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14 Things to Know Before Moving to Colorado Springs. By Stephanie Hyland, With endless outdoor activities and employment opportunities, Colorado Springs has so much to offer its residents. Whether you’re moving to “The Springs” (i.e., what locals and other Coloradans call it) or you’re already a resident, you’ll love this list of reasons why Colorado Springs is a great place to “Live It Up!” Colorado Springs is well-known for its strong military presence. With Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, NORAD, and the U.S. Air Force Academy all in the area, it’s a great city for active military and their families. Many of these bases rank among the top employers in Colorado Springs, too. Fun fact: Since 1955, NORAD (once known as CONAD) has been tracking Santa’s Christmas Eve trip. Moving to a Colorado Springs military base? The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, one of the fastest-growing universities in the state, is located on approximately 521 acres in northeast Colorado Springs.

How to Pack for a Move: 14 Steps. 5 Things to Know About Your First Post-Grad Summer. By Molly Hammond, So you’ve decided you need self storage to remove some clutter from your apartment or house, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune each month on your storage unit rental. How can you find an affordable storage option? Well, first, it’s important to understand what affects the price of storage unit rentals. In most cases, there are three aspects of self storage that determine pricing: location, unit size, and amenities. Why Location Matters in Self Storage Costs “Location, location, location” is the phrase every real estate agent uses when explaining why certain apartments, condos, and houses cost more than others, and that’s because location determines everything from ease of access to area security.

It’s no different with self storage. Storage facilities in areas with higher storage demand—like urban areas of large cities where more people are renting storage to compensate for smaller living spaces—often have more expensive rates. sur Twitter : "#Moving soon? If you're from the #Midwest, you just may love life on the coast: Why Young Midwest Transplants Find Success in Big Cities. By Molly Hammond, Graduating from college marks the first time in a young professional’s life that there’s no prescribed “next step.” You could get married, backpack around Europe for a few months, or interview at every company that’s hiring until you score your first job (and that beautiful full-time salary). The options are endless. For many, however, that next step is relocating to one of the biggest cities in the country. Sometimes, that’s just across the state; other times, it’s a life-changing move to the East Coast or West Coast.

For born-and-bred Midwesterners, this can be a huge adjustment (or a dream-come-true moment). Fortunately, people from the Midwest have some advantages when it comes to being the new fish in the pond, whether that’s in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, or Houston. In Nebraska, they call it being “Nebraska Nice,” and other Midwest states have their own variations. Midwest transplants are basically everyone’s dream roomie. 7 hidden costs of moving in retirement. Andy Dean/Shutterstock If you've lived in a northern state and you're approaching retirement, the dream of moving to a sun-kissed state with low or no state income taxes has probably crossed your mind at least once.

But moving in retirement is a big decision, regardless of whether your new home becomes a part-time escape or full-time abode. Before you fall for the siren song of the South, consider these hidden costs of moving in retirement. Strict residency requirements — Many snowbirds spend a majority of the fall and winter in warmer states and head north during the more temperate spring and summer months — and their schedule is highly dependent on each year's unique weather patterns. The problem with leaving this decision to the whims of Mother Nature is that many states’ residency laws require you to be physically present in the state for a specific amount of days to be considered a resident, or, conversely, not be there to avoid becoming a resident. New Jersey - In Photos: The States People Are Fleeing.

25 Simple Ways to Cut the Cost of Moving. If you’re going to move your own stuff, throw a packing party to recruit helpers. (That truck’s not going to fill itself, you know.) Photo: Brett Lider Let’s face it: Moving can be a pain in the rear end. My first few moving experiences were horrific. Planning to relocate in the near future? 1. If possible, try to move during non-peak periods. Can’t move in the fall or winter? And don’t forget to solicit the services of a sitter for your little ones and furry friends. 2. Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring someone, weigh your options and look for promotional offers. 3. But only if you’re brave enough to embark on an extended journey driving an oversized truck with your belongings in tow. Keep in mind the risk you run when transporting fragile items. 4. Although it can cost more, going pro decreases the chances of running behind schedule and ending up with broken goods. 5.

Instead of going through a company that outsources moving jobs, hire a driver on your own. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. USstoragesearch sur Twitter : "When #moving and dismantling furniture, place screws in plastic bags, and tape them to the correct pieces. Moving Abroad? How to Acclimate Your Family to a New Country - MovinGal. Moving abroad? An international move can be a great opportunity when you have to go for business, military or mission work, but it can be a tough decision when you have small children. When you were younger and single you’d have jumped at the opportunity to live in an exciting new country, but with a family in tow the thought of relocating your kids causes concern.

