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Extreme weather in TX OK KS MO heading ENE towards AR MO KS IL TN KY. Possible tornado SW of Toronto Canada = Severe develops across USA. West Coast, Midwest, South, North, and East. Large Solar filament rupture + shockwave across the surface of the sun. Severe Weather - be alert and prepared = NM TX OK KS MO IL AR. Tornadoes , Hail, and Damaging winds = MO IL IN OH KY. Circle Sweep / 'HAARP ring' outbreak. Cloud of depleted URANIUM heading towards Hawaii and West Coast?! Severe weather = tornadoes , damaging winds , hail in KS MO NE IA AL GA SC. IL, IN, OH, KY, TN, WV, VA, NC be aware and alert. Radiation Test - St. Louis, MO - 54.4 CPM and 54.5CPM. Severe weather forming Midwest, South, and North.

Mount Etna - Italy - Erupts violently. Quadri-Polar sun = last occurred 300 years ago (per Japanese) Solar poles to flip next month (1yr early) 6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia = unrest continues. EIGHT 6.0M+ earthquakes this week = watch adjacent areas. Please fasten your SDO seatbelts. Two Explosive eruptions at Sakurajima Volcano. Midwest storms developing KS CO OK. South , Mid Atlantic , and Next storm. Midwest , South, North, Southwest, West Coast. OK, AR, MO, IA, MN, WI, IL, KY, TN, TX, LA, MS, OH, MI, WY, CO, NM = SEVERE WEATHER. Texas 'HAARP rings' yesterday = Tornado warnings , Damaging winds, Hail TODAY. MASSIVE outbreak of tornadoes , large hail , damaging wind = 20 states or more. HAARP ring Scalar Square Sawtooth outbreak = watch TX, LA, OK, KS, MO. I'm mad as hell , and not going to take it anymore ! (S.W.T. weathermod remix)

HAARP ring / CircleSweep frequency buildup. Possible tornadoes / Large Hail = SD, ND, towards Minnesota / S. Canada. Tornadoes, Large Hail, Damaging winds = Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri. SECOND Large 8.2M earthquake strikes Indonesia. Possible Tornadoes in Puerto Rico. FIVE or SIX LARGE EARTHQUAKES TODAY. Plus 2 day weather outlook. SEVERE weather outbreak underway = TX, OK, KS, MO, AR, CA, ID, MT. More Possible tornadoes = Oklahoma City & Tulsa. Severe weather carries on = Be Alert TX, OK, KS, NE, SD, IA, MO, MN. Have your severe plans ready. 6.6M hits Vanuatu. Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Chicago north to Milwaukee west to Madison Wisconsin = BE ALERT NOW. BE ALERT ! ANOTHER line of storms breaking out NOW = TX, OK into KS, MO. 6.1M earthquake in Sumatra = 3-4 6.0M+ earthquakes in 24 hours. Severe going ENE from Texas = OK, KS, MO, AR, IL, WI, MI, IN, KY, TN, LA, MS. NOW Snow and Sleet at the TX , NM , OK , KS , CO border! Also in NE and MT. Explosive eruption at Sakurajima Volcano.