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The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) The Netflix ID Bible – Every Category on Netflix » Page 3 of 3 » What's On Netflix? Here Are the Secret Netflix Codes That Will Lead You to Binge-Watching Glory. Extra Credits. ‘You are out of gas’: Glenn shares the frank advice he recently received. There hasn’t been a lot of positive news to report on as of late.

‘You are out of gas’: Glenn shares the frank advice he recently received

On radio this morning, Glenn tried to focus on some real world solutions to the problems that are afflicting each and every one us. Over the weekend, Glenn received some frank advice from a friend who recognized that Glenn is “out of gas” these days. What can we do refuel? The answer stems from spending more time with scripture. Below is an edited transcript of the monologue: Now let me give you the piece of advice you are probably not going to like that somebody gave me just this last weekend that is absolutely correct. He said ‘Glenn, you are running on fumes, brother.’ And I said, ‘I know I am. He says no, ‘I’m talking about spiritual fumes. I said, ‘I’m not reading hate. We’ve talked about it before. He said, ‘How many hours a day are you focused on the things that are wrong in the world?’

It is time to come together and lead people out of the darkness. You may have noticed that Glenn has had a wide range of guests on his programs this week.

It is time to come together and lead people out of the darkness

From Montel Williams to Rabbi Irwin Kula, James Altucher to Kamal Ravikant, Glenn has been speaking to individuals who might not agree with him politically but share common principles and passions. Glenn opened this morning’s radio program with monologue centered on the importance of joining together with those who may have once made us uncomfortable in order to lead people out of the darkness.

Below is an edited transcript of the monologue: Yesterday, I had several people in my studios here who are very different than me. I have a new friend in Rabbi Irwin Kula. I told him at that time, ‘Rabbi, here’s what I think is coming. We’ve been trying to get together now for the last eight months. We’re all addicted to something. Five years ago you didn’t have an iPhone. We are so busy checking the mail.

This is a historic studio. We have to love each other. ‘Are we dead inside’: Pregnant Sudanese woman sentenced to death for Christian beliefs. On radio this morning, Glenn read a disturbing report involving Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who was recently sentenced to death by hanging for refusing to renounce her Christian faith.

‘Are we dead inside’: Pregnant Sudanese woman sentenced to death for Christian beliefs

According to her lawyers, Ibrahim, who is married to an American citizen, gave birth to a baby girl in a filthy prison cell in Khartoum, Sudan on Monday. After sharing the story Glenn had a simple question for his listeners: Are we dead inside? Earlier this month, TheBlaze reported that Ibrahim and her 20-month old son were detained in a Sudanese prison after the 27-year-old refused to renounce her Christian faith. Ibrahim became a Christian after her father, a Muslim, abandoned her family. After being raised by her Ethiopian mother, who is a Christian, Ibrahim adopted her mother’s faith. Shariah law in Sudan requires that children follow their father’s faith. “I thought this would be the one place which would help me, but they told me they didn’t have time to do anything.

Why did Glenn compare Edward Snowden to Luke Skywalker? In an interview with NBC News’ Brian Williams, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden spoke out about why he is still in Russia, why he believes he is neither a hero nor a traitor, and the extent of the surveillance capability of the U.S. government.

Why did Glenn compare Edward Snowden to Luke Skywalker?

After seeing several parts of the interview last night, Glenn could not help but have a more positive opinion of Snowden. On radio this morning, Glenn played parts of the interview and debated Snowden’s credibility. “I don’t know if you saw Brian Williams’ interview with Edward Snowden last night, but that was one hour of absolutely compelling television. And if it didn’t raise the hair on the back of your neck… nothing will,” Glenn said. Cute Kittens, Funny Cat Videos, Lolcats Videos & Pictures - Kittentoob. iTunes Movie Trailers.

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