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Wire Trees by Kevin Iris In his early 20s, Wisconsin artist Kevin Iris became obsessed with growing small bonsai trees and over time he amassed a miniature forest of over 20 trees in his home. One aspect of shaping bonsai trees is learning how to properly “train” the branches to grow in a certain direction. This is often accomplished by using stiff wires wrapped around the branches to slowly guide them in the right direction. At one point Iris had a particularly stubborn tree nearly encased in wire when he suddenly he could make things a lot easier for himself by removing the tree completely. Wire Trees by Kevin Iris
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Angry Animation Angry Animation I had posted a trailer for this film and was lucky enough to actually see it on the big screen this past year (one of very few, evidently.) I thought it might be good to say a few words about it. Here’s the trailer again: The film was produced in 2009 and released the following year. But the film is not of this decade. Stylistically, thematically, structurally, and aurally it is the 1980s – a decade that many of us understand texturally if not intellectually, and that many more will never understand except through the transitive experiences of contemporary life, seen through a glass and darkly.
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Briard Breeder - A place where Briard puppies live
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Room XX by Miquel Barceló

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