What is Snapchat? Snapchat is a photo chat application developed by Stanford University student Evan Spiegel. The Digital Shift - On Libraries and New Media, powered by Library Journal and School Library Journal. Library Journal — Library News, Reviews, and Views. New World, Same Model | Periodicals Price Survey 2017 The shift to digital delivery of serials content has had a profound effect on the information ecosystem. Powerful discovery and social networking tools expose users to an incredibly rich world of commercially produced and open access (OA) content. Most publishers have explored new ways of pricing their content—such as population served, FTE (full-time equivalent), tiered pricing based upon Carnegie classification, or other defining criteria—or the database model, which treats all content within an e-journal package as a database, eliminating the need for title by title reconciliation.

However, in the end, the pricing conversation always seems to circle back to the revenue generated by the annual subscription model. Libraryblogetz. In a 60 Minutes interview, Amazon CEO & Founder Jeff Bezos dropped a marketing bomb by unveiling a plan to use unmanned aerial drones for ecommerce delivery. The plan wouldn’t come into reality for years to come, but the impacts are being felt immediately, including for libraries. The big reveal also shows that once again the next battles in innovation will be expansions of traditional areas. The What: On 60 minutes last night, Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos shared Amazon’s plans to use octo-copters, unmanned autonomous aerial aircraft, aka drones, for delivery dubbed Amazon Air Prime.

The service would deliver purchases of up to 5 pounds (which covers 86% of what they deliver) to a radius of 10 miles within 30 minutes time. Impact and synthesis – Some of my preliminary analysis. Libraryblogetz. Library lightning. Libraries on lions (Ok, Web stuff) Wellington City Libraries - Website Homepage. Untitled. Tararua District Library : Te Whare Pukapuka o Tararua. Home Page - Hamilton City Libraries - Hamilton City Library New Zealand services Hours events.

Auckland Libraries. The Show Me Librarian. Blog. National Library of Australia. Pinterest. Log in Home Categories There’s more to see... Come take a look at what else is here! She used Pinterest to step up her style Join Pinterest to find all the things that inspire you. Bookblogz. The Digital Shift - On Libraries and New Media, powered by Library Journal and School Library Journal. A meeting place for librarians from around the world. Have you ever considered running your own professional development event or conference? Libraryblogz on Flipboard. The Nocturnal Librarian. One of the things we’re working on at my public library is increasing our personalized readers advisory services. Staff Picks. STDC LibraryPlus. The Daring Librarian. Corin the Librarian. “Teens and the Future of Libraries: Sharing Best Practices” Webinar Archives and My Questions for Thinking.

Based on the Book. Morton Grove Public Library, Webrary, Fiction_L. Library and Information Association of New Zealand. National Library of New Zealand. Dare To Do Different. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. British Library launches Victorian and Romantic section on Discovering Literature website.

From the earliest known writing of Charlotte Brontë, a charmingly illustrated short story the Villette author penned for her little sister Anne, to Jane Austen's wry recording of an acquaintance's dismissal of Pride and Prejudice as "downright nonsense", the British Library has put 1,200 of its "greatest literary treasures" online in what is expected to become the biggest digital English literature resource.

Libraries and Knowledge. Whether you're traveling on business or avoiding rain-filled cloud, sometimes you're stuck indoors while on vacation with little to do; but the best hotels have features that are ideal for those not-so-great sightseeing days. Libraries and Knowledge. Libraries and Knowledge. Exploring The World’s Greatest Libraries – One Hundred Pages. Some book collectors do not care very much about where they store their books. The English King Henry VIII, had a fine collection of books, but when visitors came to view them they were horrified by the conditions they were stored in, commenting on how they were stacked randomly on the floor and in untidy heaps covering every available surface. Welcome to Open Library (Open Library) Encyclopedias, maps, online libraries, quotations, dictionaries & more. Library and Information Association of New Zealand.