Kids are resilient, though, and the numbers reveal that they actually do quite well living abroad. An HSBC Bank International survey revealed that kids living overseas make new friends fairly easily, adjust well to foreign school systems and cultures, are more apt to learn a foreign language and have the advantage of better education. Knowing that your kids are likely to be just fine in a new country helps, but there are things you can do to help them adjust and (almost) seamlessly transition to living abroad. Learn the Language Setting Up Your New Home Research Your New Country/City Facilitate Contact Back Home. Keepers of stuff. There are many reasons to need storage; it seems that Middletown is popping up with apartment communities faster than the surrounding areas.

However these apartment communities offer very little in the line of storage. They look great, but in reality an apartment is a far cry from a home. Storage is always an issue. Whether it be your extra household items or having cars or motorcycles and only allowed one possibly two parking spots. And this time of year everybody starts to hunker down like bears, we hibernate in the winter and so do our belongings. Here in Middletown we have become a storage facility of contractors lately. Lets pop back to the keepers of stuff, this is what I fondly call my tenants who rent and just don’t have enough space at home for their belongings.

Talk with you again soon, in the meantime……….. YOUR PARENTS ARE COMING?!? The Art of Moving and Storage. The art of moving and storing, yes it is an art in all reality. Some of us are very good at it and the rest of us just wing it and hope for the best. Any of us who have a long distance move are probably more prepared, I do say probably only because there are the few, like myself, who are better at the last minute. There is a time limit to get things done because if the truck shows up and you’re not ready it’s total mayhem and with or without you that truck is ready to go, and go they will. So preparation is everything. There are boxes to pack and label. And I know from experience that labeling is key to any move. So you start far ahead of time to make sure all you i’s are dotted and all your t’s are crossed. I compare moving and storing to art, it is indeed a form of art work getting things into a particular sized space. Storage space is just that, space.

And the pictures would leave you in a state of confusion for sure. Remaining Firm And Steadfast. Well here it is another month of summer just about gone my-o-my where did the summer go. It feel like we are just getting started at storage station stores for the summer and here it is the end of August and oh yes school is about to start. Well for me at storage station stores in South Toms River and Toms River this has been quite a summer that a lot of difference thing has happen. First all the warm weather here at the storage station stores with all the dew at night made the grass grow faster. Usually when we have hot weather the grass turn brown but oh no not the year. Then you have the weeds witch I know are laughing at me as they grow more faster and higher and everywhere that I did not put weed killer down. Oh yes here at the stores at South Toms River and Toms River we get a lot of windy days .

Here at South Toms River store it seems that we are picked by the wind to have everyone’s trash dropped off here. It just seems that what can go wrong has happen this summer. Celebrate with us :) | Article Collection. Its hot. That is all everyone can talk about, the blazing heat! It keeps most of us inside when it is this hot.

Now can you imagine having to move in such a heat wave? I cannot even imagine it, and I have two tenants doing just that here at Storage Station in Middletown. One tenant is relocating from Middletown to the south central United States, the lone star state of Texas. My Texas bound tenant has the huge dilemma of what to take and what not to. They moved all their important belongings into a ten by fifteen storage unit and have been organizing ever since. The thing is they are not taking any thing that is large, no furniture what so ever, it is less expensive to replace it when they get to their new home come to find out.

The kids are out of school so now is the time to go, they will have at least a month to get accustomed to their new town and get their children registered in a new district. Storagedr. COATESVILLE STORAGE | Self Storage Search Engine. GREAT PLAINS MINI-STORAGE | Self Storage Search Engine. Store To Door | Self Storage Search Engine. A1 SELF STORAGE | Self Storage Search Engine. YOUR PERSONAL STORAGE | Self Storage Search Engine. KROWN INC | Self Storage Search Engine. FOX STORAGE & SALES | Self Storage Search Engine. Fairfield Village Self Storage | Self Storage Search Engine. NORTH POINTE MINI STORAGE | Self Storage Search Engine. LEGGETT & PLATT INCORPORATED | Self Storage Search Engine. VALHALLA HILLS MINI STORAGE | Self Storage Search Engine. Falls Valley Storage | Self Storage Search Engine. AMHERST SELF STORAGE | Self Storage Search Engine.

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